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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 15, 2021
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Juliya Smith

What is Gacha Life? What Parents Need To Know

With the digitized world, the way people tackle their boredom has changed. People these days are busy sharing screentime. Either it’s playing online games, watching series, do online shopping, or do anything else, this is how people spend time on their devices.

You cannot blame your kids for being addicted to their devices when you yourself are addicted. Children follow what you do, so it’s better for you to limit your device usage habit.

Movies and games of the anime genre are most loved by children. The anime genre is getting popular these days, and one of the reasons for this is you can get a variety of content in anime.

One of the popular anime games is Gacha Life. Gacha life has been one of the favorite games of kids, but most of the parents do not know what exactly is Gacha Life.

What is Gacha Life?

Gacha_Life app

Gacha Life is a role-playing dress-up game made by Lumine Inc in 2018 and is slowly getting popular among people. There are many Gacha games that are available; some of them are Complete Gacha, Redraw Gacha, Trade Gacha, Step-up Gacha, Discounted Gacha, and many more.

In this game, you can customize their character by changing their dresses, weapons, hairstyles, and many more. There are over 20 Gacha Life character slots that you can customize as per your preference. What's more interesting about this game is you can even change your character’s look. Here you can customize your face structure, eye, mouth and make your character unique.

You can share your character of Gacha on YouTube with other players. You can even watch live streams of people playing Gacha Life.

In this game, you can even send receive gifts and add the gifts to your collection. The plus side of this game is, you can play it offline. You get a token each time you win the game.

Is Gacha Life Safe?

In Google Play and the App Store, Gacha Life is rated as 9+, which means that it is completely safe for kids, tweens and teenagers. But, the game is played even by children who are below 9.

However, you can get a chat feature from the in-purchases of Gacha Life that you need to be aware of. Children can chat with random strangers if they enable the chat feature. Since children can chat with anyone using the chat feature, this has worried the parents the most.

During their chat session, their fellow players can use inappropriate and offensive language that your child can learn quickly. Hence, it’s better for you to disable the in-purchase feature to keep your kids safe from chatting with random strangers.

Recently, there are reports of scammers and hackers sending inappropriate pictures to children in the name of age verification. Some young girls are even asked to send topless pictures of themselves.

Therefore, due too scammers and hackers revolving around this game make the game unsafe for children if you do not keep an eye on their gaming activities.

How Can You Keep Your Kids Safe From Danger of Gacha Life?

It’s up to you to keep your kids safe from online dangers. Here are few ways to keep your kids safe from the dangers of Gacha Life:

Keep Them Busy With Other Activities

Children turn on their devices whenever they are free or do not have anything to do. The internet and digital devices are children’s favorite time pass, and they can get exposed to undesirable content on the internet. They keep thinking about their devices and cannot stop themselves when they get new notifications.

Thereby, it’s better for you to keep your kids busy with other activities. By engaging your kids in other activities, your children can keep their minds off their devices. You can engage them in creative activities, which helps to keep their mind active. Some of the activities that you can do with your kids to keep them away from their digital devices are painting, reading books, gardening, dog walking, physical exercise, and so on.

Teach Your Kids to Deal With Online Predator

Children are naïve; they can easily be the victim of online predators. If your child does not know about online predators, they can easily be the victim of online predators. Online predators and scammers are on the internet just to find new targets.

By teaching your kids about online predators and how to deal with online predators, you can somehow keep them safe from being victims of online predators. Encourage your kids to talk with you whenever they face any tricky situation or if anyone sends them inappropriate content. Always ensure them that you have their back. You should create such an environment for your child where they feel safe to say their problem with you.

Play The Game With Your Kids

To keep your kids safe online, another technique that you can do is play the game with your kids. Gacha Life is usually played by children who are in primary school. They might not know about everything that they find in Gacha life. So it’s better for you to play with your kids to be assured that your kids are not involved in any inappropriate activities.

Similarly, your kids will feel happy when you play games with them. This is also one of the best ways to create a bond between you and your young ones. If there occur any incidents while playing games, you can be around your child and teach them right away.

Set Screen Time Limit

Children’s screen time increases when they play games for a long time. On average, the screen time of children is more than 7 hours, and this is only for entertainment purposes. If you do not keep an eye on your child’s screen time or check the screen time of their device, you can keep control of their device usages activities.

Setting screen time will ensure you that your kids are using the device only for a limited period and for a limited purpose. Also, your child can engage themselves in other activities when they get limited time to spend on their device.

Let Kids Use Their Device From Specific Place

Another solution that you can do is, let your kids use the device from a specific place. It would be best if you set your device in an open place where you can keep an eye on your kids when they are using their devices. You can know what they are doing on their device when they are using the device near you.

Even when you set a screen time limit, children can use their devices when they are in their room or somewhere around. So by setting rules for using the device in a specific place will reduce children’s screen time.

Use Parental Control Apps

Last but the most effective way of keeping children safe from the dangers of games like Gocha Life is by using parental control apps. Parental control apps provide you with detail on how your kids time on their devices. You can track games and apps they use on their device.

One of my favorite parental control apps is, where you can keep your kids safe online. If your kids do not follow your screen time schedule or any of your rules, you can even block these apps, which is what is love about parental controls apps.


Summing up, even though Gacha Life is rated as 9+, sometimes children can get inappropriate content because of which many parents are considering Gacha as unsafe. Even if your kids insist on you playing the game, it is better for you to keep monitoring while they are playing the game.

It would be best if you restrict your kids from playing games like Gacha Life. As I mentioned above, it would be best if you keep your kids engage in other activities more than letting them use their devices anytime.

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