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Published on Nov 21, 2021
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Juliya Smith

10 Ways to Support Kids' Mental Health Right Now

Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual acknowledges their strengths. It is also able to cope with everyday demands, work well, and contribute to its community.

Mental well-being is equal to physical and social well-being. It's not only about mental problems. The number of mentally challenged patients is on the rise, especially adolescents and adults.

Due to the covid19 pandemic, many people are suffering from different types of mental disorders. Because of the coronavirus disease, we have to follow social distancing and stay inside.

Many people are jobless, and everybody is suffering from it. We can find a lot of news about it on social media regularly. The department of health is actively working to defeat this deadly coronavirus disease.

lets talk mental health

Mental instability is not taken seriously by most individuals, which helps to fuel more problems related to it. Due to this ignorance from earlier times, around 500 million people suffer from different mental health issues.

When we talk about the child's mind, it depends on how you treat them and their environment. The basic factors that determine a child's mental well-being are self-assurance and a high sense of self-worth. In this pandemic, schools are closed, and we have to engage kids at home.

The schools are also conducted virtually, which has led to increased screen time for the kids. Children face many problems like they cannot play outside and have to stay inside all the time. Many of us are highly active on social media and maintain social distancing.

To solve the mental health problem, we need to have a deep understanding of mental well-being.

What is mental health?

Mental health may be described as a continuum than humans being mentally well or mentally unstable. It is affected by variable factors such as our genetics and childhood teachings, life circumstances, and stress levels. And the main aim of persons suffering from mental health problems should be to get closer to consistency so that they can reach their destination and live a happy and peaceful life.

What causes mental health problems in kids?

Mental health problems are increasing day by day among children and teenagers. It affects about one in every ten children. The increasing rate of mental health among children is primarily due to depression, anxiety, phobias, and personality disorders.

children mental health matters

We have to understand the root causes of factors affecting children's mental health. Some of the most common factors with their in-depth details are listed below.

Physical causes :

Physical injuries can cause mental issues in children. Head injury or any other neurological injuries can adversely affect a child's health. So, Parents and guardians should always help them in avoiding physical health problems. And if the health problem escalates, you should seek medical treatment.

Social segregation :

Social segregation or social isolation is a state of lacking social connections and interactions. Some people feel lonely when isolated from society, whereas some feel lonely even with enough social interactions. Minimal social interactions and loss of the ability of social interactions can cause mental health issues.

Childhood abuse and trauma :

Child abuse is an act of crime. Still, Many child abuse case goes unnoticed. Children in different parts of the world face abuse physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally. Most child abuse starts in their household and society. Due to these reasons, kids move towards emotional and psychological trauma.

Racial discrimination :

Racial discrimination is not just a social problem. It is also one of the major causes of mental health problems. Children that are facing racism are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and personality problems. And over time, it can lead to an increase in the production of stress among kids.

Poverty :

Children who experience poverty are more prone to mental health issues. Experience of poverty for a high period can result in underachievement in school, anxiety, and depression. And also, Kids from underprivileged societies are exposed to violence, drugs, and bullying.

Bullying :

Bullying is more common in teenagers and kids. It can seriously affect one's mental health. Studies confirm that students who get bullied physically or through online mediums often suffer from depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.

Some types of psychiatric problems

Many people deal with psychiatric problems. Some of them can occur occasionally, and others may be chronic. Symptoms of mental health can vary from person to person. So, to find out about your children's mental health, You should know about the different psychiatric problems.

psychiaric problems.jpg

Many types of disorders and illnesses fuel mental health problems and understand them is more detailed. Some of the most common issues that are giving rise to mental health problems are listed below.

Depression :

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world. It is a lot more complicated to understand than other physical illnesses and disorders. Almost everyone feels depressed but suffering from depression is a different picture.

Suffering from depression significantly affects one's ability to work, sleep, play, and love. It has many symptoms such as a low mood, loss of interest, change in appetite, and insomnia or hypersomnia.

Anxiety :

Anxiety is a common reaction to life events. But when the response becomes uncomfortable for some individuals, it results in mental health issues. People living with anxiety stress about their present situation as well as their future. Some of the anxiety symptoms are feelings of restlessness, fatigue, lack of concentration, insomnia, and hypersomnia.

Personality disorder :

Your personality can be evaluated by the way you think, feel, and behave. We learn how to deal with stress and create good connections throughout childhood, which forms a large part of our character.

Kids suffering from early abuse and harassment can develop a personality disorder. People who have personality disorders may find it difficult to control their emotions and keep healthy relationships.

Schizophrenia :

Schizophrenia is still one of the stigmatized and misunderstood mental illnesses in the world today. It's classified as a syndrome, which indicates it's made up of numerous connected ailments with different causes.

Every person suffering from schizophrenia experiences symptoms that are slightly different. Subtle personality changes, irritability, hallucinations, delusions, and disordered speech and behavior are some symptoms of schizophrenia.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) :

OCD is a psychiatric condition that is not correctly understood by society and people. As the name suggests, OCD has two sides. The invasive thoughts and impulses are known as obsessions and behavioral Obligations. People with OCD have no proper control over their thoughts. It tends to be time-consuming, interferes with work and social life, and causes panic attacks.

