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Table of Contents

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Published on Mar 20, 2024
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Sophia Clark

10 Best Summer Activities For Teen | Productive and Fun Activities

Summer is what everyone waits for; it is the time when you can get a break from your regular life and enjoy a bit. More than adults, schools children, especially teenagers, get excited about their summer break. Teenagers always make their summer plan before summer starts.

When we were kids, summer used to be the best time for us. There used to be no smartphones or tablets where we could spend our whole day without getting bored.

During those days we used to have lots of fun by doing different activities throughout the summer. The only screen we used to watch was our TVs which we used to watch rarely.

But now, due to technological advancement, most parents get worried as summer is all about kids’ screen time. Some even set screen time rules for summer to control their screen time. However, during summer, you get busy with your work and make it difficult for you to manage children’s screen time.

10 Best Summer Activities For Teen

Summer break is the best time for your kids to make physically active. Hence you need to set different summer activities for your teen to make them physically active. While planning summer activities for teens, you need to make sure you do not involve screen time. Here are the ten best fun summer activities for teens:

Learn Something New

Summer is the best time for teens to learn new things. Children are limited to their textbooks; they do not have enough time to get themselves into new activities. Summer breaks are the time when tweens and teens have enough time for themselves to learn something new like music, dance, cooking, painting, and so on.

If your teens are over 16, you can even encourage them to do internships and workshops to learn new skills or enhance their skills. These kinds of skills for teens can be extremely helpful during college or even after college while applying for jobs.

Even if they are unable to go to physical classes, they can take online classes. Online classes can be best as it offers flexible timing.

Read Books

Read Books.jpg

In comparison to our time, teens these days do not have reading habits. Even when they think of reading, they choose their digital devices to read. Reading books using digital devices is not bad, but you cannot forget that it increases your screen time. Hence, it would be better for you to encourage your teen to read actual books.

It would be best to take your teen with you to the library. You can create a library membership for teenagers or join a book club. You can even buy some books for yourself as well as for your young ones. Moreover, set a time for reading where you and your teenagers can read books.

While encouraging teens to read books, let them choose the genre they love. It would help if you never forced your kids to read specific books. It is ok to recommend books for your kids but never force them. If your child does not prefer to read, you can encourage them to read aloud, which will help to develop reading habits.

Ask Your Teen To Help You In Household Chores

Another productive activity that you can ask your teen to do is help you with house chores. Summer is the time when teens stay at home for the longest time, so this is the best time for you to teach them some basic household activities. If your kid is about to go to college, there is no better time than summer to teach household activities.

Many teens face the problem of not being able to cook food properly, being unable to do their laundry, clean their home, and so on. By teaching such basic things to kids will help them to be responsible as they grow up.

To make the household activities fun, you can let your teen make dinner for the entire family during the weekend. You can help them by taking them for groceries, letting them plan for dinner.

Community Volunteer

Volunteering is the best way to keep your teenagers busy during the summer months. Young kids might not understand the emotions and reasons for volunteering, but tweens and teens can get emotional and happy to volunteer and helps others.

Getting your teenagers involved in volunteer work will teach them to love and respect the needy ones. Your teens can involve their volunteering work in their resume while applying for jobs or their college. Community volunteering will expose your kids to the hardship and struggle of needy people. This will make them thankful for what they have.

You can involve your teen in volunteering work at hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, animal shelters, and so on. The best thing you can do is ask your teen where they want to volunteer and which place they find peaceful and happy to volunteer.

Find a Job

Find Job.jpg

Summer is a great time to make your grown-up teen independent. If your teen is 16 or above, it’s time for them to be independent for their pocket money. Your teen might want to save some money for college, but they do not know when to start and how to start. So why not encourage them to take a part-time job during their summer break.

Teens do not have the skills and experience to work in corporate houses, but they can do some basic work that does not require many skills. You can get creative and encourage your kids to do summer jobs that are nearby them.

Some jobs your teens can do during their summer break are restaurant jobs, camp counselor, tutors, customer service, babysitting, lawn maintenance, deck maintenance, and so on. Doing jobs during summer will also help your teen to make new friends and socialize.

