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Published on Mar 29, 2024
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Sophia Clark

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram |

Have you ever blocked someone on Instagram? What happens when you block someone on instagram? You may be wondering about this question but worry not. In this article, you'll find out if someone will know when you block them on Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. And while it has greatly influenced today's people, Is Instagram safe? it has also been subjected to increasing negative effects on today's generations.


Blocking someone on Instagram is not a new thing; people block each other on Instagram many times. There may be several reasons one might do so.

Some don't want to interact with the other user or might want to avoid seeing too many of their posts, stories, and private messages. Or it's an ex, a distant relative, or someone with questionable political regards you don't want to see on your account.

Whatever the reason is, Instagram doesn't let you or the blocked user know you or they have been blocked. Find out below information to learn more about what happens when you block someone on Instagram?

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

Let's look at some things you should know that happens when you block someone on Instagram.

1.They won't be notified when you block them.

This is the first thing you should know If you are concerned about what happens when you block someone on Instagram. They won't receive a notification or any sort of alert, messages unlike when you gain followers, likes, and direct messages on Instagram.

Also, they won't be able to access your Instagram posts, messages, and profile. So it is safe to know they won't be notified when you block someone.

2. They can still mention your username.

If they know your username, someone you've blocked on Instagram can still mention it. These mentions, however, will not display in your activity. If you change your Instagram username after blocking someone, they won't be able to find you unless they know your new username.

3. The likes and comments from the blocked person will not disappear.

The likes, comments, and mentions from the person you have blocked will not vanish and will remain visible as before. You can see what someone likes on Instagram also. If you want to delete their comments from one of your posts, you can delete it manually.

4. They will still be able to view your likes and comments.

Unlike on Facebook, the users you have blocked on Instagram will still be able to see your likes and comment on public profiles, posts or story if you follow it. However, any comments you made on their Instagram posts remain hidden from them.

5. You can unblock them again.

Maybe you want to unblock the person again; you can easily do it. For this, go to the setting on your Profile>Blocked Users>choose the profile you want to unblock and confirm on Unblock.

If You Block Someone On Instagram Will They Know

What happens when you block someone on Instagram? Will they know if you have blocked them? Let's see a few things to know if you block someone on Instagram, will they know?

i. The blocked user doesn't receive a notification.

There is no chance of the users you blocked knowing that you blocked them. If the blocked person tries to visit your public profile, they won't be able to view any of your posts. So they will have no idea you blocked them.

ii. Your profile will still be visible.


Your Instagram profile will still be visible as they can see your profile through other public posts, previous comments, mentions from friends. However, they won't be able to see your profile picture, stories, posts, or highlights.

iii. Your likes and comments will appear in public posts or by common friends.

Your likes and comments still are visible to the blocked user if they also follow the same public pages or accounts as you do. However, if your account does not display in the search results or appears as an Instagram user, they may assume you have blocked them.

If I block a user on Instagram, how will they know?

If you block someone on Instagram they will be aware of it for the following reasons.

1.Your account won't show up in the search results.

If you've blocked someone, they won't be able to find your account in the search results. It could be an indication that you've blocked them. They could, in the end, investigate other evidence to see if they've been blocked.

2. Likes, Comments, and Notifications will disappear.

If someone likes or comments on one of your posts, and you reply or like their comment, Instagram will usually notify other users. However, disabling Instagram will delete all notifications, including likes and comments. Unblocking someone on Instagram will not restore their likes or previous comments.

3. They will be removed as a follower.


When you block someone on Instagram, they are removed as a follower automatically. As a result, your account won't appear in their list of followers or following. In this situation, they may believe they have been blocked.


You may enjoy using Instagram but sometimes come across someone you don't want to connect with or being followed and DMed by spam and fake accounts, which is why you may feel the need to block them.

However, think before you take this step of blocking someone on Instagram. If you are having issues with your friends, try and talk through it. If they are spammers, or fraud, it is sensible to avoid further interaction and block them. It depends on the situation why you are blocking someone on Instagram.

You can also try restricting features that have just rolled out on Instagram, muting their stories, hiding your stories from them, or removing them as your followers if you don't want to block them.

Through this article, "what happens when you block someone on Instagram" I hope you got a clear picture of how blocking works on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Can someone see my profile if they blocked me on Instagram?

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, they can still see your profile from previous tags, comments, or group messages. However, they won't be able to see your posts, stories, and highlights on your profile.

ii. What is the difference between Block and restrict on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, they can't comment on your posts or stories, but when you restrict them, you can still comment on each other's posts. The difference is that the comments made by the person you've restricted will only be visible to them and no one else.

iii. Can you block someone from Instagram without them knowing?

Yes, you can block someone on Instagram, and it won't be notified to them; you'll also get the option to block their accounts or new accounts they might create. And after you block them, you won't be able to view their likes, comments, or mentions on your posts.

iv. How to unblock someone on Instagram?

To unblock someone on your Instagram, follow the given steps.

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on your profile picture icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • After you go to your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.
  • Go to privacy and tap on blocked accounts.
  • You'll see the users you've previously blocked here. Click on the Unblock option on the right of the user's name and confirm it.
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