Why do you need to keep an eye on your child’s social media activity
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The smartest way to keep your children safe in the online world

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May 25, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Why do you Need to Keep an Eye on your Child’s Social Media Activity?

Does your child spend a lot of time on social media? What if your child being bullied or abused online? Are you in search of a method to keep an eye on your child’s social media activity?

This article will try to make everything clear to you regarding social media; its impact on the kid and the best software to monitor your kid’s social media activities.

Should parents control their children's activities in social media?

Yes, if not control, then parents should at least monitor their children’s social media activities. Social media is no wonder a way that has started to shape and change the world, business, education, politics drastically. .

The popularity of social media can be imagined looking at the fact that more than twenty-two percent of a day is spent on social media, especially by teenagers.

When you monitor your child, what you care is more about privacy rather than safety. As children, these days are very active on social media, and as they take the virtual world as seriously as the real one, you must be wise to keep an eye on your children’s online activities. Here I will list some reasons that support the side of monitoring kid’s social media activities:


Bullying has always been a lousy culture among teenagers. Previously it used to exist on school, friend circle and now has started getting deep-rooted in social media. Cyberbullying impacts kids in a very negative way as it can emotionally distress them.

Most of the time child cannot gather confidence to share it with parents, so they hide pain and suffer alone. Some time cyberbullying in social media can be an scary nightmare that can devastate them, which even may lead to suicidal thoughts.

The situation might get scarier than what you have imagined, but don’t take stress as a social media monitoring tool like fenced.ai can help you out in getting alerts if your kid gets bullied.


Sexting among teenage children is getting popular. They have developed a mentality where sending nude pictures is considered cool. Children are not aware of right and wrong.

They cannot decide what to post and what not to. So as parents, you would require to have a monitoring system and track your child’s behavior.

Online Predators

Believe it or not, the Internet is full of predators searching for easy prey. Once think and say who is more easy prey; growing children, right? Social media is used as a tool by these predators to trap kids.

They start building a friendship with your child with the motive to harm them. You cannot be aware of these predators trying to victimize your child until you monitor their social media.

Protect information

You must monitor your child’s social media activity to be aware of security issues and protect their personal information. Children are not able to identify between the good and bad intentions of people they meet online.

This pure soul believes in anyone quickly over a small cute gesture. It is your responsibility as a parent to make your child aware of the wrong side of digital strangers. By protecting information about your child on social media, you can safeguard your child in the real world.

Monitor dangerous activities

Your child may be planning to do something illegal on social media with his/her friends. By monitoring your kid’s social media activities, you can trace your child’s suspicious behaviour.

You might have heard about a trend where teenage child communicates through the social media platform and encourage each other for mass suicide. Therefore to protect your child and stop them from illegal things, you must monitor them.

Identify bad influence

Not everyone in this world is good. Some people try to destroy your kid for their benefit. These bad influencers could be a friend of your child, a famous social media influencer, or a digital stranger.

Your child might gey convinced by them to do drugs, theft, robbery, or other illegal, criminal activities. Sometimes your child might try to perform some dangerous things being inspired by a social media influencer which you can stop if you get an alert of such thing from a monitoring system.


Sometimes unknowingly your child might do activities that could hurt their reputation. If they post a certain thing on the online social media platform, it can harm your child in the long term. Sometimes such activities may even hamper college admission a job finding.

Identity theft

If your child is sharing a lot of their personal information on their social media, then they are at high risk of being a victim of identity theft. Someone could even get credit card account details from the information that your child posts online.

If every detail is available on the web, then there is more chance that your child becomes a victim of fraud. Identity theft is one of the burning issues of social media.


Kids cannot distinguish between a trusted site and an untrusted one. As a result, they sometimes download malware and virus instead of actual app or software; this can unknowingly infect your device for sure. To be safe from such malware and viruses monitoring software can help.

Screen time limitation

You might be a busy working parent and do not have time to keep an eye on your child 24/7. As a result, your child might use so0cial media for a longer time than they are supposed to.

Children are using devices more in this pandemic situation as schools have become online. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for you to track and limit the screen time of your kid. You can use various tools during distance learning to limit screen time as well as help kids stay focused. It is not healthy for your child to use an electronic device for a long time.