Go Family Camping or Do Family Activities During Weekends

Summer can be boring for your young ones if you get busy with your work and do not give time for your kids. Working parents or single parents might not be able to give their all-time to their kids during their summer break, which can hurt your child. Also, if your kids are working during their summer break, they want some relaxing time, so it’s always better for you to organize some family time during summer weekends.

If your family loves adventure, there is nothing great than camping during summertime. Pack a tent, some of their favorite snacks, and enough water to drink. Camping keeps your kids physically active as it involves many physical activities. There are many summer camps for families that are incredibly fun.

Apart from family camping, you can even organize movie nights, barbeque nights, picnics, science experiments, hiking, and so on. No matter what activities you do in summer, make sure you do them with your teen, which will help to make your bond with teens stronger.

Help Them To Redecorate Their Room

Tweens and teens always want to do something new in their room. Your teen may want to change the look of their room as per the seasons. Teenagers love to paint their rooms and redecorate their rooms during their summers breaks.

While redecorating rooms, your teens may need help from you to bring paints, decorative items from the stores. You can help them by bringing the stuff they need. Let your kids paint the room the way they like; let their creativity come out through their paint and decors.

You can provide your kids independence by letting them decorate their room the way they like. Teens can also make some DIYs decorative stuff and decorate their room. For teens who love DIY, redecorating rooms is a great DIY escape.

Learn Coding

Learn Coding.jpg

If your child is into programming and coding, help them utilize their summer by learning to code. You can encourage your kids to join online coding courses during the summer. Let your teen communicate with teenagers who have similar interests, which helps them connect to share their knowledge and work together.

Learning coding during summer breaks will helps teens to prepare themselves for college. They can even create some project while learning which they can put it on their resume. Learning coding also helps kids in their academic performance and improves their problems solving skills. Your teen will also be able to understand technology in a better way when they learn how to code.

Teach Them Gardening

The next summer activity for teens that we have is gardening. It’s always better for you to teach your kids gardening and love plants and nature early. Making teens work with plants will teach them more about plants. If you give a plant to your teen and ask them to take it, it will make them responsible for life.

Gardening is the most peaceful activity, and it can be done in a short period of time. It is also one of the ways to keep your teen away from their phone and get involved in outdoor activities. Electronic media and social media are making young ones inactive and isolated, so encouraging them to get out and roam around their garden will help them a lot.

Ask Your Teen To Take Classes That You Are Weak At

There is one subject that everyone hates or finds difficult to understand. It may be due to their busy school schedule or their unwillingness; your child always tries to skip the subject they find difficult. But summer is the time when your teen has enough time for themselves. It is when your kids can give their full time on a subject they find difficult.

You can find a tutor for your kids if they are having trouble studying themselves. They can even take help from their friends or seniors if they do not want tutors. Teens can divide their time and study according to their timetable.

Some Fun Activities That Teens Can Do During Summer Days

Apart from engaging your teen boys and girls in certain activities throughout the summer, it would be best to plan some activities and events that they can do for a day. Here I have mentioned some fun activities that your teen can do for a day during their summer break:

  • Visit museum
  • Have some organic grocery shopping at the farmers market
  • Visit the beach
  • Badminton challenge
  • Visit college you are planning to go
  • Water balloon fights
  • Organize movie night
  • Visit your grandparent’s place
  • Join dance class for a day
  • Visit the ice cream parlor
  • Quit social media for a day
  • Go on a hike
  • Organize pool party
  • Take your pet for a haircut
  • Organize scavenger hunts


Summing up, summer breaks is what all teen boys and girls wait for. On the one hand, children get excited about their holidays, while parents, on the other hand, get worried about their kid’s screen time. Children can spend all their time on their social media or playing online games.

Please encourage your teen for social media detox and involve themselves in physical activities during their summer break to improve their physical health. There are many activities to involve your kids in during the summer. In this article, I have mentioned some productive activities that your kids can do during their summer break. If you have some more productive activities, do mention them in the comment section below.

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