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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Is Sendit Anonymous? How To Keep Kids Safe From Anonymous Apps Like Sendit?

Teens love to try new apps and stay connected with friends and family through apps. Teens make sure they use any new app that is on-trend. Social media apps are the most loved apps by tweens and teens as they allow them the freedom to make new friends on social media and stay connected with their family and friends.

Among all the social media apps, you can find tweens and teens being most active on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. However, recently Sendit is also gaining popularity among young ones.

There have been increasing debates about whether Sendit is anonymous or not, and many parents are getting worried about their kid’s safety on Sendit.

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In this article, I will tell you what the Sendit app is and is Sendit anonymous.

What is Sendit?

Even though Sendit launched a few years back, recently the app is gaining popularity. The app is ranked number 2 on the app store under the category of Lifestyle app. This app is also available on Google Play. Sendit app is a social media app developed by Snap Kit that works with Snapchat, allowing users to connect with their Snapchat account and Snapchat friends.

On Sendit, you can play Sendit games like answering questions that are on Snapchat. On Sendit, you can send anonymous questions and answers to users on Snapchat. All you need to do on this app is choose a game from Snapchat; your Snapchat friends can answer the question and give anonymous responses. Anonymous messaging and feedback is the reason why the app is getting popular.

Personal questions can also be asked on Sendit, because of which teens love the app. There are many fun Sendit games, “Smash or Pass,” “Rate Me,” “Roast Me,” which kids love the most, and because of these games, the app is gaining popularity.

Is Sendit Safe?

The app allows users to send anonymous feedback because of which Sendit is not safe. Apps that enable anonymous feedback and other activities are not safe for kids. Even though sometimes kids share their struggle and hard work anonymously, inspiring kids of their age. But most of the time, teens misuse apps by bullying and harassing each other.

Even though the app tries to encourage positivity by allowing block features, it has not been able to bring all the positivity into the app. Teens are found constantly bullying one another on this app.

What Parents Should Know About the Sendit App?

The first thing that parents should know about Sendit is it is an anonymous app which means it is not safe for kids. If you hear about Sendit for the first time, it is an app teens use to interact. Here kids need to integrate the app with their Snapchat account. The app is rated an age limit of 17+, suitable only for mature teens.

Also, another thing about this app is, you can only communicate with friends you have added to your Snapchat. This might sound safe as kids cannot add other people to this app; however, if kids have added random people and online acquaintances to their Snapchat, then it can be risky.

Hence, if you have young kids, you must be aware of this app. Young ones might not be able to handle bullies and harassment. Hence, you must be mindful of the danger of the app before letting your kids use the app.

How To Keep Kids Safe From Anonymous Apps Like Sendit?

As I mentioned above, there are lots of dangers of anonymous apps on kids. Kids join such apps either out of peer pressure or just out of curiosity without knowing the potential threat of the app. Hence, it is parents’ responsibility to keep kids safe from apps like Sendit. Here’s how to keep kids safe from Sendit.

1. Talk To Your Kids About Anonymous App Risk

The first thing that you can do is talk to your kids about Anonymous apps. Sendit is also an anonymous app, so you need to openly communicate about it to keep them safe. It would help if you mention the possible risks your kids can face while using such apps.

It would also be better for you to teach your kids how to deal with bullies and scammers. It would be best to teach your kids not to answer any personal questions that can harm them and others.

2. Ask Them To Seek Out For Help

When bullied on anonymous apps or other social media, kids' biggest mistake is not telling parents about their problems. Kids, especially teenagers, feel they can solve their problems themselves and this leads to more dangers. Hence, it is always better to ask your kids to seek help whenever they face issues through the apps.

3. Teach Them to Think Before Posting

During teenage, kids are usually rebellious; they think taking challenges is always fun and makes them look cool. In fact, in the app, kids like to react instantly, making them look daring in front of others. But sometimes, this bold nature can be harmful to them.

On Sendit apps, kids don’t think before they post, and all the posts might not be appropriate and lead to many problems. Thereby, always teach your kids to think before they post on apps like Sendit.

4. Be supportive

The next thing you need to do is be supportive of your kids. When you are a supportive parent, your kids will not fear telling you whatever problem they might be facing. Even if they are getting into trouble with apps like Sendit, they will not hesitate to tell you about it.

But when you show strictness towards your kids, they will feel scared to tell you the problems they might be facing on the app. Therefore, always be a supportive parent to keep kids safe from the dangers of such apps.

5. Use Parental Control Software

Last, but the best way to keep kids safe from anonymous apps is by using parental control apps. Parental control apps provide you with detailed pictures of what your kids are doing on their phones. With these apps, you can view apps your kids have downloaded on their phones.

Some parental control apps will also send you an alert if the app identifies any bullying or harassment words on your kid’s device. Hence, it is always better to set parental control apps on your kid’s device.


In a nutshell, Sendit is an anonymous app and is not safe for kids. Categorized under Lifestyle apps, the Sendit app is integrated with Snapchat, but it is not an additional app of Snapchat; it is developed by Snap kit.

If your kids are on the app, you need to tell them about the potential dangers of anonymous apps. Even if they insist on being on the app, it would be better to monitor them while using the app.

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