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Published on Feb 18, 2022
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Sophia Clark

Hoop App Review for Parents | Is it safe for your kids?

Hoop is an application that has access to snap profiles. This application displays different snap profiles of the user. This application has been one of the most used apps among youths nowadays. This app gives out your Snapchat usernames to other users.

This app doesn't let you chat on its own. It helps you connect with Snapchat profiles that are accessible through this app. This app shows the snap icons of other profiles. Once you get connected with a snap profile through the Hoop, you have all the conversations in Snapchat itself. This app has been almost like teen dating apps.

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This application's age bar is 12+ in the app store for iOS and 13+ in the play store for Android. Hoop is similar to Bigo live, Yubo chat play, etc. These are some platforms where the objective is to chat, play and make friends.

Details related to Hoop App:

  • Published by: Dazz
  • Initial Release Date: November 6, 2019
  • Software Requirements: iOS 10 minimum, Android 4.4 and later
  • Size: 88.80 MB
  • Available platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch

What should parents know about Hoop App?

As this application has been popular among teens, there are some points that parents should know about. Here is the Hoop App review for parents to understand this application.

Some questions are covered with their answers for the Hoop App review for parents.

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Does the Hoop application have the feature of direct messaging?

This application doesn't use the feature of direct messaging.

Is this application directly accessible to inappropriate content?

There are many appropriate profiles in this application, but you may come across some contents and profiles that may seem inappropriate for your children.

Does the Hoop application share your location?

This application doesn't share your location, but it can show the snap profiles near you if you enable access to the location in the app.

This might be scary and dangerous for teenagers with online predators hovering around. It may also hinder your child’s internet safety.

Does this app have a default public setting?

This application only has public settings. This option to make your account private is not available. Your snap icon will be displayed to other users. The safety features of this app cannot be trusted for your kid.

Can you report bad or inappropriate content easily?

This app makes it easier to report inappropriate content.

Is this app unsafe for predators?

The main objective of this app is that it shares one's Snapchat profile and Snapchat username with strangers using the app. This makes it dangerous for teens as it is a platform where online predators get all the children's personal information.

Is Hoop Safe for Teenagers?

This application is not at all safe for children. The application is rated as 12+ for iOS and 13+ for android. Although it is marked okay for teenagers to use it, you need to think about it and reconsider before letting your children use it. A parent guide is necessary for your children to use the app.

These are some threats that your children can face while using this application.

Go through the listings of Hoop App reviews for parents.

1.Meeting Strangers

This app connects your children with strangers, and in their teenage years, it doesn't take much to become friends.

Your children may not know what dangers are hidden behind the intention of their new friend. They may not be able to use their common sense about how dangerous strangers can be and may start talking to them.

2. Sharing Personal Information

This application shows your teenager's snap profile to other strangers on the same app. They may also get the location information.

When they meet strangers and befriends without knowing them properly, sharing personal information may be a threat. The safety features in the Hoop app are quite weak.

3. Increase Screen Time

As the app may be addictive, your children may spend more time on their phones or other smart devices using this application.

The increase in screen time of your teenagers may hamper their health and studies. You need to monitor them regularly.

How to keep your child safe?

As the Hoop app has been one of the most talked about teen dating apps, many teens encourage their friends to join Hoop. Your child may also be influenced by their friends.

There are several ways to keep your child safe from strangers on social media. You need to help them use these applications properly rather than restricting them completely from it.

Here are some ways you take care of your child’s internet safety from these applications.


Educate your children about internet safety and the dangers that can cause predators online. It would be best to inform your children about how the predators can affect them and cause harm. It is common sense that you need to educate your children about the internet and social media.

It's better to teach them about Hoop safe use and the issues that may occur when they use different types of social media. You can also take professional help to educate your children about the pros and cons of social media.

They need to know what is right and shouldn't be done while using social media.

2. Real-time experience

Children don't understand the consequences until they face one. You can use this to educate them and alert them about the dangers of social media.

You can sit with them and create a profile in skeptical apps like Hoop and show them how these apps can harm you. You can show how you can sense a potential predator.

This is an effective process to make your children understand what they have to face if they're not cautious about using these types of applications.

3. Get an effective Parental app

There are a lot of parental control applications in the market. You can use it to monitor your children's usage of applications and the contents they view. You can also check their history and their text messages.

Since the Hoop app is new, the monitoring is probably not available yet. But several parental control applications show what apps have been installed on your children's phone. You can take care of your child’s internet safety using these apps. With this parent guide, you can monitor your children and restrict them from using inappropriate content.


Well, to sum up, and give the Hoop app review for parents, the app is not safe to use for teenagers as there are a lot of predators roaming around in this application. Sharing personal information with them may cause harm.

Teenagers are likely to connect with older people who don't have good intentions in the application. Some people pretend to be teenagers as well to interact with children.

It would be best to be careful about how and what applications your children use. There are several parental control applications that you can use to monitor your teenagers.

This is the age where children cannot make the right decision. You need to guide them and teach them the right path.

Finally, you shouldn't let your children use Hoop apps until they are above 17. Even if they use it, you need to monitor it closely. However, first of all, learn the Hoop App review for parents and decide yourself if it is safe or not.

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