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Table of Contents

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Published on Feb 23, 2022
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Juliya Smith

What Is Roblox and Is Roblox Safe For Kids?

Online gaming is one of the major reasons for mobile addiction to kids these days. Despite knowing the benefits or drawbacks of prolonged screen time, kids consider games in a fun and entertaining way. There are millions of people active in the virtual gaming world, and among them the majority are kids.

“Researchers have stated that almost 91 % of the kids are into gaming. And these kids are aged between 2 to 17.”

Online gaming

To conclude if online gaming is safe or unsafe for kids has been a controversial topic. Parents complain about their kid’s gaming habits and their consequences on their health. Yet, it is a fact that gaming develops skills and improves creativity among kids. If you want to know what Roblox is and is safe for kids, you are scrolling the right article.

Are you aware of Roblox? Do your kids often play Roblox games? Is it difficult for you to control the gaming addiction of your kids? There may be a lot of questions in your mind making you worried about your kids. To clear your confusion, let’s start from the basics and learn what Roblox is and is it safe for kids or not.

What is Roblox?

Published and developed under Roblox Corporation, Roblox is an online gaming platform with millions of games. Roblox is played globally, where people meet online and share their gaming ability as a team. Gamers of any age, especially kids, are into Roblox.


Single-player and Multiplayer are the modes of Roblox. Kids can enjoy different versions or genres of games that include shooting, mining, racing, designing, solving puzzles, and interacting with the game creation center. Besides, there is no device and operating system compatibility barrier, making the game even more popular.

The reason behind the craze for Roblox is for the free gaming platform. Kids can play thousands of games free of cost. Additional games can be accessed through in-app purchases, but the free version is enough for gaming.

Age Ratings for Roblox

Roblox games have a vague community where millions of players communicate, challenge, and play together as a team. Parents always have a query if Roblox is safe for kids or not. Roblox is safe for kids over 13 years old. But, kids below 13 age are also playing Roblox, so you might have a query about how Roblox is still safe.

Roblox games that display bloody themes, sensitive images or contents, murder, shooting, etc., are inappropriate for kids. However, there is no problem for kids to enroll in games that enhance their creativity and life skills.

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

Not all Roblox games are safe, and you need to restrict them from getting access to some of Roblox games because of the risks mentioned below.

Sensitive Contents

There are few inappropriate Roblox games for kids due to sensitive content, and Roblox having sexualized avatars exposes kids to adult things that are mandatory to be restricted. In such games, gamers are supposed to enroll in sexual acts that make Roblox sensitive for kids to play.

Multiplayer Gaming is Troublesome

Most often, Roblox is played in multiplayer mode with random players without geographical barriers. If your kid is into Roblox, they might encounter predators through gaming. Cases regarding gamers being blackmailed for sensitive content, asking for nudes, and sensitive images are common.

Don’t let your kids get in the hand of predators through Roblox. Ensure they play games for a limited time with no multiplayer interactions.

Check Third-party Chat Apps

The issue regarding meeting predators can be controlled by turning off chat messaging or not playing multiplayer games. However, you still have no idea to what extent those predators can go for.

There are third-party apps through which people can communicate while playing Roblox. It seems as if those apps are part of Roblox but, these are third-party apps. So, even if your kids disable chat messaging, they might be vulnerable to online predators enforcing them to enroll in sending or forwarding sensitive content.

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Roblox

There is no problem letting kids play Roblox. But, make sure the game content is appropriate for kids. Filter out the types of Roblox suitable for their age and let them play for a limited time. Also, turn off sex chat in Roblox. There are various ways to control the gaming habits of your kids and keep them under supervision.

Some of the things you should be aware of about Roblox are listed below. Go through the information and decide whether Roblox is safe for kids or not and learn different ways to keep your kids safe on Roblox.

1. Use Parental Controls on Roblox

The first thing every parent should do when their kids play Roblox is to set up parental controls. Parental control for gaming safety is a measure to remotely control your kids’ gaming activities and be aware of the type of games and the person they communicate with in-game.

By using parental controls on Roblox, you can restrict your kid to playing Roblox with sensitive content, disable chat messaging either in-game or through third-party apps. Set a time limit for gameplay. Setting up parental controls can be done in a few steps; follow the guidelines, and you are all ready to supervise your kid remotely.

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Step 1: Visit the site and tap on your kid’s account.

Step 2: On the top right corner, you will see a gear icon, tap on it.

Step 3: Click on “Settings”.

Step 4: Select “Security”.

Step 5: You can allow restrictions based on “Contact Settings” and “Other Settings” under the option security.

Step 6: Keep restrictions as per the requirement, and you’re all done.

2. Supervise Kid’s Roblox Account

Apart from remotely controlling your kid’s Roblox account through parental controls, you can also supervise your kid’s Roblox account and decide if Roblox is safe for kids. Roblox is designed with a feature that keeps the history of games played and their overall activities in-game or their interaction throughout gameplay.

Through your kid’s Roblox account, you can view their chat history made with friends throughout the game. You can directly access the private message and a group message and see if they play Roblox with a known person or someone stranger to them.

Don’t allow them to follow an unknown person and accept any of the requests from random players. Keep updating the followers and following lists of your kid’s Roblox account to strengthen their online safety and security.

Likewise, you can also view the types of games they play, creations they made, or any of the purchases they make in Roblox. Along with this, you can also monitor the games they play the most and browse game items.

3. Set Permission to Make Changes on Roblox

Roblox is safe for kids when you set permission to make any of the changes on Roblox. Despite parental controls on Roblox and viewing gaming history, you can notify yourself in real-time whenever your kid is about to make changes on their Roblox account.

For instance, set a PIN code on the Roblox account of your kid where you need to allow or deny permission through code to make changes. PIN code can be efficient to filter out kid-friendly Roblox games. In real-time, you can deny access to changes by setting a safe gaming habit for your kid.

4. Talk to Your Kid about Roblox

To make Roblox safe for kids, forward an open communication about Roblox with them. The first thing you need to make them understand is, don’t allow them to play without your concern. In other words, it’s better for you and your kid if they don’t play Roblox behind closed doors. It is so because they may play inappropriate games for their age that come with consequences.

Keep the conversation with whom they communicate while playing Roblox. Tell them to be in touch with real-life friends in-game instead of inviting new random game friends. Have a decent talk on not communicating with strangers along with the risks involved with online predators.

In addition, it’s better if you don’t allow your kids to make a Roblox account using their real name or account or make sure private information is kept hidden. If they expose their personal information to random or share genuine profile information, it takes a few seconds for online predators to reach your kids and threaten them.

So, talk to your kids about dealing with online predators on time to keep them digitally safe.


There is no problem for kids to play Roblox unless they are under the supervision and share less screen time. Roblox is safe for kids when they play games rated as kid-friendly or appropriate for their age.

Use parental controls and oversee your kid’s Roblox account or safety; otherwise, they might be vulnerable to online risks through third-party apps or make in-app purchases without your concern. The best option to make Roblox safe for kids is to have an honest conversation about Roblox and talk about online risks.

In the article, I have mentioned both risks involved with Roblox and safety measures you can consider to secure your kid’s Roblox account. Check the information and let us know if it was helpful through comments.

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