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Published on Nov 16, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Top Five Inappropriate Roblox Games for Kids

Have you heard of Roblox games? What is a Roblox game, and why are kids obsessed with Roblox games? To know more about Roblox games, read the article below.

Even though many people might not have heard about Roblox, it is one of gamers' most popular online gaming platforms. The hype of this gaming site skyrocketed in 2020.

"As per a report, there are over 20 million games, and more than 100 million people are active on this gaming site."

So what exactly is Roblox?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming site where users can play games of their choice. The most exciting thing about Roblox is that it is not only about playing games; you can create your games and allow other players to play the game. Users themselves create all the games that are available in Roblox. If you're a developer, you can make money from Roblox from the Developer Exchange program.

Children from all over the world can play games that are available in Roblox. You can play games available on this site through your digital devices like laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. Moreover, players can make their own rules as per their wishes. Your kids can even add their fellow players as their friends and chat with them through Roblox.

Why is Roblox Popularity Increasing?

Even though Roblox doesn't do much marketing, it has been gaining popularity through inviting people. In this platform, users invite their friends to play games with them, and this is how users in Roblox are increasing.

Apart from inviting people, Roblox also gained its popularity through YouTube live streaming. Many players live stream on YouTube while they are playing games on Roblox. Also, during the lockdown, since children are locked inside the house, they have no other option than to spend time with their digital devices. As a result, by 2020, the hype of Roblox has increased.

Is Roblox Safe For Children?

As you know, you can find both desirable and undesirable content on the internet. Even though Roblox has made an age restriction of 13+ on its site, you can find kids below 13 years on this site. Similarly, you can find kids games, adult games, violent games, murder mysteries, and many more in Roblox. You never know what kind of game your kids are playing on this site.

Likewise, Roblox is not just for playing games; it even allows players to communicate and make friends. Many scammers and online predators are using this site as a platform to find their victims. Scammers can trick your kids by offering gaming products at extremely cheap prices. Or they can even steal your child's data and misuse them. Therefore, Roblox is not safe for children. Even if your kids insist on playing the game, teach them about online gaming risks and teach them how to deal with online predators.

Top 5 Inappropriate Roblox Games For Kids

Here are the top 5 Inappropriate Roblox games which you should restrict your kids from playing:

Boys and Girls Dance Club


Dance club, also known as the boys and girls dance club, is one of the popular games in Roblox Games. Even though the game seems only to make your character dance, it contains the most inappropriate content.

Basically, in this game, all you need to do is make your character dance. However, you have to make sure your character is showing some sexy dance moves. It even lets your character role-play.

The game also encourages their character to date and involve themselves in inappropriate acts. There are also many erotic and sizzling movements in the game that can hamper little ones' brains.

If your child gets addicted to this game, then it spoils their mind. Your child might start to think about the game and the moves all the time. Hence, it would help if you restrict your kids from playing in the Boys and Girls Dance Club.

Shedletsky's Dirty Place

The next inappropriate game that you need to restrict your kids from playing is Shedletsky's Dirty Place. Even though this game was designed for pre-teens, it contains lots of adult content which can hamper your child's mental health. In other words, we can say this game is filled with adult content and uses foul language.

Once your kids join the game, they can have a nightmare viewing all the stuff in the game. Children can get affected mentally when they play the game for a long time. Moreover, tweens and teens can connect with random strangers since it allows them to connect with other players and play together. Strangers can be any sexual predators who are there just looking for the victims.

Survive the Killers


Survive the Killer is a game that contains extreme levels of violence. This game contains lots of deadly weapons like guns, knives, etc. There are 6 modes available in this game: Classic, Extreme, Killer, Endless Survival, Area 51 Assault, House of Dead Mode.

In this game, all you need to do is kill killers as soon as possible. You will get three lives and should be able to escape the map. Players in these games are required to either kill the fellow charter either by knives or using guns. Children playing this game can feel extremely violent and forget about love and mercy.

