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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Know If Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

Are you new to Snapchat? Usually, people new to Snapchat get confused with the signs and terms that they see on Snapchat. But once you get used to Snapchat, it becomes easy for you to use. When you do not get a reply on Snapchat, it does not mean the user blocked you on Snapchat. Why do people even block one another on social media?

Yes, people do block one another on social media. Social media is such an unexpected place where you can make new friends and will be able to see different sides of people. If you feel angry with someone, you might end up blocking one another on social media. Even if you cannot block people in real life, you cannot do it on social media; maybe this is why people block each other.

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Newbies on social media might not understand the term blocking and unblocking each other. So if you are a newbie on social media, want to know ways to find out if someone has blocked you, then read the article till the end. Also, you can use these methods irrespective of the mobile device operating system as they are applicable in both iPhone and Android.

Ways To Block Someone on Snapchat

Here are some popular ways by using it you can find if a person has blocked you on Snapchat or not.

1. Check Your Snapchat Contact List

If you ever feel like someone has blocked you from Snapchat, you can check it out from your Snapchat contact list. On your Snapchat, you can find your Snapchat friend list from your Snapchat contact list. If you find the name of the person who you feel has blocked you from Snapchat, then it means they have not blocked you on Snapchat.


Sometimes, even when they’ve deleted you from their Snapchat account, you will not be able to see their name on your contact list. Hence, you need to be cautious about this method since deleting and blocking are two different things.

2. Search for their Username or Full Name

The next way to tell if someone blocked you from Snapchat is by searching for the name of the username or full name of the person. If someone has blocked you on their Snapchat, when you search for their name, you will not be able to see their name. This is a quick way to find who has blocked or unblocked you from the search bar.

To find out who has blocked you from Snapchat using the search bar, first of all, you need to go to your Snapchat search icon. Now you can either type the username or Full Name of the person or their full name on the search icon. If you cannot find the users’ names, then it means they blocked you.

If a person has deleted you from their Snapchat, you will see the user account. But if the person has blocked you, you will not see their trace on Snapchat.

3. Search the Username From Different Account

If you have tried the above method and could not find the person you suspect on Snapchat, then you can use this method. Under this method, you can take help from your friends or siblings and check their Snapchat account profiles.

This method is similar to the second method; however, in this method, you will not search the users’ names from your Snapchat account but search from other Snapchat accounts. If you have a second Snapchat account or any secret Snapchat account, you can even search from that account.

If you do not want to ask for help from others, you can even create a new Snapchat and search the persons’ Snapchat account from your new Snapchat.

4. View Your Recent Conversation

Your recent conversations can be a big clue for you to check if the person has blocked you from their Snapchat or not. Using this step, you should check your chat history, and it helps you show if the person has been blocked and removed on Snapchat. If you have ever chatted with a person, then you can use this method.

For searching conversation, you need to navigate to the chat section of your Snapchat. If you cannot find the person on your chat list even though you have recently had conversations with them, then you can suspect that you have been blocked on Snapchat by them.

However, you won’t be able to use this method if you never had a conversation with the person or had a conversation with the person a very long time ago.

5. Send A Message To The Person

The next way you can check is by sending them snaps or messages to the person. When you try to send the person a message and if you get pending on Snapchat or “failed to send a message,” it could be that either the person has blocked you from their Snapchat account.

However, the pending signs also mean either the person deleted the Snapchat account or deleted you from their account. But mostly, when the person blocks you on Snapchat, you will get “Failed To Send Your Message Sign.” This method is also effective when you are familiar with the person or talk with them frequently.

What’s the Difference Between Unfriending and Blocking on Snapchat?

Well, getting blocked and being unfriended are two different things. If someone deletes you from their Snapchat or deletes them from Snapchat, you will be able to add one other back again on your Snapchat.

When you delete someone on Snapchat, they will be able to visit your profile. Also, if you add snap stories with the view set to everyone, the person you have deleted from your Snapchat friend list can view your stories.

But if you block someone or if someone blocked you on Snapchat, they will not be able to view your profile, your stories, or re-add you on Snapchat unless you unblock them. They cannot view your profile unless they view it from someone else's profile.


On the final note, Snapchat is popular social media among tweens and teens, but most parents question if Snapchat is safe for their kids or not. Parents are setting parental control for Snapchat to protect their kids from the risk of Snapchat.

Many parents who are new to Snapchat can get confused with the terms of Snapchat, like a Snapchat streak and its obsession, pending messages, blocking and unblocking, removing from Snapchat, and so on.

After reading this article, you will be clear about the difference between removing and blocking on Snapchat. And you will be able to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

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