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May 26, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How to Intercept Text Messages from Both iOS and Android Phones?

Texting or text messages is one of the most common forms of communication for everyone. Whether it be from android phones or from apple, texting is useful. Text messages are a fundamental component of any phone. It is a method of communication that is both useful and secretive.

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Mobile applications have been growing smarter with each passing day. There has also been a growing amount of applications that help you intercept and monitor these hidden text messages. It is hard to believe that text messages can be intercepted on every kind of operating system. Text messages can be intercepted on both iOS and Android phones.

Intercepting texts is an easy feat with the number of spy apps available in the market. These spy apps make it easy to intercept text messages. You can find many iOS and Android apps to monitor smartphones. They are incredibly easy to use. They provide seamless top-notch services without any shred of worry.

Why Intercept Text Messages?

The world is an uncertain place, there are scammers, hackers, stalkers, and perverts, who may mean to seek harm to your loved ones. By using a spy app, you will be able to look out for your loved ones. You can ensure their security.

Text messages often contain hidden or secret messages. They can contain important information about a targeted person. They might also contain sensitive information. So it is important to know what text messages are being sent or received. These messages may help you to make important decisions in life and also help you trust or protect your loved ones. The reasons for intercepting text are as follows:

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● To Monitor The Text of Your Children

You can monitor your children to assure their safety and security. You can know if they are telling the truth. You will be able to know who they are friends with and what they are doing most of the time.

● To Monitor The Texts of Your Employees

You can intercept text messages of your employees to check if they use texting for personal purposes during working hours.

● To Monitor The Texts of Your Spouse/Partner

You can intercept the text messages of your partner to confirm your doubts. You can check if they are cheating or lying to you. This can help regain trust in your partner.

● To monitor the texts of your business partner

You can also intercept texts from your business partner if you find something doubtful about their activities.

● To monitor your friends/ family

You can also monitor your friends and family. You can intercept their text messages to remove your worries about them.

The spy apps will track the text messages of targeted devices of your loved ones. They will help you always look out for your loved ones. You can always stay updated about their lives. You will not have to stress about what is going on in their lives. It can help you put your mind at ease.

Ways to Intercept Text Messages on both iOS and Android phones

Spy apps

One of the best ways of intercepting texts is the use of spy applications. Spy apps are monitoring apps or software that help you get into target phones without any need for authentication. They help you monitor the activities of targeted mobile phones.

This application helps retrieve data or information from targeted phones. It allows you to confidentially track the activities of the target device.

This application is mostly straightforward it offers you various advantages. It functions in a manner in which targeted people will not find out that they are being monitored. This software also tends to work in the background without notification on the targeted phones. It allows you to spy on the person without the fear of detection.

With a spying application, you will hold the capacity to intercept the text messages of the targeted device. Spy application works on both the operating systems of iOS and Android phones. They work seamlessly to provide you with the best service that is available to intercept texts.

Why Use a Spy Application for Intercepting Text Messages?

Spy application provides you with all the necessary characteristics. They will allow you to have a great experience while intercepting text messages. Some of these characteristics are as follows:

● Versatile

Spy application is compatible with both android and iOS mobiles. You will be able to intercept the text messages of both devices using a spy app. You will be able to intercept texts with any device that you log in with your account.

● Stealth

Spy application is virtually undetectable. The application runs in the background and does not create any notification. It operates in stealth mode. The owner of the target device will not have any suspicion regarding the monitoring.

● Easy to Use

Spy applications are very easy to use. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers or mobile phones can operate spy applications. We also provide guidance through blogs and FAQs on websites.

● Quick Installation

The application is light so it downloads and installs quickly in the target device. The device configuration is also easy which makes it quick when the application has to be quickly installed in the target’s device.

Spy application has other additional features that will allow you to track activities other than intercepting text messages. Some of these features are as follows:

● Incoming and outgoing calls

● Track SMS

● Track Contact

● Track Location

● Photo Spy

● Video Spy

● Phone Data

● Application Spy

● App Activity

● Wifi Logger

● WhatsApp Spy

● Browse History

● Viber Spy

● Facebook Spy

● Instagram Spy

● Snapchat Spy

● Skype Spy

● Email Activities


How To Use Monitoring Applications To Intercept Texts?

Monitoring applications work seamlessly without being detected as it works in stealth mode. The person with the targeted device will have virtually no idea that they are being monitored. You can read and check text messages online without their knowledge and confirm your doubts. You will be able to view incoming and outgoing text messages without accessing the device physically.

The application is very easy to use. You will be able to gain many features according to your own choice. The process of using monitoring application to intercept texts are as follows:

Step #1 Prerequisites

You need to have a valid email id for which you need to create an account in the monitoring application. You also need access to the target device to install the application. You also need to disable Play Protect. You also need to activate your account. These login credentials will be later used to track text messages.

Step #2 Purchase And Payment

According to your need, you choose the correct plan. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Or have a free trial for a certain period of time. You can then select the premium version and make the payment through the application or website.

Step #3 Installation And Configuration

After the payment, you can download and install the application on the target device it will only take a few minutes. You need to register and log in to your account. Then you need to pair this application with your account and device.

The monitoring application stays hidden in the target device it will monitor the target mobile phone invisibly. The target will never know that they are being monitored. Monitoring applications will not hinder the activities of their device.

Step #3.1 For Android Phones

You will need physical access to the android phone. You need to disable Play Protect for the application to work seamlessly on android phones.

Step #3.2 For iOS Devices

You need to enable iCloud storage from the setting for storage and backup in iOS devices.

Step #4 Intercept Text Messages

You can log in to your account from any device. You can use it both from mobile phone data and Wi-Fi. You will be able to intercept the text messages of the target phone. The app will notify you about the incoming and outgoing text messages. It even shows you the timestamp and the attachments of the texts.

You can also install monitoring applications remotely only for iOS devices. You need the iCloud credentials for remotely installing the application on the target device.

Is Someone Tracking Text Messages on Your Phone?

Like you are able to hack the message of a target device to track text messages, they will also be able to do the same to you. So what are the clues that you should notice in order to know someone is hacking messages of your iOS device or android phone? The clues to finding out if someone is intercepting message on your device are as follows:

● Mobile Phone Data Consumption

Spy application constantly sends data from the target phone to the user. The applications use mobile phone data or Wi-Fi to intercept texts. Hence the consumption of the internet is high. This should alert the target that something suspicious is happening on their phone.

● Strange Phone Behavior

Your mobile phone may show some odd behaviors if someone has hacked your messages. These odd behaviors may include the phone shutting down on its own, calls hanging up, strange beeping noises, or other malfunctions. It may indicate that your phone is the target of a spy application.

● Battery Rundown

Spy apps run in the background this indicates that they may consume irregular amounts of battery usage. Hence it may also be a sign that someone is intercepting your phone.


You can intercept text messages with the help of a spy application. It will allow you to track text messages without being detected. You can intercept text messages of both Android phones and iOS devices with spy applications. You can intercept messages of your children, partner, employees, or loved ones and aware them if you find some texts fishy.

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