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Table of Contents

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Published on Jun 28, 2024
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Juliya Smith

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Games

With the increase in the use of the internet, people's daily activities have changed. The way we communicate, operate offices, play games, shop, everything has changed due to the internet. Kids use the internet to play games and communicate via social media.

Kids prefer to play video games over playing physical games. They prefer online games over board games. All the board games and card games have turned digital, which has attracted young kids and adults. People of all age groups love to play online games despite knowing the advantages and disadvantages of online games.

Building upon the idea that a limited amount of video game play can enhance concentration and attention in kids, games like Minesweeper serve as excellent examples. Minesweeper, with its grid-based layout and need for strategic thinking, requires players to pay close attention to the numbers displayed and use deductive reasoning to figure out where the mines are located. This level of focus and problem-solving can directly translate to improved concentration skills.

Similarly, Solitaire games, which are available on platforms like Solitaire Bliss, offer another avenue for honing attention and concentration skills. In solitaire, players need to plan their moves carefully, considering the order of cards and possible sequences that could lead to a successful game. This process of strategizing and being mindful of card placement encourages a sustained level of focus, helping to improve a child’s ability to concentrate on tasks at hand.

Online Gaming

Kids consider online games as a part of their daily life. They play games with their siblings, friends, cousins, and even strangers. On the internet, you can play games via gaming websites, cloud gaming services, and so on. You can even interact with your fellow gamer friends while playing games.

When it comes to online gaming, many parents are worried about their kids' safety. There is constant debate on the advantages and disadvantages of online games. There are many advantages to online gaming, which can outweigh its disadvantages. Here, I will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of online games.

Advantages of Online Gaming

Many parents restrict their kids from playing online games; they have misconceptions about video games and online games. There are many advantages of online games that you need to know, here are some of them.

1. Brain Booster

Many parents think online games make their kid's brains dull and inactive. But in reality, it is the opposite. At the same time, if you play video games regularly, the grey matter of your brain increases, which helps boost brain connectivity. The brain's grey matter is related to memories, perception, muscle control, and so on.

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Likewise, while playing video games, you need to remember lots of things like rules, hacks, game strategy, and so on. When your kid plays the game regularly, it helps them remember many things, which eventually helps to improve their short-term as well as long-term memory.

Also, while playing games, you need to make your decisions quickly, which helps to improve brain performance speed. This can benefit students by responding quickly to their professor's questions.

2. Improves Concentration

If you want to win any games, you need to be focused on the game. Video games need lots of focus; if you get distracted even for a second, you might lose the game. Your brain starts to function quickly while concentrating on the video game. Students are usually focused on their work compared to non-online game players with online games.

By saying that you should not let your kids play video games all the time, one hour of the video game will be sufficient for keeping your kids concentrated in their studies. Video games help to improve a kid's attention and concentration.

3. Improves Vision

We tend to blame video games for visual impairment most of the time. Well, yes, online games can improve your vision only if you play games for hours only. But in reality, if you play the online game every day for an hour, you will be able to detect different shades of grey.

People who play online games regularly will see objects clearly in any cluttered space due to improved spatial resolution. Regular game players can see minor details more clearly than non-regular players. You need to pause your game every 30 minutes if your eye gets moisturized. This will help you to prevent your eyesight from getting damaged.

4. Can Make It Career

Online gaming can also be your career if you are focused on it. Many gamers are making their living out of it. If you are a pro gamer, you can teach beginners gaming skills, take classes, and make income. Exploring game development services offers a unique avenue for gamers to turn their passion into a career, providing insights into creating engaging and innovative gaming experiences.

Similarly, you can earn money from playing Fortnite or many other games by live streaming your gameplay on platforms like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Twitch, and others. Numerous websites offer compensation for gaming. Many individuals, including professionals, engage in online gaming daily and generate income from it.

If you are a pro gamer, you can compete with other gamers in video game events and win millions of dollars from the events. If you are planning to make a YouTube channel for streaming gaming videos and tricks about games and make money out of it, first of all, you need to build your audience and stream gaming videos regularly.

5. Improve Teamwork Skills

You can play video games all alone or with your friends. Most of the games are multiplayer that offer different roles to their players. These games require two or more team players, and teammates must coordinate to win. You need to have proper teamwork skills to win multiplayer games between team members.

To be a good team member, you first need to be trustworthy; also, you need to trust your team to the fullest. You will be responsible for your duties when playing games in a team.

6. Improves Social Skills

The next advantage of online games is it helps to build social skills among the player. While playing online games, you can connect with fellow players from different parts of the world via internet connection. Video games are the medium for people to connect, interact and play games together.

Kids who are more into online games can easily socialize with people in the real world. They can easily build good relations with their fellow players. Your self-esteem to communicate with others increases when you communicate with your fellow players. Likewise, specially-abled kids can use online gaming to socialize and communicate.

7. Helps To Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

If you have depression or anxiety, you can take the help of non-violent online games to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. When you start to play a video game, your energy and confidence grow. This will somehow reduce depression among players.

“As per a study, many online games help to reduce stress hormones like cortisol by 17%.

”Similarly, when you start to win video games, they will make you feel brave and strong, making them feel better. If you face any stress-related problem, you can overcome such problems through online games.

8. Makes Gamer Physically Active

Many games require you to get physically involved while playing them. Some popular games that have forced kids to get up from their room and get physically active are Pokemon Go, Geocaching, Zumba, Zombies, Run, and many more. When your kids play such games, they will be less engaged on their screen.

Besides that, many VR games have taken the video gaming world to the next level. Programmers are trying to create more games that will need physical involvement. It is expected that the world of video gaming will not be limited to digital screens only.

Disadvantages of Online Games

Besides lots of advantages, there are lots of online gaming risks that you must look at. Some of the disadvantages of online games that you should know are:

1. Addition

Video games are addictive if you keep playing them without any break. If you do not have self-control over video games, you might get addicted to the game. Once you get addicted to online gaming, you start to forget your responsibility.


To avoid this problem, you should set a time limit for playing games. It's better to take a break after playing the game for 30 minutes or an hour to avoid video game addiction.

2. Some Games Contains Violence

All the games are not the same; games have different genres, some are educational, and some contain lots of violence. Many games are developed using violent content to attract adults, but kids can play these inappropriate games without age restriction.

Getting exposed to violent content at a very young age can make kids violent. Hence all online games are not good for kids. When your kids start to play violent games, their emotional arousal increases, increasing violence among kids.

3. Health Problem

Few games require you to get physically involved. Most games can be played without getting out of your gaming chair. Spending hours on a gaming chair playing \games can increase obesity. Likewise, other health problems that you can get if you play online games for more than an hour a day are poor posture, eye problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so on.

4. Might Limit Academic Progress

Once your kid gets addicted to online gaming, they prefer gaming over their studies. Change in academic performance is seen at first when your kids start to get addicted to online gaming.

Many gamers procrastinate their studies, ignore their deadlines, and continue playing games. You should let your kids play games only in their free time and teach them self-control to limit this disadvantage.

5. Might Get Victim of Cyberbullying and Scamming

You can chat with fellow players or even game viewers on online gaming. You can chat with random strangers on online gaming. You never know who is on the other end; you might end up scammers and bullies. Scammers are there to scam gamers and steal their information. Likewise, kids can also be the victim of bullies in online games.


Online gaming can be anyone's hobby and has lots of benefits as well. There are both advantages and disadvantages of online games. It depends on you to grab the positive or negative side of it.

If you don't overplay online games, you can grab the positive sides of online games, but if you overdo it without implying the gaming safety, you can get addicted to gaming and get other negative sides of gaming.

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