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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

10 Ways for Parental Involvement In Education

We do not have to say again and again how important education is for all of us. The process of learning and education starts from childhood.

Children these days are sent to school from the age of two, and ideally, the school for children starts from the age of 5. However, most parents send their children to child care similar to school as they learn a lot from their child care.

When the matter is of education, parents are extremely particular about their children’s education. You can see most of the parents are highly involved in their children’s education, and parents try to give the best education for their children to secure their future.

However, some busy parents might not have enough time for their child’s education. They might give their children the best education facility but may not catch up with their academic performance. The academic achievement of children whose parents are not involved in their education can be too low.

10 Ways To Involve In Your Children’s Education

If you want your kids to do exceptionally well in their education, you should get involved in their education. Here are a few ways to involve in your children’s education:

Have Frequent Interaction With Your Child’s Teacher

You can easily keep an eye on your kids when they are home, but you might get worried about them when they are at school. To know what your kids are doing at school, it’s better for you to communicate with your kids’ teacher. Ask your child’s teacher to contact you when your child faces any trouble at school.

If you are wondering how to interact with your child’s teacher, you can either visit the child’s school or communicate via phone, email, text, or whatever is suitable for you. Ask your child’s teacher to inform about the child’s progress regularly. You can even provide a helping hand for your children’s teachers if they need help from you to improve your child’s educational performance.

Likewise, if there is a language barrier between you and your child’s teacher, you should take help from your bilingual friends or relative.

Do Not Skip Parents Teacher Meeting

Schools usually organize parent-teacher meetings time and again. During the year, schools usually organize at least two PTA meetings. It’s important for you to attend such meetings as these meetings will help you know what your kids are up to in their school. You will be informed about their academic progress. Parents who attend school meetings will get to know more about their child’s progress.

Even if you cannot physically attend PTA meetings, you can have a virtual meeting with them. During the PTA meeting, you can discuss with your child’s teacher if you face behavior problems. If they have bad behavior problems, you can discuss them with your child’s teacher during the meeting.

Help Them With Their Homework

Help_Them_With_Their_Homework assignmnet.jpg

If you have small kids, they will need your help when it comes to their homework. Either they have homework related to art and craft or homework related to subjects, it is better you provide them with your helping hand. You need to keep in mind that homework is as important as their other activities and help your kids have the same mindset.

If possible, give your full time to your kids when they are doing their homework. Also, if your kids have a habit of doing homework in front of their digital devices, they will stop this habit when you are with them while doing their homework. Also, by doing homework with your kids, you can create a bond with your kids.

Attend School Events

School events are also important to know about your kids’ school performance. Family involvement and parent’s involvement in school events or class events will always encourage your kids to do better. For instance, if your kids are participating in some musical events at school, your presence at the school can help them do their best.

You need to attend school events even when your kids are not participating in any events. When you attend school events regularly, this will motivate your kids to participate in school events.

Likewise, school events are the best way to meet your child’s friends’ parents and family members. In such events, you can interact with your child’s peers’ parents, share parenting tips with one other, and so on.

Volunteer in The School

The next way for parents to get involved in their children’s education is by getting in volunteer work in the school. Schools offer many programs, and there are many volunteer programs. In school, you can help volunteer work by joining volunteer programs like the school library, music program, translation works, and many more.

If you are a working parent, you might not have enough time to go to the school physically and help in volunteer work. Hence, in such cases, you can do volunteer work at school whenever you are free. This will help you be involved in your kids’ school even when you are busy.

Encourage Reading

Encourage_Reading.jpg with them.jpg

Developing reading skills are equally important for young kids. To do better in school, parents need to develop reading habits among their children. Parents’ involvement in your children’s education begins with developing reading habits. From a very small age, you need to develop reading habits among your kids.

To encourage reading habits among your kids, you can read with them. You can even set a reading time during a particular time of a day or week. Reading and vocabulary skills are extremely important for students’ academic performance. Hence it would be best if you read with your kids to improve their reading performance.

Stay Updated on Your Childs’ Performance

You can easily know how your young ones are performing at their school, but you might not have an idea about your teenager’s academic performance. Teenagers can easily hide their school performance. Also, teenage is the time period when teenagers’ studies performance can go out of track. It is the most crucial period for parents, teachers to keep kids and their studies on track.

If you want to maintain your children’s grades even when they are teens, then you better stay updated with their child’s performance. Your kids might have got some red report card that your kids try to hide from you, and if you do not stay updated with kids’ academic performance, their academics might go out of track.

Provide Additional Class When They Need

Sometimes, things that your kids learn from their class might not be enough. Your kids might need some extra help in their studies besides from their class. If needed, you can even provide them a tutor or turn into a tutor yourself to help your child.

If you are thinking of providing a tutor to your kids, then you can think of providing a tutor who is their senior. Senior students can provide your kids with a better experience since they have a fresh experience facing exams. Aside from that, there are even online tuitions that can help in student success. If you have a good family income, online classes can also be a better option for you.

Keep Track of Your Kids Screen Time

Many people are complaining that the students’ outcomes are getting affected by screen time. Parents even accept that their children use their digital devices while doing their homework, which has been the reason for low grades. Hence, it has been essential for you to keep track of your kid’s screen time. Also, while doing homework, parental involvement leads towards better focus among children. They can complete their homework faster without any errors.

Similarly, due to the pandemic situation, managing screentime during online classes has been difficult. Children are spending more time on the device, and more than for educational purposes, they are spending time for entertainment purposes. This has been the reason for the increase in screen time among children.

Communicate With Your Child


As mentioned above, parents and family involvement is extremely important to improve children’s education. To encourage children and to be encouraging parents, you need to have proper communication with your young ones. You need to put forward your expectations and make them clear in front of your children. Thereby, student achievement also depends on how well their parents communicate with them.

Ask your kids to talk to them whenever they have problems with their studies or school-related activities. Kids need to be open about their problems with their parents, which helps them solve their problems easily.

Importance of Parental Involvement In Education

Parents are the first teachers of their children. Children’s academic performance depends not only on their school and teachers’ involvement but also on parental involvement in schools. Geeting parents involved in their children education can be tough if they have a busy schedule, but here is the importance of parental involvement in education:

  • Improves student willingness to study.
  • Makes your kids more disciplined.
  • Helps children to make have clear goals.
  • Improves parents and teacher relations.
  • Enhances the performance of teachers.
  • Develop positive relation a
  • Improvement of students’ performance is also the effect of parental involvement.
  • Develops confidence and self-esteem among children.
  • Helps parents to know the modern way of teaching.

Challenges That Parents Face While Getting Involved In Child’s Education

Parental involvement in school and a child’s educational activities is extremely important. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be to get involved in children’s education. Challenges that parents can face while getting involved in children’s education are:

  • Shortage of time is the main challenge that most parents face while giving time for their kids.
  • If you had a bad experience in your child’s school, getting involved in schools can be challenging.
  • Parents and families who have low confidence among themselves try to avoid going to their child’s school.
  • If there is some misunderstanding between parents teachers’ relationship, then it will also affect.
  • Difficult to get involve in teens’ educational activities.


Summing up, parents’ engagement in their child’s education is extremely important, leading to many positive effects. You kids are more discipline and focus on their studies when they know that you are interested in their academic success. Families and schools are equally important to improve students’ success in both academic and non-academic aspects. You can enroll your kids in educational websites, as there are many free educational websites available for kids and adults.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the ways to get involved in your kid’s education, along with its importance and challenges. If you have more ways to get involved in your kids’ education, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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