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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Mirror Someone’s Phone| Different Working Ways

Technology has made almost everything possible, which we used to think was impossible in the past. In my opinion, cellphones are the best invention of technology to date. You can find a cellphone in the hand of any person.

From a small child to an older adult, everyone owns at least one cellphone. You might forget your cash, but you never forget to take your cellphone with you no matter where you go. Cellphone provides a variety of function that one has not even imagined getting in their handheld device.

With the help of spying software on your cell phone and other techniques on your cellphone, you can know what your kids are doing on their phones.

You can remotely access and monitor the target device. Physical access is not required to know what your kids are up to on their device; you can check it out just by clicking a single button.

Not just your kids, you may want to know what your employees are doing during their office time, or you may want to check phone activities of your kids for which mirroring phones is essential.

Ways To Mirror Someone’s Phone

Mirroring someone’s phone means spying on someone’s phone without knowing them. You can mirror someone’s phone by following the method mentioned below:

Using Spy Apps

Spy apps are the best solution when it comes to mirroring someones’ phone. These apps show you frequent updates of the target device; you can access the target device remotely. Here are some of my favorite spy apps that you can use for phone monitoring and get updates on the device activities:



The first phone spying app that we have is Spyic, a phone spy and monitoring app. Use Spyic to monitor with whom your kids are constantly chatting; you can even see the call log of your kid’s phone. Millions of users are using Spyic to ensure their kids are safe in this digital world. The reason for people to choose Spyic is because it works in stealth mode and is 100% safe.

Spyic offers a wide range of features, like allowing you to view both incoming and outgoing calls. It shows you the number that your kids call the most. Apart from that, it even allows you to detect your kid’s social media activities by remotely spying on their social media activities. It also provides a location tracking feature that allows you to track your kid’s location in real-time.

Spyic app offers three price plans which are:

  • Basic: It costs $39.99 per month for a device.
  • Premium: It costs $49.99 per month for a device.
  • Family: It costs $69.99 per month for three devices. Spyic is available in Android and IOS.


neatspy app.png

The next third-party app that we have to mirror someone’s phone is Neatspy. Neatspy is a phone monitoring software that is applicable for monitoring both employees as well as children. This is one of the most preferred software by parents and employers because of the advanced feature available in a reasonable price plan.

Using Neatspy, you can keep track of your kid’s social media activities. You can view what your kids are on their social media and how wisely they use their social media. You can view profile pictures of people with whom your kids are talking to. Also, know what your kids are browsing on their phones using Neatspy. Apart from that, you can even use the geofencing alert feature, which sends you notifications when your kids reach the restricted area.

Neatspy is available both on Android and iPhone devices. While talking about its price plan, the app provides three price plans, which are:

  • Basic: It costs $39.99 per month for 1 device.
  • Premium: It costs $49.99 per month for 1 device.
  • Family: It costs $69.99 per month for 3 devices.


mspy new.png

mSpy is an android spy app that also works perfectly to spy on someone’s phone. This app works in stealth mode, which means it tracks all your child’s phone activities without them knowing. With mSpy, you can read messages on social media and the direct messages of the target phone. To install mSpy in your device, you need to first root or jailbreak your device.

My favorite feature of mSpy is it allows you to remote control your targeted phone. With the screen recorder feature, the app records the target cell phone’s screen. You can view the activities that are going on your kid’s devices remotely. Likewise, you will get notified when your kids try to uninstall mSpy.

mSpy is available on both iPhones and Android devices. mSpy offer three price plan which are:

  • For 1 month: It costs $48.99 per month.
  • For 3 Months: It costs $27.99 per month.
  • For 12 Months: It costs $11.66 per month.


umobix app.png

This app has genuinely been a helping hand for working parents. uMobix is a phone tracker app that is perfect for busy parents who want to watch their kids’ mobile phone activities. UMobix can monitor more than 30 social media, which helps parents monitor their child’s social media activity. This app allows you to know what your kid is doing on their phone without touching the phone.

With uMobix, you can spy on text messages of the target device, read all the incoming, outgoing messages, and deleted messages. You can even know the device’s location with the help of the GPS location tracker. The app also allows you to easily access the device and have control over it.

uMobix is available on both android and ios devices. The app offers the following price plan:

  • For 1 Month: It costs $39.99 per month.
  • For 3 Months: It costs $14.99 per month.
  • For 6 Months: It costs $8.33 per month.
  • For a Year: It costs $7.49 per month.


Flexispy spy app

FlexiSpy is a monitoring app that works as a spying app that shows you every activity of the target device. You can see the device’s social media activities, calls, and messages sent through their social media. The most amazing feature of this app is, it allows you to listen to phone calls in real-time.

One of the most powerful features of FlexiSpy is, it allows you to remotely control the target phone. With this app, you can turn on the camera and record video from the target phone remotely. The app even sends you a notification when the device receives a new phone call.

You can download FlexiSpy on both iPhones and Androids. FlexiSpy offers three price plans, which are:

Lite: It costs $29.95 per month.

Premium: It costs $68 per month.

Extreme: It costs $199 for three months.

Methods That Do Not Require Softwares or Apps

If you do not want to use third-party apps, you can try the built-in features or some other method to spy on someone. Here’s how you can spy on someones without using apps or software:

Cracking and Unblocking

Cracking and unblocking is the most advanced method of spying someone. If you have a clear understanding of how mobile device works then you can use this method. For those wondering what is craking and unblocking and how it works, it is cracking the mobile device and getting access to data on the device.

You need to have the right device and computer knowledge to gain access to computer data. However, it would help if you had enough patience to crack and unblock someone’s phone.


The next method that you can use to mirror someone’s phone is hacking. This method might not be an ethical method. However, it can be an easy method if you are used to hacking. To hack devices, you can use Wi-Fi, phishing, and malware method.

Password Peeking

Password peeking is the most common method of mirroring someone’s phone. This method is simple to use; all you need to do is watch someone unlocking their phone and unlock their phone in their absences. However, you need to be extra cautious when you use this method.


Summing up, mirroring someone’s phone might not be ethical; however, sometimes you might need to know what your kids, employees, or spouse are doing on their phone; hence mirroring phones becomes equally important. There are many third-party apps that you can use to mirror someone’s phone or even use other methods.

Here I have mentioned some of the ways that you can use to mirror someone’s phone. If you have some more methods, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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