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Published on Nov 18, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Top 10 Best Free Educational Websites For Kids

Today, many games can be found on the internet, making internet usage popular among kids. They are busy with video games, social media, and online games. So, parents must Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Social Media Activity.

Considering the impact of the internet, the educational field also requires the use of technology. There are free educational sites for kids that can provide educational content for them.

Free educational websites are somewhat like combining education with entertainment. Kids do not get bored and enjoy learning from the online tutorials and can easily learn at home from platforms like breakout edu.

With that, schools have started providing additional services like computer devices to your kids, for which you have to know some tips and tricks to manage your kid's school-issued computer.

Do you feel your child is not concentrating on studying enough even while shifting from one grade level to another? Or are they not very involved in academic subjects like science and math? Then, Educative websites with more academic content and fun games and activities may be what you're looking for.

Your home is your kid's first school, and these sites even aid the kid's professional development. Since different types of software are available, parents need to be aware of the software's safety before allowing their kids to use it.

Thus, You can make the home even more educational with free educational websites for kids.

Why Do Kids Require Free Educational Websites?

Learning online through educational websites is very beneficial for kids. It is an entire breakthrough in the traditional way of learning subjects like math, science and many more which substantially impacts children.

Such websites include kid's favourite characters like Dr. Seuss and others, encouraging them to do bedtime math. But make sure that your kids are not distracted. It is essential for you to know about tools to help your kids stay focused during online or distance learning. Though kids require free educational websites.

Here are few reasons why kids require free educational websites:

  • Self-Paced: There is no compulsion for kids to grab the study material only at a specific time. Kids can start, pause and learn at any time they prefer. They can learn three lessons in a day and one the other and even excel at math and enjoy mystery science.

  • Full Of Choices: In free educational websites, the study materials and topics are in a variety. If your kid gets bored with one of the topics, he or she can shift to another, keeping the previous at hold.

  • Better encouragement and engagement: Online educational websites are presented better, and kids are engaged in learning better. With access to different tools like biology simulations online and experiences, they enjoy learning which encourages them to study more.

  • Different styles of learning: If your kids like learning through online video, then he or she can. If podcasts are better, then there is an option. The different styles of learning make learning fun and non-monotonous.

  • Material from around the world: The education from such websites is global, and kid's national courses are different from other nations. But you won't have to reach the other end of the world to provide better opportunities to your child.

  • No time barrier: Your kid can learn at night or morning as per feasibility. Learning website for kids allows your child to read anytime they want, making learning easy and less pressure upon the kids.

  • Tracking of improvement: The kids are evaluated and tracked via online websites through games or even some assignments and tutorials. However, at times kids may get bored of online learning and seek more. In this, you need to find more ways for keeping kids motivated for online learning.

Best Free Educational Websites For Kids

There are many educational websites made for kids full of educational content. Among all, below are some of the best free educational websites for kids:



SESAME STREET consists of video clips and games for children. The visuals are engaging and, at the same time, notify kids about letters, sounds, rhymes, animals, and colours. Here are some features of Sesame street.

Features of SESAME STREET:

  • Games: The games on this website have different themes. Some of them are Earnie's Dinosaur DayCare, Super Salad Dinner, Go Green, Monster music, Train Track Engineers. These games have general teachings that your kid needs. Kids can choose their avatar before playing the game.

  • Videos: It includes music videos like I love trash, Gross Grouch song. These are old track video songs, probably something your kid wants to listen to. With little knowledge of music now, later, you can opt for a sight-reading factory.

  • Art: Allows kids to paint online with voice assistants, enhancing their creativity. Kids can paint pizza, night sky, paint the duck, and many other diagrams.


  • This site is an excellent way to get access to Sesame Street's high-definition video clips.
  • The majority of the main cast from 1986 appears; all segments are from the 1970s or earlier, and Kermit The Frog segment is featured.


  • The site is a little clumsy, and there aren't many interactive aspects.
  • Singing along lacks many inserts, and kids may get bored.

2. Coolmath


Coolmath is designed for kids over 13 years of age for online math. As the name suggests, it consists of mathematics lessons and some cool games to play.

It includes online math games with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. So you don't need to worry if your kid doesn't prefer math, try this website with online videos and different activities for kids.

Features Of Coolmath:

  • Pre-algebra section: The pre-algebra section consists of math reading with lessons such as factors and primes with an introduction to fractions, GCF, and LCM. It also includes fractions, decimals, percent, exponents with an order of operations, and introduction to exponents, radicals, polynomials, solving equations, and graphing.

