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Published on Aug 24, 2022
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Juliya Smith

How to View Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a new update, “Secret Conversation,” that provides the option to start confidential, private talks between two people.

It is all about privacy. Conversely, it is challenging to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger.

However, if we have comprehensive knowledge and use different methods, we can disclose or view secret conversations on the Facebook Messenger application.

In this article, we are looking forward to answering hot questions that people search for on search engines regarding how to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger, and many more.

So, to get more detailed information, keep reading till the end.

What is a Secret Conversation on Facebook?

Most people probably don’t know about the secret conversation feature, and those who do probably don’t know enough about it.

The Secret Conversation is a feature on Facebook Messenger to ensure users' privacy that lets users secure their messages. It provides an encrypted conversation feature so the users and recipients can see each other's conversations.

However, one can set up a timer for messages to self-destruct, making them even more private and irreversible.

Additionally, users can enable notifications on their locked phone screen that will never specify the sender. It will display encrypted conversations that read, "A user sent you a message."

This is how Facebook has added more privacy and restricted access to your locked phone screen to see who has texted you.

How to Start a Secret Conversation on Facebook

People sometimes use secret conversations to protect their privacy. So, to start private chats, there are two methods to create a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger.

Method 1:

Steps to start a Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Create a Message
  2. Click on "Secret."
  3. Then compile your message to the person, and
  4. Automatically, a dialogue box will appear where you can start a secret conversion.

Method 2:

Steps to start a Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open an existing
  2. At the top, you will find "Contact Name." Click on it.
  3. Enable Secret Conversation.

How does Messenger's secret chat function?

On the "new message" screen, click the "secret" option in the upper right corner. Choose the person you want to send a secret message to by tapping Secret in the top right corner. You set a timer for the covert discussion to end.

How to look at secret conversations on Messenger?

Looking at secret conversations on Messenger is relatively easy. You can use the help of a tracking app.

Once you install a tracking app, it will record all the restricted secret conversations on the phone and send them to your online management panel so that you can monitor them remotely.

How to Track Secret Conversations on Facebook via a 3rd Party App

So, how can someone see your secret messages on Facebook? Many third-party tracking applications for Facebook Messenger are available on Android or iOS.

However, they are not as effective as advertised or presented to the public. So, if you want helpful messaging apps that work and give the best user interface without lagging or at an affordable price, is for you! is the best parental control solution for kids and teens to monitor their regular activities on their devices.

Some of the exciting features of are:

  • Monitor Call: You can get your kids' or teens' call log information without a hint.
  • Monitor SMS: You can easily spy on the incoming and outgoing SMS information
  • Monitor Social Media: You can monitor their social media through your phone or a relevant device.
  • Monitor Photos: Using, you can quickly access all the multimedia of the person you’re spying on.
  • And many more

So, it is pretty clear that is one of the best applications to monitor Facebook Messenger accounts, secret access conversations, and allow users a fantastic way to see activities on Facebook.

Steps to View a Secret Conversation on Messenger via is an excellent spying application with the best reviews and comes in your pocket at an affordable price. It allows viewing secret conversations on Facebook Messenger without the person knowing.

Let’s examine how someone can see your secret messages on Facebook via

Follow these crucial steps to view a secret conversation on Messenger via Let’s drag into it:

  • Signup to the site and fill up the required

  • Select the pricing package that you desire.

  • After choosing a package, log in to your account, go to the Dashboard, and you will find the social media option on the leftmost panel.

  • Tap on it, then go to the bottom option, and you will see Messenger.

And we go! You can effortlessly spy on someone’s secret messages on Facebook without letting them know.

Other Seemingly Effective Ways to View Secret Conversations on Facebook

There are mainly two effective ways to view secret conversations on Facebook. They are:

View secret conversations on Facebook Messenger with a known ID and password.


So if you want to know if someone is having a secret conversation on Messenger or want to understand how someone can see your secret messages on Facebook?

Simply, you need to target their phones and their Facebook with the password of the person, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger
  2. Click the Edit icon on the tap right of the chat.
  3. Click on the top right to get the Secret
  4. Select the person's name to view previous messages.


  • The person can catch you because you need to access the target phone every time you use it.
  • Timer-set secret conversations will cause messages to disappear after reading.
  • A secret conversation can't be viewed in time or saved as evidence.

View the secret chatbox on Facebook via Message Requests

You won't see a secret message sent by someone who isn't your Facebook friend to the target person.


You need to follow the below crucial steps to find the hidden conversation on Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook with a browser. Then enter the target user’s Facebook account and password to log in.
  2. Select the message requests right next to recent.
  3. Click on See filtered requests. " You can see more secret Facebook messages from non-friends here.


  • There can be problems if you log in to your targeted person’s Facebook account because they will be logged out of their device.
  • It’s too difficult to know someone’s Facebook password.

The Necessity to Read Secret Conversations on Facebook

After reading the rest of the article, you may have a transparent view of how to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger. Many people are unaware of the necessity and value of using such a procedure.

The system can be manipulated since messages are automatically deleted. There are many ways to use it, including cheating on partners, selling business secrets, and bullying others.


People who cheat on their partners prefer to use the hidden chat history option since it immediately deletes the messages and is highly secure.

It doesn’t record or save the chats and is impossible to hack. Therefore, if you have suspicions of this, you must hunt for a technique to hack secret conversations.

Business Secrets

Business spying or selling information is nothing new, but until recently, those who wanted to conceal their activities had to use complicated programs that were difficult to obtain. But thanks to Facebook Secret Conversations, it's now effortless.

Naturally, you'd want to secure your company, which is where having a keystroke reader app could be helpful.


It may seem strange, but cyberbullying also use this privacy concern. It is impossible to keep such conversations private. It is convenient for such banned use since the mode automatically deletes the messages.

Wrap Up

Now you know the best way to understand how to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger.

Although the secret conversation feature was launched for privacy, safety, and to prevent unauthorized access, some people are misusing it for the wrong reasons, and kids are getting into bad companies through this privacy feature. is one of the best applications to monitor such miserable functioning. It has advanced features that help parents monitor their kids without invading their privacy.

You can also use it to view the secret conversation history of your kids, partners, employees, or anyone on Messenger or other social media platforms. won’t let you down.


Q1. How can you tell if someone’s having secret conversations?

Usually, the message bubble goes blue, but when someone uses Secret Conversations, the message will be black. To notify both parties, "Encrypted from one device to the other." will appear.

Q2. How can I view deleted private Messenger conversations?

Simply search for the chat you previously archived If you fail to archive the message, open the Facebook Messenger app and select the option to "Unarchive Message" to make it disappear. T can still be viewed using third-party tools such as if you fail to archive the message.

Q3. Can I monitor secret conversations on a different device?

The answer is no, like how to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger from another phone. Facebook Messenger's secret conversations are entirely encrypted, so messages from previous private conversations cannot be seen on another device. If you use the third-party software, the results can differ significantly.

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