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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 21, 2021
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Sophia Clark

During COVID-19, Help Your Kids Build These 11 Good Device Habits

About COVID-19

Coronavirus is a dangerous disease discovered in 2019 and hence named Covid-19. Covid-19 has not only affected the ones that are infected but has affected everyone's lives. It is slowing down the global economy.

A newly discovered coronavirus causes Covid-19 with the symptom of mild to severe illness. People experience respiratory illness, no taste, smell, cough, high fever if they are affected by Covid-19.

Coronavirus spreads through the droplets of the saliva of an infected person, and the virus is transmitted from one infected person to all those who have come in contact. World Health Organization (WHO) says if you have any symptoms, isolate yourself from everyone around.


Sanitizing yourself and wearing a mask is a must during this pandemic. It is necessary to be serious about this disease because it not only hampers your life but will drown all the dear ones with you.

Let you and others get information about the intensity of the Covid-19 and its deadliest health impacts. Know how it transcends within the body and try to find ways to limit the transmission of the infectious virus.

Gathering enough information on the COVID-19, its symptoms, how it proceeds, and taking necessary precautions is the safest way to protect self and others from the transmission. Washing your hands time and again or using sanitizer can protect you from this virus.

How has covid-19 affected your kid’s lives?

Coronavirus has led to abrupt school closures around the globe. It has impacted their lives - changed the way they live and the things they do daily. The covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for young children to get an education. It has made everyone's life miserable. But, the growth of children has brought significant knock-on effects. This global pandemic has left everybody's life in distress.

During this pandemic, your children are inside the home for 24 hours. They are trapped and are not allowed to meet with their group of friends. They are not advised to contact other children to play with or have a chit-chat with. Schools are closed, and they are deprived of their regular schedule of waking up and going to school, learning new things, meeting their friends. They are deprived of their childhood because of this severe pandemic episode.

This has caused parents severe tension. You are constantly worried about your children's growth and making them stay connected with this world. You want to make sure that this pandemic doesn't hit your child mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. You are worried about them being stuck on the phone or laptops or computers. Too much screen time and little or no physical activities are not a sign of healthy habits and can lead to different mental health and physical health issues.

Your child is always at home, and the best way to time pass during these challenging times is being on social media, on the phone. There are different ways to socialize at a distance, like online playdates, game nights, and live media. So, here we will talk about some of the ways to build good device habits - remotely - to feel lively and healthily share bonding.

Why help your kids build good habits?


Kids are exposed to intelligent gadgets from their birth. They are in a world where every work requires technology. As early as they learn to swipe and play games, they enjoy watching videos and clicking pictures. You have endless opportunities to connect with your dear ones due to the development of technology. But, there are many risks and cons of technology, particularly for children and teens.

There are devices everywhere that come into use for daily activities. Teenagers or kids efficiently multitask, such as eating while watching TV or watching TV and using smartphones simultaneously. There are certain risks associated with online gaming, social media interaction, and content on the internet. Thus, parents must help kids build good device habits to keep them safe and check their health information.

11 Good Device Habits You Should Help Your Kids To Build

1.Be a role model

We check our phones every time. So if you want your kids to not use their phones on the dining tables, you should put away yours too. Children often copy their parents' behaviour so use the device the way you want your child to.

2.Limit their screen time

During this pandemic episode, children are watching TV or playing games. They binge-watch TV shows and movies online, which leads to extensive screen time. Staring at screens for a more extended period can cause bad posture, straining of eyes, or backache issues. So set some time limitations, and teach them about the side effects of screen time calmly to help in their healthy development.

3.Aim for the right balance

The world is driven digitally, and that's a good thing as it empowers kids of all ages to learn and grow in a fun and engaging way. But at the same time, it is a topic for parents to worry about their children being vulnerable to inappropriate content. There is a negative impact of such age-restricted content on development. To these problems, a balanced approach will work the best. One of the balanced approaches is setting up parental control to monitor your kid's involvement with technology.

4.Teach them a good online etiquette

Bullying has been in our society for many decades. With everything turning digital, cyberbullying has taken its rise. Talk to your kids about meaningful digital experiences. Ask them if they've ever been bullied online. Create a comfortable environment with your children so that they come to tell you first if they feel bullied.

5.Establish a good communication relationship

Generally, children and teens feel trapped with the parents from whom they try to break free. Use this quarantine time to bond with your children. Teach them to be transparent with you about the kind of things they come to see online. Most parents are unaware of the fact that online things bother them. Tell them you know how to be like them in their shoes and show that they can count on you no matter what. This will help develop an open relationship where they will come to you about anything.

6.Discuss boundaries of using a device

Every family discusses important decisions of everyday tasks. In the same way, discuss the boundaries or rules as a family. This way, you can discuss and set the timings and limitations with their consent.

7.Spending family time together

Playing and watching movies together helps you know about your kids. It helps you know what kind of content they watch. If there is something you don't know about tech, let your child explain it to you. This way, you will experience the virtual world together.

8.Teach your kids not to visit people from the internet

Digital media influences younger generations. There are so many fake people on the internet. It would help if you taught your kids not to visit people you found on the internet. Tell them what ulterior motives they can have behind meeting you. It might scare them, but you have to let them know what it might lead to.

9.The social needs of your kid

Talking about covid19, we all know that our children are deprived of social contact with people. You have to remember they must be in touch with their peer groups. You can not restrict them from having online video or voice calls and definitely can't ask them not to talk to them. But make sure to have a conversation about online safety. Tell them how too many text messages and calls can be annoying. Asking for or sending the nudes content is illegal, and talk to them about how bad it is and its consequences.

10.Teach your kids not to use digital content as a coping way

When your kid is sad and gets happy when you give them the phone, they rely on it as a coping mechanism. It harms their emotional growth. Technology can be a learning aid and can provide various platforms, but you must encourage your kid to use it to boost self-esteem. Would you mind encouraging them to develop healthy hobbies that help positive mental health and coping mechanisms instead of depending upon their phone? Parents can support their kid's mental health.

11.Do your own research

It is okay to introduce technology to your children, but at the same time, you should educate them. It is necessary to teach them about online responsibility and how to establish healthy relationships with technology. You know about your child better than anyone else. That gives you the power to know how you can give the knowledge and proper understanding.

Do your homework about your family's best gadgets. Know what parental controls and surveillance resources you should have depending on your research. You should analyze your child's maturity level and know if he is responsible enough. If not, use the parental controls as per your choice. In this way, you are helping families while helping yours.


Hence, these are some of the good device habits you should help your kids to build.

During this difficult situation of covid-19, we all are obliged to stay online. Most of the activities are performed online. We can’t stop our kids from using the internet, especially during this difficult time of covid. The best thing that we can do is to build good habits in our kids while using the internet and devices.

For more parenting tips on how to keep our kids safe online visit our website Join us to learn more about parenting tips and get many ideas about how you can help your kids benefit from the use of the internet and reduce its drawbacks.

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