  • Algebra section: The Algebra section has courses in algebra like exponents, radicals, polynomials, factoring polynomials, division of polynomials, solving equations, inequalities. It also has line solving, quadratics, complex numbers, graphing quadratics, and systems of equations.

  • Pre-calculus: The pre-calculus section has tools like logarithms, the difference quotient, advanced composition of functions, and freaky factoring.

  • Practise and tools with reference: It provides a set of questions necessary for kids to practice. Your kid can test their efficiency after learning the different lessons and know how helpful it was.

  • Math games: From the fantastic math website, there is a link to lead you to another cool math game site with many simple games. This is way better for your child than playing other video games.


  • The website contains math facts for quick reference, a glossary of concepts, and explanations with examples.
  • It has some excellent references for students with shorter explanations. It can act as a super crew for kids, and they may want to watch PBS design squad later on.


  • It has an old-school interface, and the advertisements pop up with math games that are only related to actual math.
  • Kids may find it outdated and not so inspirational due to math-related games.


Scholastic .png

Scholastic is a unique website for kids. The site is from the publishers that publish educational magazines in different schools and are inclusive of grade-level activities for kids. This site is beneficial from pre-kindergarten till high school.

Features of Scholastic:

  • For age groups 3-6: This section is for kids in pre-kindergarten to kindergarten. The explore button allows access to a page with rhymes and videos. There are downloadable reading items with parental guidelines that you can read for your kid. The downloading enables reading habits in your child.

  • For age groups 5-8: This section is for kids from kindergarten to grade 2. The explore button leads to a page with kids' songs from famous singers. It also has downloads for coloring sheets of Dinky The Donkey. It aims to build vocabulary so that kids can learn different themed stories.

  • For ages 7-9: This section is for kids from grades one to three. The explore button leads to a page that has videos of stories with pictures from award-winning authors. There are downloadable readable pages available for your kids to read them aloud.


  • The user interface is attractive, and kids of different ages can benefit from it.
  • The downloaded files are valuable and accessible in the absence of the internet too.


PBS Kids.png

PBS Kids is one of the best interactive websites consisting of numerous songs and visuals. In addition, it includes sorting, counting games, and other videos. The site consists of videos, games, and shows targeted at kids. As you scroll across, there is a voice to guide your kids. In addition, there are different characters with avatars that lead you to individual pages.

Feature of PBS KIDS:

  • Videos: The video button leads to a streaming Tv with characters on the right side that sing-song. The characters are Donkey Hodie, Nature Cat, and others.

  • Games: It consists of new games and old ones with popular music games. Your child can choose from them and enjoy gaming with learning.

  • Avatar to Page: There is an icon of characters, and when you click on one, it leads you to another page. The avatars are: Eily wonders why, Curious George, Scribbles, and ink. They all have their content page, and your kids can enjoy each.

  • Parents Sections: It has all the resources and guidelines for parents to help their kids. You can have a look at the page for easy use of the site.


  • The quality of design is high, and the contents are extensive and helpful to kids.
  • It covers a variety of topics and resources that are interesting.


  • Kids may get confused while using this site. Parental guidance is advisable to help kids out.

5.TIME for Kids

TIME for Kids.png

As soon as you enter the site, there is an option for you to choose between grownups and kids. The grownup is for parents to look into and for kids, they can choose the explore button below kids. The variety of articles include topics from politics, health, entertainment, and more.

Features of TIME for Kids:

  • For grownups: There is another section for grownups where you need to enter your age and access the articles written for the entered age.

  • Articles for kids by grade level: The site has articles for different age groups. It includes categories from kindergarten to age one, age two, age three to four, and another category for age five to six. The articles are differentiated into topics like animals, arts, books. Engineering etc., from which your kid can choose and decide the field of interest.


  • Interesting topics for kids are available with variety and options.
  • Some stories are in the Spanish Language, having lexical levels and audio.


  • Some articles lack differentiation, and lessons do not stretch kids' thinking skills to a high level.



If your kid is an animal lover, then the national geographic for kids site is what you should visit with your kids. Here kids can watch animals from webcams and try science experiments. In addition, there is a different section specially designed for little kids.


  • Games: The games section in national geographic kids gives access to different quizzes, actions, personality quizzes, and funny fill-in. You can ask your kid to play games and choose what they wish to do, and kids will learn accordingly from national geographic for kids.

  • Videos: The video has amazing animal views, weird but true sections, and party animals. This site is an excellent way for kids to enjoy the videos and learn at the same time. This can be a way to divert kids' attention from social media.

