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Published on Nov 16, 2021
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Sophia Clark App - What Parents Should Know About the Live Streaming App

Today's modern world is all about live streaming, which involves capturing or watching an event video in real-time. Kids adore live streaming because it perfectly captures the excitement of a particular moment, be it skateboarders performing tricks in the park or gamers playing Fortnite.

Live Streaming provides the unscripted, genuine, and spontaneous activity. It's the best thing to be there in person and watch wherever you are at the moment. Live Streaming allows viewers and broadcasters to communicate in real-time, and it makes a virtual experience personal.

It's crucial to note that live streaming is unpredictable and difficult to control, which is a natural concern for parents.

People can live-stream their daily activities and events to their friends and followers with the Live Streaming App. There are many popular live-streaming apps available, and one of them is

What is the App? is a live video streaming app that allows users to broadcast live video or have a group video chat with their friends. It allows teenagers to Livestream their lives to the rest of the world in real-time and digitally hang out with their friends. This app allows you to broadcast to anyone on the app at any moment, as well as take photos, leave comments, send digital gifts, and follow each other. live stream app app allows teens to connect with friends, watch other users' broadcasts, showcase their live streams to the world, and leave comments on any stream. So it is gaining popularity among teenage groups. It features videos of comedy skits, lip-syncing, and various talents ranging from singing to acrobatics.

There is no verification process or minimum age limit for viewing live broadcasts, and viewers can leave comments on videos. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, one cannot replay a live broadcast once it has ended. However, the content is aimed at children aged 13 and up.

How does Work?

Kids can use their Tiktok, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to set up a account. presents a list of their friends' channels, a scoreboard of top content providers, and a list of the most popular live channels when they first open the app. Kids will search for and find channels based on the number of people watching a video, tag, and brief description.

They can create broadcasts by recording their videos and then start live streaming by going live to their followers. People can interact with the streamer by leaving comments and more. During a live session with other streamers, users can Instagram moments, share them with their friends. Users can also give icons purchased with coins as gifts since icons allow a live comment to remain visible above the comment feed for a more extended amount of time. The expensive icons will stay on the screen for a longer time.

Each live session contains a list of top contributors who have sent the most gift points to the session. A profile picture and a clickable choice to browse a leader's profile are displayed on the top contributor leaderboard. Live sessions can include live guests in sessions, and users can view and follow the guest's profile by tapping on the guest's live session. Finally, live sessions are temporal, so once a content creator terminates a live session, it can no longer be accessed or found.

What Should Parents Be Aware of?

Live streaming one's "life" can be dangerous. It is risky for teenagers who broadcast too much personal information or unsuitable stuff to get more viewers or likes. However, the intended users can report mature content. The app does not have any moderation, so your kids may come across any form of content, both good and bad.

Your kid's privacy and security are at high risk by live streaming videos. For instance, kids will occasionally give away their Snapchat username or phone number during a live stream without realizing that strangers viewing their video now know their private information.

It has been claimed that some children use this app to play "truth or dare." Users will post truth or dare, and the kid will respond live on camera. As a result, your kids will get influenced, which might cause harm in the long term.

The open forum allows users to get real-time responses, leading to improper content being delivered to youngsters. Before allowing your children to use the app, you should talk to them about the issues, understand how to deal with these issues, and discuss the app's safety issues.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Children Safe When Using The Live Streaming App?

  • Talk to them about the harmful effects of social media and how to stay safe online.

Social media is becoming toxic day by day and has created a harmful impact on kids. Cyberbullying and improper content are the major issues in social media platforms these days. It is a crucial thing to protect your children from the negative aspects of social media. Teach them how to deal with various online threats they may encounter on the app. Give them the knowledge on how to distinguish between "true friends" and "followers." You need to remind them that "friends" and "followers" are often strangers on social media.

  • Ensure that they are aware of the things they share on the app

You can teach them to analyze what they post and who might see it to protect themselves. Give appropriate knowledge on the difference between destructive content and good content. You need to ensure that your kids are far from adult content. It is essential to discuss what information is okay to provide and what information is not on social media platforms.

  • Check the app's minimum age requirement.

You need to check that your child meets the minimum age requirement to use this live streaming app, as the content is targeted toward youngsters over 13. So you need to make sure that your child is not exposed to such apps if they are underage.

  • Your kid's personal information should be kept private.

Advise your kid not to link the app to any other social media accounts so that their personal information isn't misused. To protect their content on the app, you have to make sure that your kids use an anonymous username and a strong password. Teach them not to share their personal information when followers ask for it.

  • Make sure your kids understand that they cannot completely erase their accounts.

In Live Streaming App, there is no option to delete an account right now. It is impossible to remove the content on the servers if your child decides to delete their account now. You can, of course, remove the app from your device, but the videos and accounts of your child will remain in's database. But, these accounts and videos may become available in the future.

  • Make sure that their account is private.

You need to ensure that your kid's account is set to private, ensuring that any videos posted are only visible to approved followers while the profile remains public. To make your kids' account private in, all you need to do is go to "settings" on the right-hand side of the app. Scroll down to the 'Private account' option and switch it on once you're in 'settings.'

Finally: allows teens to broadcast live to their followers and friends and connect with them in real-time. While live streaming helps teens to connect and relate, some problematic motives and dangers appear. Parents must guide their kids on how to deal with problems in a mature manner. They can be caught up in situations like chasing celebrities, oversharing so parents should be aware and awaken.

However, you can use live streaming safely with parental controls and supervision. So parents must understand how it works, how their children use it, and what could go wrong. For instance, if they turn the camera on themselves, watch other people's broadcasts, or end up as little more than someone else's feed. Thus, it's crucial to monitor your kid's online activities.

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