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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Sophia Clark

uMobix: Cell Phone Tracker For Modern Parents | Review

As kids grow up, they start to hide things from you; it worries you. Digital devices have made it easier to hide things from one another. Children and teenagers are the ones who are taking advantage of it. You never know what your kids are doing on their phones; they may get involved in inappropriate activities if you do not keep an eye on their activities.

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Due to the increase in digital crime and children getting involved in inappropriate activities, parental control apps are crucial for families. Parental control apps provide you peace of mind by monitoring each activity of your kids, and you can remotely access the target device's activities in real time.

With the increase in the use of cellphones among children, parental control apps have been essential. Many parental control apps are available on the market; among them, the uMobix app is one. The number of users of uMobix is increasing these days, and many people are getting interested in knowing what uMobix is.

Being a mother of teens, I am even worried about my teen's online activities. Recently I tried the uMobix app, and to be honest, I liked the app. Here's my honest uMobix review on uMobix:


uMobix is a parental control and spy app that allows parents to watch kids' device activities in real time. With uMobix, you can be informed about what your kids are doing at the moment. The app helps you monitor your children's social media activities, calls, messages, and much more.

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uMobix is the latest app, with the ability to monitor and spying features, making the app the number one choice for parents. No matter if your targeted device is Android or iOS, the app is compatible with both devices. The app is especially for those parents who want to know what their kids are doing on their phones as it records every activity of their kids.

Features that uMobix Provides

uMobix provides many features that are suitable for parents. Even though I used uMobix for certain weeks, I could use all the features of uMobix. Here are some of the few features that uMobix provides.

1. Monitor Call History

The first feature that I used in uMobix was to monitor calls. Using the uMobix app, you can view call records, including incoming, outgoing, and miscall calls on the target phone. This feature also shows you the number of calls made, timestamps, calls made for each call, and so on. You can monitor your kid's call history in real time.

Apart from call history, the app also helps you restrict calls that disable fraud and bullies from calling your kids. When the targeted device receives calls from a strange number, you can restrict the call. Not just incoming calls, you can even restrict outgoing calls, ensuring that your kids will not call any unknown number.

2. Monitor Text Message

The next feature you get is the text monitoring feature. Under the text monitoring feature, you can view all the received and sent text messages on the target device. You can also view text messages from social media like Whatsapp messages, Viber messages, Snapchat messages, etc.

You can even restrict incoming and outgoing messages, which will restrict online predators from messaging your kids. What I loved about this app is you can limit messaging features on the target device. This feature gathers all the information regarding all incoming and outgoing SMS, and you can even get access to the target device's message history.

3. Keeps Track of Social Media

Social media is where you will find your kids most of the time. You can find at least one social media app on your kid's device. With uMobix, you can view your kid's activities on social media. Using this feature, you can restrict social media apps if they have used the app for a long time. The app helps you limit app usage time, and you can even set a time limit for app usage.

What's the most interesting thing about this feature is it helps you to limit app usage time. The app helps you to maintain healthy digital habits among children.

4. Tracks GPS Location

The next interesting feature that uMobix provides is the GPS tracking feature. With this location tracking feature, you can view your child's location in real time, and you can view places your kids have traveled. If your kids ever lose their phone, this feature will become handy.

This feature also provides a Geofinder feature that helps you find your kid's exact location just using SMS. You never know your kid's location just through their phone number, and this feature helps you know where your kids are. However, this feature works only if the device has a phone number.

5. Shows Deleted Info

What I loved most about uMobix is the deleted info feature. Kids these days can be very smart; they delete everything before you see it. Hence, keeping this thing in mind, a deleted info feature was made. The feature allows you to view all the deleted information from the target device.

With this feature, you can find information like deleted call logs, deleted messages, deleted contacts, renamed phone numbers, and so on. On a deleted contact, you can find the existing content list as well as removed contacts.

You can even check deleted contacts on your kid's contact list. Also, the renamed contact feature will let you know what if your kids renamed any contacts. You can track all the contacts in the contact list.

6. View Streaming Info

With this app, you can access the camera and microphone. You will be able to understand what your kids are doing. With this feature, you can remotely take a snapshot or record a video in stealth mode. You can use both fronts as well as back cameras using this feature.

uMobix app also records what's happening in the surrounding area with the audio stream feature. It gives you an idea about what's happening in your kid's surroundings. The streaming feature works in stealth mode.

7. Block Websites and Devices

uMobix lets you get access to target devices by controlling their functions. The feature will ensure; your kids are safe while performing their online activities. Using the block websites feature, you can restrict access to inappropriate content on web browsers.

To use the feature, first of all, you need to view your kid's browser history from the uMobix dashboard; if there are any inappropriate activities, you will be able to block them.

Apart from blocking websites, you will also be able to block your kid's device in real time. With the block device feature, you can block your kid's device remotely if they keep using their device despite your warning. With a single click, you will block your kid's devices remotely.

8. Deletes Unwanted Apps

uMobix helps you to manage apps that your kids install on their devices in real time. Using this feature, you view all the installed apps on your kid's device, and you can view which app your kids use the most on their devices. If you detect any inappropriate apps on your kid's device, you will be able to block them remotely with the help of the uMobix app.

The feature of uMobix is extremely helpful to keep kids safe in the digital world. Many apps are installed on your kid's device; with uMobix, you will be able to detect appropriate and inappropriate apps on your kid's device. However, android device users can only take advantage of this feature.

9. KeyLoggers Features

uMobix keylogger feature helps you to keep track of your kid's keyboard activity. You will be able to detect keywords that your kids have typed on their devices. You never know what keywords your kids are typing on their devices. So, you will be able to know what keywords your kids are doing on their phones.

What's more interesting about the keylogger feature is, you can view the timestamp of the keyword typed. The best thing about this keylogger feature is it sends you a notification each time your kids enter a new keyword.

How does uMobix Works?

uMobix app, spy software is extremely easy to use. To spy on your kid's devices using uMobix, all you need to do is install uMobix on your target device. Once you install uMobix on your kid's device, you will need physical access to it.

You can install the app within a few minutes, and once the app is installed, you will be tracking everything on your kid's device. You will be able to see all your kid's activities from the dashboard.

How To Use Cell Phone Tracker

To use a cell phone tracker on your kid's device, first of all, you need to select a subscription plan. Only after making a purchase plan will you receive a uMobix license. You need to create a uMobix account, and only you will be able to monitor your kid's device. Just in three simple steps, you will be able to spy on your kid's device.

Device Compatible With uMobix

Devices that are compatible with uMobix are Android and IOS devices. If you are using an Android device, your device needs to be more than four OS versions. uMobix is compatible with all IOS devices; there is no version restriction. Hence, no matter which device your kids are using, uMobix is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

uMobix Pricing

uMobix provides two price plans, which are basic and full plans. Here are the price plans for Android and IOS devices:

For Android devices, the price plans are:

Plans Price
Basic plan $29.99 for a month
Full plan $59.99 for a month
Full plan $99.99 for three months
Full plan $179 for a year

For IOS devices, the price plans are:

Plans Price
Basic plan $29.99 for a month
Full plan $49.99 for a month
Full plan $79.99 for three months
Full plan $149.99 for a year


Summing up, uMobix is a spy app that helps you to monitor your kid's device activities. The app is known for its amazing features and reasonable price. If you are thinking of using a parental control app that works as a spy app, you must try the uMobix app.

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