Know your child

You don’t need to keep an eye on your child only to keep them safe sometimes while monitoring social media activities; you can discover the hidden talent of your child. Your child might be sharing the skills and talents with people on social media. By monitoring, you can find out and encourage their art

The potential dangers of social media access for children

With the introduction of the Internet, countless doors of opportunities have opened for sure as it is a boon to connect with people who are in a long physical distance from us.

However, parents of teens around the world are getting more concerned about the safety of their kids in the online world as this virtual world of the Internet, and social media has a lot of cons associated with it. Teenagers might get under the wrong influence and become more prone to illegal activities.

The information shared by an adolescent child on the online platform is a concerning factor for parents. Social media has brought various negative things like cyberbullying, sextortion, online abuse to an alarming rate.

There are multiple factors to be concerned about for the teen’s parents to protect their child online. While using social media, kids get in touch with inappropriate trends and might try to follow them. Various adult context, content, hashtags get viral like sexy Silhouette challenge, taste buds challenged, Penny challenge Internet, Benadryl challenge, and many more. No parent would want their child to follow these trends. Smart devices are more cheap and accessible these days, so without a monitoring system never provide such access to your growing child.

I have gathered some statistics from various trusted sites which clearly show the importance of monitoring the social media of your child.

  • According to the Pew Research Center, about 95% of children, especially teenagers have constant access to smartphones through which they stay online relentlessly.
  • About 85% of teenage girls admit they chat with digital strangers or a person they know very less about without informing the parents. However, 50% of parents are aware of this but do not show much care.
  • 21% of teenage girls in a survey admitted that they have posted nude, semi-nude pictures, video of themselves, mostly in the social media chatbox.
  • 17% of teens have got an online message on a social media platform that contains the video, picture or text, which makes them uncomfortable. Only 8% of parents are aware of such videos, images, text.
  • Children, whether it be a boy or a girl, are the easiest victims of online predators. You will be shocked to see that 76% of the victim of online predators are actually under the age of fifteen.
  • 91% of children below the age of 18 already encountered pornographic content online Sadly, to know 21% of the teen has experienced sexual solicitation.
  • While researching for project and assignment, it shows almost 71% of underage kids(below 18) have mistakenly encountered violent and pornographic content.
  • About 69% of girls keep themselves busy with social media and 65% of boys keep themselves engage with online video games.
  • 65% of teens, especially girls receive messages from strangers about which their parents have no idea.
  • 26% of a child who has faced cyberbullying get suicidal thoughts, 41% suffer from social anxiety, 37% experience depression, 25% start harming themselves.
  • According to Science Daily, around 34% of students have dealt with cyberbullying in their teenage.

How can you monitor your child's social media?

There are many ways to monitor the social media of your child. One of the most promising ways to track your kid’s social media activity is to use a monitoring tool. There is a lot of software available in the market, which will help you in tracing the social media activities of your child.

The best recommendation in the market is fenced.ai. It is a remote surveillance system that works in stealth mode offering various amazing features for monitoring children, especially teens. Use fenced.ai and make sure that your child is away from the negative impacts of social media. fenced.ai offers various subscription plans you can choose the plan that best fits your requirement.

fenced.ai can be installed as a monitoring tool on your kid’s device, and you can get all the information and logs stored on their phone. Along with social media, you can track real-time and past location history, SMS and MMS records, SIM location tracking, Call logs, Filtering contents on the Internet, Limitation of android screentime, Website History log details, and more.

You can easily monitor social media platforms with features like a Facebook tracker, Instagram tracker, Snapchat tracker, Skype tracker, Viber message tracker, WhatsApp message tracker, etc. Parental control on Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Skype, and almost all social platforms can be set up with ease. You cannot keep your child completely away from social media in this competitive world. So the best thing that you can do to protect your child from threats of social media is to monitor your child.

You might be thinking that it would be hard to monitor your kid’s activities online. Don’t worry about that because we have come up with a solution by which you can start tracking your kid’s social media activities in just three simple steps. Yes, I am talking about the best monitoring tool fenced.ai.

In phase one, you have to signup with one of your existing email IDs and create a fenced.ai account for you. Now in step two, you have to choose the platform (android or iOS) of your target device and follow the specific installation prompt as provided. The third step is to log in to your fenced.ai control panel and start monitoring the social media activity of your kid.

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