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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

What Is Illegal To Watch On The Internet?

The internet is a sea of information. Everything is there on the web. From the internet search, you can draw any information, anything from this world.

While the purpose of the internet is to serve useful information to people, there are many people who use the internet unwisely. There are various crimes happening on the internet including sex crime, cyberbullying, harassment, child pornography, hacking , etc.

Thus, there are rules and regulations on what you can and cannot do on the internet.


In general, many people know about what they should be watching on the internet, which websites they should visit, what kinds of searches are legal, and many other things associated with internet watching.

However, there are people who are unaware of these things. People don't know about the internet safety facts. And many of them ask what is legal to watch on the internet and what is not.

This article is dedicated to serving your internet usage-related queries. What rules and regulations are there for internet users? What is legal to watch and what is not? Can you get arrested for google searching something?

On the government's internet handbook, there are several things that fall under the "illegal" category. The laws and rules differ depending on the nation. However, things like cyberbullying, child pornography, hacking, cyber-terrorism, cybercrimes, etc., are illegal activities in general.

Let's discuss some basics on the illegal things to watch on the internet.

Is Watching Porn a Crime?

Porn often pops up accidentally in ads or some websites when a person is on the internet. Is it legal to watch porn? Yes, if you are viewing adult porn.

For adults of age 18 or higher, watching adult porn is not illegal. But you should know what porn is and what effects watching porn can have on your mental health.

is watching porn a crime underage.jpg

On the contrary, watching child porn is highly illegal. It is not legal to possess or promote child pornography.

In the US alone, "a child pornographer is charged or sentenced for federal crimes associated with the sexual exploitation of children less than once a week." and the child porn arrest rate is also high.

Is Browsing Dark Web Legal?

Dark web searches are illegal. The dark web is a hub full of illegal activities, including violent content, abusive content, white-collar crimes, terrorism, etc.

Can Googling something be illegal? What happens if you search "How can I make a bomb at my home?" in Google? Or someone might ask Google, "I want to kill my enemy; how can I hire one?"

These kinds of searches are illegal since they relate to the dark web. Searching these can sometimes cost you fines or charges, or sometimes, you might even go to jail.

The dark web is scandalous for illegal activities. So, if you search for things associated with it on the web, the algorithms on Google or other browsers will track your searches.

You cannot search for Guides to perform violent or terrorist activities. If you do so, you will have police at your doorsteps to arrest you for your online crime.

You should be careful and should never search for stuff that can cause injury to others or even cause you a personal injury. Visiting the dark web for no reason can turn into evidence of a crime, so it is best that you stay away from the dark web activities.

What is Unauthorized Media Content?

A piece of content that is shared online by an anonymous person without the creator's (or owner's) permission or approval is unapproved media content.

Child pornography, bestiality, necrophilia, abuse, assault, etc., are among the kinds of unauthorized content in many countries across the world.

Also, there are some sensitive content like self-harm or harming others, discriminatory content, content including drug usage or encouragement to use drugs, etc. are also amongst the unauthorized media content.

Are Google's Illegal Searches Reported?

Okay, you might be curious about this. Well, I was until I knew that Google does not report any suspicious searches until circumstances demand it. However, there are algorithms that can track down illegal or inappropriate searches made on Google.


Google stores all your information, your web search history, the pages you visited, the keywords you used, who you texted, what you wrote, everything, literally everything!

Let's say Child Pornography. Google reports crimes as such. Also, if it happens that prosecutors or authorities from law demand your browser history, Google will provide it all to them.

Your Google Search History Can Be The Evidence Against You

Just the way you can track down a long-lost movie that you want to watch, the prosecutors can, if needed, look down at all your web searches. Whatever you look up on the internet, nothing is private. Deleting your browser history or using the incognito mode will not delete everything forever.

If in life you get involved in some crimes like fraud, drug cases, hacking, bullying, etc., the prosecution may subpoena your internet history for evidence that may link you to a crime.

The criminal defense lawyers can ask for access to your past web history, internet search, and everything will pop up. Nothing will remain hidden, even the deleted contents, your illegal searches, illegal streaming, or other online crimes like online harassment, bullying, etc.

So, even if you are curious, you should never watch content that is illegal to watch on the internet. You shouldn’t make illegal searches.

Is Online Streaming Illegal? Should I Watch Illegal Online Streaming?

Online streaming is very popular these days. There are YouTubers who are always live streaming. There are gaming platforms where gamers are always streaming live games. Also, popular apps like Tiktok allow live streaming. Live streaming is the most popular thing today among teens and tweens.


Not all online streams are illegal. However, streaming pirated movies, sports, and programs on tv without the original creator's permission and copyright is a crime.

Streaming can also lead to several other difficulties. You can get infected with viruses, have your personal information sold, have your account hacked, or even have money stolen. Online illegal streaming services are often associated with these problems.

Watching movies or other content from legal sources is a good habit. There are various illegal sources where you can watch streaming movies, videos, games, etc.

However, it would be best if you always looked forward to watching the games, movies, or videos from the creator or others who have the copyright or the user's permission.

Are You Liable for Arrest After Watching Illegal Content?

Is it possible that you may go to jail for looking at some website? It is possible that you might get arrested after watching or performing illegal activities online. You getting arrested depends on what sort of activities you have performed.

You are more likely to get fined for acts like streaming illegal movies and videos or viewing pirated movies online. There are chances that you will get arrested if you are caught with the source of illegal streaming.

What kind of online activities can get you into prison? Child pornography is a crime that can get you arrested. If you watch porn movies with underaged performers, you should be prepared for jail time. Your jail time depends upon how big your crime is. Likewise, you might have to pay penalties and fees depending on the crime again.

Also, illegal searches can make you a target since algorithms can track illegal content and keep a note of it. So, you should always keep yourself far from illegal searches.

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