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Published on Nov 17, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Know All About Samsung Smart TV Parental Controls

With the advancement of technology, everything has been smarter, and so has our TV. Children are getting a wide range of options for TV shows, and not to forget, all the shows and movies that kids find on the smart TV are not appropriate for kids.

Big TV companies are adding parental control options on their smart TVs to restrict children from watching such inappropriate shows.

Samsung Parental Controls feature on Samsung Smart TVs that help parents reduce the risk of their children watching TV too much and coming across inappropriate content.

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Are Samsung Smart TVs Equipped with Parental Controls?

Samsung TV includes a solid parental control feature that protects children and teenagers from unsuitable materials broadcast over the air. The Samsung TV parental monitoring feature allows you to block access to potentially harmful apps for your children. In this article, you'll learn how to effectively activate these settings to safeguard kids and teens from inappropriate content.

To turn on the relevant controls, follow the step-by-step directions in the accompanying information. The introduction of smart TVs and easy access to the internet has prompted digital parents to seek parental supervision. Explore the fantastic information about smart TV parental controls by connecting with this article.

What are Parental Controls Available on a Samsung Smart TV?

The Samsung smart TV is widely regarded as a kid-friendly television that meets the demands of today's children and teenagers. When you examine the Samsung smart TV more closely, you will be astounded by its exceptional parental guide capabilities.

Features of parental control Available on Samsung Smart TVs:

  • Block television shows based on their age rating. Movies and shows with a higher age rating might be locked.
  • If you discover any potentially dangerous applications on your smart TV, lock it immediately by enabling the lock settings under the ‘Apps' option.
  • Using the Samsung smart TV's 'Channel Lock' feature, you can block unwanted channels.

You may work with the individual app settings to set up the Samsung smart TV's parental control. It's better for you to use ‘Kids Mode' of the apps to keep your kids safe instead of setting a PIN lock to protect your children from unsuitable entertainment apps compatible with the Samsung smart TV.

Why Is It Essential to Have Samsung Smart TV Parental Controls?

The advantages of parental control are apparent. Parental controls provide parents peace of mind by shielding their children from the dangers of web access. It has the potential to significantly lower the probability of youngsters being exposed to offensive pictures or videos, as well as online predators.

How do you set parental controls on a Samsung TV?

This section covers the Samsung smart TV parental controls. Follow the instructions below to enable the proper parental control settings.

How to lock the channel on Samsung TV?

Follow the steps below carefully to lock channels on your Samsung TV:

Step 1: Select ‘Broadcasting' from the list in the ‘Screen Menu' option.

Step 2: To properly create channel lock, select the ‘Apply channel lock' option in the following box.

Then edit the channel lock by entering the desired PIN for the selected risky channels. Finally, hit the 'B' button to block the respective channels.

The channel opens only when you enter the correct lock. Hence, if your kids do not know the correct password they will not be able to unlock it. This will help to control the channel on Samsung tv. However, if your kids know the lock then they can easily bypass this method.

How to lock a website on Samsung TV?

Not just channels, you can even lock websites on your smart Tvs. Heres, how you can lock websites on Samsung TV:

Step 1: Go to the 'Apps -> Settings' menu on your Samsung TV.

Step 2: Then, choose any dangerous apps on the left pane of the screen and press the Lock/Unlock button.

Step 3: To prevent your children from accessing inappropriate websites and apps, enter the PIN and set the lock.

How To Turn Off Parental Controls on a Samsung TV?

When you reset the TV passwords, you may quickly switch off the parental controls on Samsung TV. Using the PIN, the Samsung TV parental controls work well. If you know how to reset the PIN, you may disable the parental restrictions without difficulty. Try the following instructions to reset the PIN.

Step 1: By pressing the power button on the remote, you may put the Samsung TV in standby mode.

Step 2: Now, one by one, hit ‘Mute -> 8 -> 2 -> 4 -> Power.' The PIN is changed to ‘0000'. You may quickly disable the parental controls on your Samsung smart TV by entering the reset PIN.

How Do I Disable Internet Access on my Samsung Smart TV?

  • First, set up the parental broadcasting controls.
  • Go to settings by pressing the home button on the remote control.
  • Go to Program Rating Lock Settings after selecting Broadcasting.
  • You'll be able to limit the kind of programming your smart TV may get from over-the-air channels at this point.

Why is it Still Necessary for Parents to Use a Parental Control App?

Parents confront a difficult task in assessing the benefits and drawbacks of providing their children digital independence while also establishing the boundaries of that independence. Toddlers converse using iPads, while teens text.

Most parents recognize that limiting their children's internet access may hinder their capacity to study and develop. However, this risks exposing youngsters to Internet undesirable content that may be beyond their comprehension.

Consequently, installing powerful security software with parental controls on all devices might help parents and children navigate the digital world.

Helps monitor your kids’ devices

You can help your children learn to be good online citizens and make friends by keeping an eye on their devices and social media activities. Emails, social media accounts, messages, and other mobile activities may be monitored by setting parental control app on your kid's device.

These are useful when you're worried about specific talks or activities. Some applications will alert you when particular phrases, such as "drugs," are detected. It's preferable if you notify your children while you're monitoring their devices, especially because some of the functions will require your child's account information, including passwords.

Allow you to manage what your kids find on search engines

These days, search engines can help you discover almost anything. Depending on their age and stage of development, access to a limitless amount of content may be unsuitable for specific children. Adult content, including explicit photos, videos, and websites, can be blocked from search results using parental filters like Google's SafeSearch.

You may need to utilize the most recent operating system and log in under customized user accounts, depending on the software. When you apply these filters, let your kids know and talk to them about unsuitable and age-appropriate content. They should know that they should come to you or a trusted adult if they need to talk to you or a trusted adult.

To track your kids' location

Your entire family may use GPS applications to track each other's whereabouts. These can help you discover your kids in an emergency by indicating that they're safe — and where they're meant to be.

For the GPS tracking or location functionality to operate, your phones must be switched on.

Helps To establish good cyber safety habits

Cybercrime is a multibillion-dollar industry, and cyber criminals frequently take advantage of people's destructive online behaviors.

The brain of a youngster is continuously growing and learning new things. They may accidentally participate in harmful online conduct, such as giving too much information, such as their school name or date of birth, in their drive to learn more. This might put their safety, as well as the safety of others, in jeopardy.

Set screen time limits

Screen time has the potential to become addicting. It can hypnotize an adult into spending hours attached to a screen, psychologically disconnected from their actual surroundings. A youngster may have a more challenging difficulty breaking loose from their favorite television or game than an adult.

Excessive screen time can lead to poor posture, poor vision, insufficient sleep, and a lack of physical exercise in children. Parents may want to instill a healthy lifestyle in their children and themselves by minimizing screen usage.

Parental control features can aid in the establishment of boundaries by imposing time limitations on the sorts of media that children consume and for how long they consume it. Establish media-free time and engage in activities such as walking, driving, or playing a game.


To conclude, it's better to enable the appropriate options on the smart TV based on your needs. If you want to learn more about how to keep your kids safe online, subscribe to Here you can find why parents should limit internet time after school and how screens can affect children’s sleep.

If you have any doubt please don't forget to mention them in the comment section below.

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