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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 19, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Online Gaming Risks Your Kids Should Know

First, we all love games. We all grew up playing games, and the game was one of the parts of our life. From playing indoor games to outdoor games, every person has known the feeling of winning and losing in a game.

There are too many video games, and most of them are played online, and kids are too addicted to online video games these days.

The Risk That Children Must know.

The parents must know about the risk of Online Gaming. After that, only they can convey to their child about the risks of online gaming. The children must be made aware of the internet safety and risks of online gaming and different measures to control it before it's too late.

Kids playing online game

1. Online Game Addiction

Have you ever seen a child who has extreme game addiction?

Game addiction affects them mentally and psychologically. In the study done, it is found that gaming addiction causes

● Depression

● Headache

● Personality disorder

● Low self-esteem

● Introvert

● Less social

● And anxiety disorders

This is what happens if you don't set a limit for a child. The child must know the effect of online gaming in-game that affects physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Learn here is excessive mobile app gaming a mental disorder?

2. Malicious content

The Internet has a lot of content worldwide. There is much malicious content even if you don't try to view those contents. The malicious content might include content such as violence, crime, sexualized content. These harmful contents affect the child's mind, emotions which bring negativity.

When a user logs in, they ask to enter personal Information. They use this Information to send advertisements or inappropriate content, use the content to share your private Information with others. Distinguish about children and the internet’s undesirable content.

3. Risk of privacy

Every piece of Information that you enter is not private. Many people try to obtain your Personal Information. Personal Information: address, location, contact number may be misused. People with wrong intentions can use your data and Information to harm you.

A child must be made aware of privacy and its importance in using online games. Also know why you need to keep an eye on your child’s social media activity?

4. Risk of Chatting

Newly advanced technology helps to connect with everyone. Previously the game was not advanced, but nowadays, we can connect with everyone. From a known friend to an unfamiliar person, it has created a medium to connect.

But these mediums are not suitable for the child. As it may connect with different strangers through chatting. Chatting contains text chatting and voice chatting. This may often lead to

● Harassment

● Bullying

● Exploitation

Here are major teen anxiety: Cyberbullying, Sextortion, and Pornography

5. IN- App Purchase

IN-app purchase includes the purchase of additional games. All games are not free. To earn revenue, the company puts additional content to users who can only be used after purchase.

It might not be intentional. Your child might mistakenly click while playing a game when they try to update a weapon, avatar, trying to level up, or when they are stuck at a certain level. This unnecessary cost may be a burden to parents. Parents must make children aware of unnecessary costs. Learn how to find hidden apps on Android and IOS .

6. Theft

Mainly, online games are risky. The chances of theft are likely to happen. Identity theft and Credit card theft is possible in the game. Credit card theft steals all your credit card information and makes a purchase online. Identify theft, steal all your information, and use it to make a new credit card or false identity id.

Make sure that it doesn't keep your bank account saved on any device. It is potentially dangerous if such confidential informations are leaked.

7. Computer Viruses

Viruses are attached with files. The viruses are attached to obtain all your personal Information on the web. This makes way for credit theft and identity theft.

A detailed explanation about Virus should be given to all children.

8. Poor Eyesight

The children must know that a more extended period of gaming affects their eyesight. If you don't want to wear thick and big glasses, don't spend too much time playing the game. The regret comes when you are an adult. Play the game by setting a limit. There are many games that kids play online and continuous and playing games for a longer period causes poor eyesight due to the rays emitted from the screen.

Ways to Control Gaming Risk of Your Child

The parents must act on this. Even if the child is made aware the child may not be able to control their gaming habits. Some ideas for controlling gaming risk are:

1. Parental Controls

parental control for kids safety.jpg

The parental control software can help to monitor your child’s gaming activity. Parents can restrict the access of content to their children. It is one of the most beneficial mediums to monitor your children's activities and remove harmful and unwanted gaming activities.

2. Engage in Outdoor Games

Staying at home doesn't make your child wise. The child's mental capability and problem-solving capability are not boosted by staying at home. Try taking your kid to play an outdoor game; try them to engage in playing outside. This helps them to relieve emotional stress, tension, and mood changes. It helps to boost immunity and health.

3. Online Safety

Teach your child to maintain online safety by changing your password frequently. Enable firewall to maintain security in computer. Teach them not to open the link or download any files. There are many inappropriate contents available on the internet which must be prevented from the reach of kids.

4. Engage them in Leisure Activities

Give them fun in entertaining ways. Engage them in activities that help them physically and psychologically. Activities like:

● Swimming

● Dancing

● Singing

● Chess

5. Set Games Limit

Put a schedule for game timing. Only give them a maximum of one hour for gaming. Try to check them frequently. Please don't buy them personal mobile phones and laptops. Learn why parents should limit internet time after school.

6 . Enable Software Security

Double Checking is always beneficial. After parental control tries to maintain all the software security, updating the software security, operating software, and firewall settings can filter out the Virus and malicious contents.

7. Limit Personal Information

Personal Information should not be revealed in social media and gaming. The essential information such as name is sufficient. Other than that, other Information should be prohibited by parents.

8. Research the Game your Child is Playing

The parents can research the games. Play the game to test whether the game is appropriate or not. Then only allow the child to play the game. If the game is good enough for them, they can play alongside the child to make them feel happy.

If the parents play with the child, they feel happy whenever they download the next game. They will ask their parents to participate. These help the parents to be updated about their child.

9. Reach out to your Children

Act like a strict parent when they are not obeying you and act like a friend when they need you. Ask them what they are going through. Are they having any stress, problems? Is someone bullying or harassing them?

Reach out frequently as possible. You do not want your child to go in the wrong direction, so even if you are busy, reach out to them.

Gaming Doesn’t Always Harm.

If gaming is done by setting limits. It doesn’t harm or causes a risk to anyone. The study claims that playing video gives cognitive benefits:

online game.PNG

1. Problem-Solving

Brainstorming Games help in developing brain capability. When you use your brain frequently, your problem-solving ability increases. There are many

Puzzle and pattern games

Math problems game

Reading games

General Problem Solving Games

2. Memory

While playing games, there are a lot of things that a player must remember. From the rules of the game to playing technique, the player needs to memorize all this content. As a result, memory power tends to increase.

3. Improves Concentration

Gaming needs a lot of focus. Otherwise, your enemy will not give you mercy. This helps in improving focus and concentration. The building of concentration helps in improving concentration in study.

4. Coordination

Games are played with friends and team. Playing games with your friends builds teamwork and coordination. Some people find it challenging to work in a team. Those people can benefit from playing games.


The game has become an integral part of our life. Everyone has played a game in their lifetime. If done within the limit, Gaming becomes a source of learning to enhance skills and develop memory. So, set up limits and schedules.

But if you are a game addict, then it causes adverse effects and consequences. A child must be mainly careful because there is a lot of malicious and harmful content on the Internet. Parents must be careful and apply different ways to protect them. Parents must teach their children about gaming risks. Here are some of the things that can help limit your kids playing games online ans also ensure your kids safety online.

● The use of parental control software

● Not giving them their own devices

● Enabling protection software

● Updating all the software and application thoroughly

● Checking their child frequently

Visit one of the best websites of the present time to help you give ideas about how to keep your kids safe online. Why delay just be clever enough to monitor your kids activity online and let only good things come in reach of your childrens.

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