  • Animals: The animal section gives options to watch mammals, birds, prehistoric, reptiles, invertebrates, and fishes. According to your child's mood, they can enjoy the beautiful view of animals right from home.

  • Explore more: In explore more, there are options for your kid to check different books, history material, more on science, space, the United States. Your kid can broaden their horizon of knowledge by accessing each section slowly.


  • It contains fabulous learning material from trusted brands from which kids will benefit.


  • The teaching resources are, and the options for searching are not much, and the level of games is different.

7. Starfall

Starfall .png

The Starfall website has been online since the year 2002. It is free of advertisement and has games with learning. It is designed for kids of pre-kindergarten to grade three. The website consists of different sections like a store, parent-teacher centre, how to join and sign in.

Features of Starfall:

  • Kindergarten and pre-k: This section consists of math with mathematical songs, numbers, geometry, and measurements. The language and art have ABC with rhymes, talking library motion songs, and other options. There is a seasonal section with a calendar, snowman and it is fun looking for kids.

  • For Grade 1,2 and 3: Like the kindergarten section, it has mathematics for grades 1,2,3 individually. The language and art sections have material for each grade. The seasonal section is full of delights to make learning fun and interesting.


  • The site has a comprehensive curriculum for acquiring basic fluency abilities, with interactive and offline extras.


  • Many activities need mouse skills because of that, younger children may need assistance.


fun brain.png

The fun brain is a free educational site. When visited once, you will want to visit it again and again with your child. It has math reading, learning games. This site has material from pre-kindergarten to grade eight with a section for each class.

Features of FUNBRAIN:

  • Games: When you tap on games, you will reach a page with numerous games for kids like Log Run, Stair Climber, and some ads. Your child can choose from numerous games and have a fantastic time learning and playing simultaneously.

  • Reading: This section has reading materials with the class specified on it. For instance, the diary of a wimpy kid is labelled for fourth to eighth grade. Honeymoon dog daze is for grades three to five, and Judy Moody Was In The Mood for grades one to four.

  • Videos: The video section has featured videos followed by many other online videos for your kids. You can click on the watch button and let your kid enjoy the videos made on different topics. The videos also have grades defined on them for the convenience of the parents while demonstrating the different videos.


  • There are numerous things to choose from, ranging from reading to math to having fun.


  • There are constant advertisements, and the games seem a little superficial, maybe more ads than learning.

9. nickjr

Nick jr.png

Nick jr website has a printable for your kids. In addition, it has games and other things that your kids can enjoy. The different games allow kids to solve game puzzles, learn new music. Also, kids can learn to dress up and play with numbers and recognize shapes.

Features Of nickjr:

  • TV Schedule: This site displays the shows and time of what is delivered on the nick jr channel. You can know what show is being displayed at present. You can help your kid watch his or her favorite show on time.
  • Home: You can check the local listing of serials for kids and reach other pages from there.


  • Parents can customize the content to meet their children's specific needs, and concepts are reinforced through various exercises. Parents will enjoy engaging activities and helpful pre-kindergarten preparation.


  • The availability of more customization choices could help enhance individual learning for kids.

10.Disney Jr

Disney. Jr.png

If your kid loves Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, then you should surely let your kids visit Disney jr. It includes different games, colouring, and videos. Watching such videos and playing games will help your kid enhance their hand-to-eye concentration, memory, and matching colours.

Features Of Disney Jr:

  • Colouring Club Videos: This section includes printable colouring pictures of cartoon characters to be filled in via different colours. The videos show proper colour combination with music, and at the end, the whole black and white picture is perfectly coloured.

  • Coloring Club Printable: Here, you can find options to either print the printable to colour or share them with others. Your kid can choose from the different printables available and can spend the whole day watching from the colouring club tutorial and fill up the colours on paper.

  • Activities: Here you can print out the different activities as your kids like.


  • The usage of multimedia is interesting, and the kid-friendly content is appropriately presented.


Therefore, these are the ten best free educational websites for your kids to engage in fun learning. Using such websites is a great way for your child to get ahead academically and to improve their creativity and knowledge.

Learning at home through educational websites is effective only if your kids are not distracted by the other online materials. Manage screen time of your child and make them involved in games and activities keeping away from the screen.

Long time interaction with devices may hamper their health. So make a proper schedule for online learning, playing games, screen time usage so that it hampers neither their study nor health.

Thus, engage your kids with fun and free educational learning websites. As they can clear their concept more through interactive websites rather than from books. Go and get the best learning websites for kids now.

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