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Published on Feb 27, 2024
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Sophia Clark

Is Crunchyroll Safe For Kids | App Safety Guide For Parents

Do your kids love watching anime? If they do, you might have heard about Crunchyroll. And it can be unheard of for many parents until you discover that your kids spend a lot of their time on this website, so you are worried about one question: Is Crunchyroll safe for kids?


Anime has been very popular in recent times. Kids love watching anime for fun but not all anime are safe and age-appropriate. While parents may think of it as a cartoon, it is not; there is a difference between anime and cartoons, which is why kids enjoy watching anime.

Crunchyroll is a large video streaming platform containing different categories of videos which makes it concerning for parents if they are safe on this site. In this article, "Is Crunchyroll Safe for kids," you'll learn everything you need to know about this site. Let's see it down below.

What Is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is one of the largest video streaming sites to watch animated movies and shows. There are more than 1300 series and many movies with different categories from Japan and East Asia.

Crunchyroll is similar to Netflix and Hulu; only it offers shows and movies that are animated pieces, making it ideal for anime fans to watch their favorite and latest shows at the same place.


There is both a free version and paid subscription plan that Crunchyroll offers. It is also available on multiple streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and gaming platforms such as Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Even If you don't speak Japanese, the anime shows and movies are translated and subtitled or dubbed in a wide variety of languages. Also, new anime TV episodes appear on the service as fast as an hour after their debut in Japan.

What do kids like about Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll anime streaming website contains different genres and storylines made with attractive and unique character designs which are far more appealing for kids. Also, many Crunchyroll originals and shows are loved by not only kids but also adults who are anime fans.

Whether it is romance, fantasy, drama, or action, every type of content is enjoyable on Crunchyroll. In addition, there are adult contents which are meant for teenagers and young adult viewers.

Is Crunchyroll Safe for Kids?

Crunchyroll is a legal platform for watching anime shows and movies. The app and website are free from viruses and malware, settings can't be altered, and they are safe for children.

There are inbuilt features in Crunchyroll that minimizes the risk of your kids being exposed to age-inappropriate content; however, they can easily bypass it. Crunchyroll requires users to be 16 and above to create an account with no verification.

Only the email and password are required to sign up for its services. After signing up, you can find an option in the account settings that allows you to turn off access to "Mature Content." However, it can easily be turned on, increasing the chances of showing sexually suggestive and more mature content.

There is suitable kid-friendly content, but they can browse through the different genres such as horror, violence, and references to drugs in much intense anime. So it is necessary to check what your kids are watching to ensure their online safety.

Besides, Crunchyroll has a set of policies to ensure user safety. Following are some of the dangerous aspects Crunchyroll protects its users from.


There are lots of streaming sites online which contain ads, links, and redirects that may be potentially harmful and undetectable viruses. But, Crunchyroll is safe from this risk factor.

Crunchyroll puts safety first and ensures that you are safe while streaming through their app or on a browser. Crunchyroll doesn't engage in illegal activity and injects viruses and malware on users' devices.

2. Child Lock

There is a secure option for child lock in Crunchyroll. Child lock is necessary as there can be explicit and violent content on this site that can’t be viewed by kids.

To block such adult content, Crunchyroll provides a child lock option to block anime with ratings above 18. But if the kid is aware of this feature, they can easily get through it.

Kids will be provided with a limited amount of anime suitable for them using the child lock option. And, if your kid tries to remove the lock, you'll be notified before it can be removed.

3. Personal Information

Crunchyroll doest sell any personal data and information to other apps. In other streaming services, you can see plenty of ads they use to make money.

Whereas in Crunchyroll, you won't see any ads as long as your premium account is active. For free accounts, ads are more common.

What Can Parents Do to Make Crunchyroll Safer for Kids?

Parents can think Crunchyroll is all about animation and cartoons, so it should be safe for kids. However, that is not true in many cases.

It can contain inappropriate anime, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't let them watch their favorite anime series and movies. Alternatively, they can try free anime sites like Animesuge to test out things for themselves as well. Following are some ways to safeguard kids from adult and violent content on Crunchyroll.

i. Make it a family activity.

Parents should not let their kids watch anime by themselves. Instead, make it a routine to watch it together. Even if you don't enjoy anime, watch with them to know what they love and enjoy quality time together.

ii. Talk to them about the content.

There may be some unwatchable anime in Crunchyroll. So it is better to talk to them about what to watch and what not to. The main aim is to make them understand the good and bad contents.

iii. Limit their screen time.

Parents can put screen restrictions and limit their screen time during specific activities such as during dinner time, before bedtime, or in the bathroom. This way, they can have a limited time to watch their favorite anime and their studies.

iv. Use a Parental Control app. is an easy-to-use parental control app that can help you manage what your kids watch on their devices and how much time they spend on the apps and websites.


To conclude, Crunchyroll is an ideal place to watch anime, but make sure you hold track of what your kids are watching. There are many anime contents up there, which is overly good to keep your kids entertained. Just be certain you keep an eye on what they are doing.

Hence through this article, I hope we have answered your questions "Is crunchyroll safe for kids" and everything you need to know about Crunchyroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. Is Crunchyroll safe against targeted ads?

If you use a premium Crunchyroll account, you don't have to worry about targeted ads; however, if you use the free version, you will see some ads.

II. Can Crunchyroll infect your device with malware?

No, Crunchyroll website doesn't do any harm to your device. There are no viruses and malware, and you can safely enjoy browsing this website.

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