Top 10 Ways to support your kids’ mental health.

As we have discussed earlier, an individual's childhood can hurt their mental health. Supporting your kids when they have a hard time will help them convert into fine young men. A mentally healthy person will always work towards the development and welfare of society.

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Since the kids cannot distinguish between right and wrong paths, parents should always help them. Choosing the wrong track will make life difficult for kids and can adversely affect their adulthood. Whereas, if you support them to choose the right way, they will always prosper later in life.

There are many ways to support your kids to help them with their mental health. Some of the powerful and practical methods to improve a kid's mental health are listed below.

Build trust.

The first factor that falls under this group is trust. The one who does not trust enough will not be trusted. The best way of creating trust between you and your kids is to provide them with a sense of love and safety. You have to fulfil your child's physical and mental needs by helping them in their time of need.

Parents have to become their best friend and their priority. Your child should remember you first when he achieves something and ask for your help when they run into some problems.

Create a safe and healthy environment.

Children should always feel safe and supported to maintain their mental health. A safe, healthy, and sustaining environment supports them psychologically, physically, and emotionally. Parents, teachers, and educators should also celebrate, value, and uniform the diverse community.

Young kids and students should be surrounded with positive materials, which will help them walk on the right path, and also, Kids should be given their designated space when they want to learn and develop on their own.

Communicate, and respect their feelings.

Positive communication with your kids helps them develop healthily and strengthens your bond with them. Parents should tune into them about what they are saying and interact with them accordingly, improving their communication skills.

Use praise to encourage positive behaviour, pay attention to them, get interested in what they are doing, Describe how things work, and always actively listen to what they are talking about.

Encourage good physical health.

The physical fitness of your kid will help a lot in maintaining mental balance. Encourage your kids to exercise and take part in physical activity. Kids should always make physical activity their priority and try to gain maximum benefits out of it.

Indulging in physical activities will improve your kid's social skills, maintain good health, enhance team coordination, contribute to brain functioning, strengthen learning abilities, and improve sleep quality.

Be a good role model.

All teachers and parents want to become good role models. The most important part of being a good role model is displaying good character and personality. Character development will help your children go through life, choosing the right path.

The kids watch your every move and learn from it. Acting in a way that shows goodness, love, and respect towards others will teach your kids to do the same. Being the person you want them to be is always the most efficient way to become a role model. And also will teach them to remain positive and always spread positivity around them.

Always keep an eye on them.

Whether physically or remotely, you should always keep an eye on your children. As we all know, kids are influenced easily. they can indulge in the worst activity which can harm them. Crime against kids is increasing day by day, which is a prime concern faced by many guardians.

There are many ways on how you can keep an eye on your kids. You can always be attentive to them physically. You can also use other spying apps to monitor your activities online.

Limit internet usage.

Without parent's guidance, kids and teenagers can spend most of their valuable time on non-productive activities on the Internet. The Internet has much helpful information as well as useless information. Most of the kids these days are indulged in useless and non-productive information. Therefore parents should limit internet time after school.

To avoid this, you can use a spying or tracking application that can limit screen time. You can also maintain strict rules and support them in conducting productive activities.

Teach them to be creative.

If you don't teach your kids to become creative, they may end up on the wrong path. The first thing you need to make your kid creative is to prioritize values over rules. You have to praise their character over their behaviour. And also, you need to prioritize books over internet use. You should also motivate your kids for online learning in this digital era. It will help build your kids' ability to research and learn themselves.

Creative thinking kids are always less vulnerable to mental issues. They think differently than others and will try to solve the problem. Creative thinking people are problem solvers and positive thinkers.

Seek professional help.

If your child's mental illness is out of your control, you may have to seek professional help. You can always get a helping hand from school psychologists, psychiatrists, and paediatricians. Professionals have a deep understanding of mental health and will always provide you with the best solutions possible.

Mental problems can deteriorate the way the kid feels, acts, or thinks. Professionals will always help your kids to learn to tackle their problems. They are trained to help out with most of the obstacles the kid may face.

Help them develop their Self-Esteem.

As a parent, one of the things you have to do is help your children with their self-esteem. Self-esteem has no tie with some of the traditional things that we believe are true. Self-esteem has a relation to seeing your kids take on challenges themselves, then, as opposed to getting away from it or shying away from it.

Running away from a problem will always affect your kid's self-esteem. So, to help your kid get confident and to help them overcome their problems, you should let them handle some of the complex tasks. Always be available for them when they are in need, and don't indulge in their problems that they can fix by themselves.


Hence, these are all about mental well being and the top ways in which mental well-being can be obtained. For more such information visit our website Here you can find many parental tips on how you can keep your kids safe online.

We cannot stop our kids from being online but we can control its usage and make it useful for our kids. To bring balance in the growth of kids and internet use subscribe to our website and be smart enough to monitor all the activities that are performed by your kids when they are online.

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