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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 10, 2023
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Juliya Smith

Plagiarism Can Be a Violation of Intellectual Property Rights and Law. How to Av

Plagiarism occurs when you imitate words and ideas from others. Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, it seriously violates academic integrity and moral standing. Therefore, you have to bear the consequences, such as loss of credibility, a bad reputation, and even legal cases, if your act of plagiarism marks a stain on the identity of an individual or brand. That’s because some works are registered under copyright laws, and any misuse directly violates intellectual property rights and the law.

Nonetheless, whether a work is registered under copyright law or not, its exclusive rights strictly belong to the author or creator of the work as soon as they publicize or publish it. Therefore, you should always only use the work of others with their permission and take other measures to escape legal proceedings.

Otherwise, you can find yourself in deep waters, and your name will be tainted forever. Thus, this blog post will enlighten you on how to avoid plagiarism and keep yourself in the safe zone.

Guidelines to Avoid Plagiarism and Shun Copyright Strikes

Copyright strikes are hard to handle. They can result in extreme damage to your credibility and authority in your respective field. Moreover, worse scenarios can result in banning your profiles, websites, or pages where a copyright strike is filed against you. Therefore, you must refrain from copying any ideas or words without taking prior measures. Otherwise, you may have to respond to cease and desist letters and face huge losses that can put all your efforts down the drain.

Following are some core principles you can adopt to evade copyright issues.

Develop Your Own Ideas

This is the primary practice you must adopt in content production, whether academic or commercial. That means you should create content ideas yourself instead of copying others. When you have your own ideas, chances get rare that you will try to duplicate someone else. Hence, there would be no plagiarism in your material. On the contrary, if you go through different platforms to determine some ideas to write content and your primary source of information is those, the possibility of committing plagiarism increases, hence, the violation of intellectual property rights.

Consequently, you have to bear the unusual consequences. To draft novel and unseen ideas, you must conduct thorough market research. This will help you find the market gap. When you successfully mark out the market gap, it becomes easier for you to pave a direction for yourself to generate content that is the hallmark of your platform only. Thus, you look different and distinctive from others, which enables you to catch more audience attention and trust, boosting your conversions and readership.

Produce Original Content

Once you have established ideas, you should write seamless and flawless content. It means that rather than copying the style and wording of others, you should develop your own personal style and flair for writing. Doing so opens up new horizons for you to jot concepts down in various forms and styles. This gives you the freedom to unleash new creative patterns; hence, there remains no place for plagiarism in your content, which empowers you to stay away from the violation of the intellectual property of others.

Moreover, as a strong precaution, you should pass your content through a plagiarism checker-free and free AI detector, even if you write everything yourself. It is mandatory because sometimes unexpected or accidental plagiarism can be found in your content if you use the internet as your only source of information.

Therefore, it is better to scan your content through a plagiarism checker because prevention is better than cure. When a plagiarism detector scans your text, it highlights even the slightest duplication in your content. With that, it also provides a list of matching sources.

Following the results, you can replace the imitated parts with new sentences or paragraphs to make your content look flawless. Consequently, there won’t be any copyright violations on your site or profile when you publish your content.

Take Permission from Others

Sometimes, even if you write everything yourself, you must take informative chunks from other sources to validate your claims and material. Therefore, you need to copy some material from others, especially while writing academic articles. You can use the data of such sources by attributing them. However, some renowned and credible sources have strict policies; hence, they don’t bear even the legally allowed copying of their material. That’s why it is better to take permission from such elements before incorporating their material into your content to avoid potential consequences.

To take such permissions, you can draft a highly professional email to the concerned platform to ask them to allow you to use their material. In your emails, you should explain your case in detail, citing why you need to quote their work to add a sense of recognition and credibility to your articles and research work. Most of the time, you get permission, and doing so nullifies all the chances of getting yourself in trouble.

Rephrase the Copied Portions

Undoubtedly, quoting text from other sources and sites is a fascinating act of validating your claims and stance. However, you are allowed only to paste material from them up to a certain percentage, and if you break the decided mark, your work gets classified as plagiarized. Therefore, instead of pasting all the material as it is, rephrase a few chunks to get your content ranked among unique works.

To do so, you can manually paraphrase the quotations from other mediums. But, if you are not good at rephrasing because of a lack of depth of synonyms and command of the language, you can take help from a paraphrasing tool. A paraphraser is enriched with a vast collection of synonyms and sentence structures, which enable it to change the wording of any sentence or paragraph while keeping the meaning intact. This way, you can rephrase content of all types within no time.

However, if you want to contextualize your text according to your wish, you can select the words of your choice given in the recommendations by a sentence changer tool. As a result, you will not only succeed in making your content more lucid and compact, but you will also succeed in diminishing any chance of intellectual property violation by others.

Cite Your Sources

Source citation is essential to avoid plagiarism and protect intellectual property rights and the law. This shows that you respect intellectual property rights and ensure you are not breaking any laws. Giving due credit to the original authors or creators demonstrates honesty and respect for their work. Additionally, citing sources gives the work more weight and authority. It enables readers to check the integrity and accuracy of the data presented.

That means you can improve the caliber and dependability of work by citing reliable sources, which is crucial in academic and professional settings. From a legal perspective, accurate source citation aids in preventing copyright infringement.

Exclusive rights to produce original works, including written content, pictures, videos, and more, are granted to creators under copyright laws. By providing sources, you tell that you are using copyrighted content responsibly and legally without violating the original artists' rights. As a result, you don’t get accused of any misconduct.

Final Remarks

These are the top ways you must practice to ensure that your work falls within ethical and legal boundaries. If you committedly follow these principles with zeal and zest, your content will always be unique, saving you from all sorts of backlashes that can happen in case plagiarism gets detected in your work.

Otherwise, your progress will be tented, and you won’t achieve your potential. We hope this information has enlightened you enough on why novelty and originality are the keys to success in the digital world.

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