All the violence that is shown in this game is not appropriate for kids below 13 years. Moreover, the game also has some serial killers who can severely kill your game charter. During the gaming experience, your child can get anxious and try their best to save their lives in the dark.

Obby Games

The Obby Game is also popularly known as Obstacles courses. This game contains interlinked pages where your child moves from one page to another as soon as they complete the game on one page. Without completing a task of one page, your kids cannot perform a task of another page. What excites kids most about this game is they get unique tasks on each page.

You can find different modes of these games, some of which are classic, clickbait, story-based, escape, tiered, complex charts, and so on.

Even though the game sounds completely safe, as your kid plays the game and goes to a higher level, they have to face highly freighting toys and charters. They have to play with these toys and characters, which can frighten your kids and mentally disturb them. Children might not be able to sleep at night, causing a lack of sleep. Apart from that, the game also contains lots of scams with fake advertisements and clickbait.

Shower Simulator

Shower Simulator is a Roblox game where all the characters shower together in a large shower wearing swimsuits. The swimsuits they wear are entirely inappropriate, and the game contains lots of dirty talks. For children below 18 should be kept away from Shower Simulator.

Besides having showers, this game also contains some mature acts which are not suitable for kids to watch. The game shows many intimate moments that can affect a little one's brain. Moreover, the game also contains single and multiplayer options.

You kids can choose multiplayer and start to play with strangers. Many sexual predators play this game to find new victims. Therefore, you should keep your kids away from this game.

Reasons for You To Restrict Playing Roblox Inappropriate Games

Sleep Deprivation

Once your child is into playing online games or any video games, there is no stopping back. They can play their game all day and night if you do not stop them. You may have seen tweens and teens playing games all night and waking up with big dark circles.

Dark circles might be a minor issue if your kids are sleep-deprived. Children can face other major health problems like depression, obesity, cardiac problems when they are sleep deprived for a long time.

As I mentioned above, there are many horror games and adult games that can also be significant factors for causing lack of sleep among children. For instance, when your kids are on the bed and remember all the horror characters in the game, they might not be able to sleep.

Degrades Academic Performance

The primary focus of children should be on their studies, but if they are engaged in gaming, most of their focus starts to be games. They make gaming their priority over their studies. Even when they are at school, they either play their video games or talk about the games with their peers.

Besides that, your child might start to develop many excuses to skip school and be at home to play games. They start to find their study books boring and try to spend less time studying. Hence, playing such online games will reduce concentration from studies among students.

Getting Negative feeling and Aggressive Thoughts

Since Roblox has lots of violent and horror games that can easily make your child aggressive, being obsessed with these games will make your child's brain violent, and they start to have aggressive behavior.

For instance, if your kid is extremely into playing Survive the Killer, then they may start to forget about having mercy on people. All they will be thinking about is how to kill killers. Constantly thinking about these things can have severe consequences in real life as well.

Sexual Perversion

As you know, Roblox games have lots of adult games that are not appropriate for kids. Kids who are into playing such adult games may start to have hypersexualized behavior. Your kids might get curious about sex and might involve themselves in such activities very early, which is extremely dangerous.

These games also show abuse, among which children might learn. For instance, if a game shows rape and murder of a woman, teen boys might start to do it in their real-life thinking it's fun.

Game Transfer Phenomena

Children will think about their game all-time, either while having their food, going to bed, or doing any other activities. Thinking about games all the time will affect their behavior. Gamers can relate everything with their game which reduces their focus and productivity.

Your kids can imagine their game charter in real life. For instance, if your kids play Survive the Killers, they may start to think the killers are coming to live in their real life.


Summing up, Roblox contains lots of inappropriate games, which might not be suitable for kids. These games affect children both mentally and physically. Also, this gaming site contains many online predators and scammers who are there to steal data and harm people.

It would help if you kept an eye on your kids' gaming activities. It would be best if you made sure that your kids are not into playing such games. If your kids don't obey you and continue to play such games, you should use parental control apps. Since parental control apps provide various features to monitor your kids thus, parental control apps have been critical for families.

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