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Apr 16, 2021
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Sophia Clark

How Can Parents Help Their Teens Explore Their Sexuality?

Sexuality is the most concern topic in teenagers. It is sexual behaviour, opinions, infatuation, and feelings toward other people. As a parent, you may think that it is not the right time and age for them to be introduced to sexuality. But it becomes easier if they are educated faster in such a way that, it will be easier for them to discover, identify and differentiate about right or wrong.

Teens may find a topic like sexuality to be confusing. As for the healthy development of your teen, it is essential to know about their sexuality and sexual identity. Don’t confuse sexuality with sex only, it also consists of:

  • How your child feels about their developing body.
  • Knows about feelings of attraction, affection, and intimacy.
  • Developing and maintaining a relationship.

Do you Know About LGBTI?


LGBTI stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex”. In many societies, people are refrained from talking about it as it doesn’t follow our past gender identity classification. This was their opinion and view from very past days, now it is different today.

People are different from each other. UNHCR has given other words for LGBTI such as LGBTI+, Queer, and many more.

Parents Role:

Parents are the first teachers of their children. The first step is always taught by a parent to their child. Similarly, it is the responsibility of a parent to give them enough knowledge that will help them to seek and discover themselves.

The only thing that the parents can do is provide them guidelines to go in the right direction. An individual has to themselves discover and find the answers they are searching for.

Tip For Parents to Support Their Teens to Explore Sexuality:

Create Less Strict Environment

Your teens might be afraid to share their views and opinion due to your strict parenting.

So try to be your teen’s close friend. It helps you to know your teen’s likes, dislikes, and understand them. This can even create a positive relationship between you and your teens. As a result, your teen might feel more comfortable sharing their feelings with you.

Take Interest in Their School Experience and Social Life

Ask them daily about their schooling experience. They might be uncomfortable to tell you but when you share your own experience as a teen. They might feel comfortable. Ask the question and listen to them with keen interest.

Let them Speak

Parents may not be sure about what they are going through. But they start to make an assumption. Assumptions lead to confusion. Give them time and space. Whenever they become ready to share, try to listen seriously.

Feel Proud and Praise them for Being True to Themselves

It is difficult to admit LGBTI. Individual who comes out as LGBIT have to face a lot of dilemmas. Whenever they share be happy and proud of them. Make them clear that you do not opposes sexual identity. This makes them want to share more stories and the confusion they are having. This will help them to speak out their heart and mind.

Always Make Sure that You are With Them

Tell them that you are there for them. Even if the situation is not going right. You will support them in every path. You will stand with, love them, and accept them as they are.

Create an Environment to Express your Teen’s Feelings

Teenagers may feel uncomfortable and uneasy talking about their sexual orientation. Tell them it is normal to be attracted physically and sexually. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Your child is growing and this is normal for everyone.

Sometimes they feel difficult to express it so create a friendly environment where they can express their view and thoughts with you.

Set Some Examples

Teenagers are often confused with their sexuality. They may seek help for determining their sexuality. As a parent, you need to deliver positive feedback and response.

Your feedback and suggestion can boost them to admit themselves. They may find strength and confidence and make a difference through it.

The ways to set examples are:

  • Mention the famous personalities who are among the LGBTI community. Their success stories despite being different. Praise them, their works, and most important their self-esteem.
  • Show huge respect to the LGBTI community. And you strictly prohibited jokes and insult behaviors on them due to their sexuality.
  • Watch out for some movies and series together where the LGBTI characters are delivered encouragingly and confidently.
  • Show that you have an interest in their choice and you respect that.
  • Show that you are in favor of your teen’s sexuality.

Managing your Feelings

If your children are confused about their sexual identity. Parents may feel confused, afraid, and clueless about the situation. But the best thing to do in this situation is to control your feelings that could affect teenagers more. Rather try to remain calm in this situation.

Every LGBTI fears that their family and friends will not accept them. So, remain rational and do not show any form of anger and emotions to your child.

Peer Pressure

Your teenagers may change their views and perception due to peer pressure. Friends are the source of learning. Teenagers try to imitate each other. This may lead your children to become more confused and blank about their sexuality. So as a parent you can help to resolve this issue by giving advice.

Finding Support

If your child is not able to communicate with you. Many children feel that talking to parents is difficult. So, you can try to search for a good supporter who will help them to influence and give a good suggestion.

If you have any of your relatives who are close with your child, or any friends of your child who could provide support and give a good direction. Ask them to be there for your teen. If they still cannot able to speak out then provide them with a counsellor or mental health care.

Give Sex Education

Sex education is important. AS soon as they become teenagers the parents should explain to them about sex education. The department of health has added different courses and curriculum in school to give education about reproductive health care, sexual educations. But as a confused child-parent must try to clear their confusion and queries.

Understanding Sexuality of your Teens:

Many teens or people who are among the LGBTI group are differently treated. They are verbally, physically, and mentally tortured. Most of them are a victim of different bullying activities in their schools and high-schools.

LGBTI people are more stressed out and suffer from different mental and emotional issues. They develop depression, anxiety, self-harming, lack of self-esteem. And even homeless and often get abused in comparison to others.

The activities that impact their mental health are as follow:

  • They often become the target of verbal and physical bullying.
  • The pressure from the parents and society to change or reject their sexuality.
  • They lack the support and understand from the parents.
  • The fact feeling that they thought they are different from others.
  • They are often denied and isolated.
  • The pressure of managing their school, profession, and relationships.
  • The pressure of assembling their individuality and place in society.

Talk About the Important Stuff

  • Your child has all the right to give their decisions. They can say no to things they don’t believe. Similarly, they have got the right to decide on their body. As parents don’t pressurize your child. Talk with them and identify what is better for them
  • Give them education about safe sex and sexual health. Teach them about contraceptives such as condoms to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • If your child is sexually active, they should know about chlamydia. Testing of chlamydia is important as it is doesn’t show any symptoms.

What happens if Teens Don’t Know about Sexuality?

  • When they try to find answers for their Sexuality. They might come across inappropriate content online like pornography, violent and brutal content.
  • They may involve in illegal activities like alcohol and drugs due to mental instability.
  • They may want to avoid everyone. They may become an anti-social and introverted person.
  • Depression and mental instability in teens.
  • An abusive relationship with their partners.
  • Loss of interest in study and learning. They may be having psychological and mental pressure
  • They may try to harm themselves. They may even try to suicide.
  • Pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Consider talking about sex and sex education, physical intimacy as a taboo.
  • Your teens may not know about limitations and warning signs of the body.


People may not find it serious but discovering yourselves and trying to discover yourself is one of the most difficult things as a human. If your child is trying to discover themselves, it is due to growth and maturity.

Teens explore sexuality as they don’t have any concept about sexuality. Parents don’t think that it is a good age for them to learn the meaning behind it. As a result, they tend to search for them by themselves. They try to explore inappropriate content like pornography, violence, and many more. This even leads them to go in the wrong direction.

As parents don’t show your emotions. Stay calm and act as a Friend. Appreciate them, accept them and be proud of them. Don’t go against their decision this might negatively affect them.

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