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Published on Nov 21, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Text Message Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

Our smartphones are almost always flooded with unknown messages and calls. Our goal is to avoid spam texts and unwanted calls, and SMS Blocker apps can help prevent spam messages.

The Google Play Store offers a wide variety of SMS Blocker apps that can help you block SMS spam and manage conversations. Likewise, you can find many text blocking apps for Android on the Appstore.

We have compiled a list of the best Android apps that block messages. With these SMS Blocker applications, you can add contacts to a blocklist and filter spam messages. After you block people, you won't receive SMS from them until you unblock them.

5 Best SMS Blocker Apps for Android Phones

Key Messages

Key Messages SMS blocker.png

If you search for text message blocker apps for Android on Play Store, the Key Messages app will most probably pop up in top searches lists. It is a highly rated SMS blocker apps. This app is popular because it is the only text blocker app supporting Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Whenever you receive unknown messages that include attached files with pictures, videos, website links, google drive links, etc., you can block SMS from them.

With this app, you can clear duplicate text messages on android. The app is user-friendly and easy to use. You can easily block spam messages and spam numbers on your phone in a second.

What is more interesting about this SMS blocking app is its functionality. You can access a quick prioritization feature, which allows you to create separate lists: the denylist and the safelist. The app also allows backup and restoring old ones from the junk messages.

The Key Messages app is compatible with Android 5.1 or later.

Calls Blacklist

Calls_Blacklist sms blocker.png

The Calls Blacklist app is a two in one application for blocking calls and messages. The app looks into your contacts when it receives incoming calls or texts. If the call is from an unknown number, it is categorized as a spam call.

Using this app, you can block SMS and calls easily. All you have to do is add the unknown or private number to the blacklist of your SMS messenger. Once you block a number, they cannot contact you or send you text messages unless you unblock them or keep them in a whitelist.

Let's talk about an interesting feature of this app. Users can block numbers only during certain hours of the day. Suppose you are at the office and don't want calls and messages from some numbers during that time; you can block them only during your working hours.

The Calls Blacklist app is among the best blocking apps for Android 4.0 or later.

Google Messages

Google Message app.png

Google Messages is a good alternative to third-party applications that are available on the play store. When you buy an android phone, the Google Messages app is already there on your phone. This app is the only Android app to offer Rich Communication Services (RCS) features.

With this app, you can experience text messaging with advanced features such as payments, high-resolution images, video sharing, file sharing, video calling, location sharing, etc.

Blocking messages on Google messages is super easy. Long press the number that you want to block, you will see an option called Block. Click on it, and you will no longer receive messages from that number.


TrueCaller app.png

I have the Truecaller app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The name suggests "call" only, but Truecaller is a multifunctional app developed to block spam calls, SMS, and caller ID.

To me, Truecaller is the best call and SMS blocker app for android. The app helps the users to stop spam as it identifies the caller id and blocks the user. When your phone rings for an incoming call, this app looks for the number and finds the caller ID linked with the number. You will see the caller's name even if you don't have that number saved in your contacts list. If you don't want phone and messages from any caller, you can block the caller via the Truecaller app.

Truecaller app has a user-friendly interface. It is among the best free text and call blocking app for Android on Play Store.

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

call_blocker_and_sms_blocker app.png

The Call Blocker and SMS Blocker app on the play store is one of the best apps to ignore calls and SMS from unknown or unwanted contacts. This app has a log where it stores blocked calls and SMS. Also, if it identifies any number as a spam number, it automatically blocks the number. You can open the log to view the blocked calls and SMS later if you want. This text message blocking app works for Android 7.0, or higher

5 Best SMS Blocker Apps for iPhone

Hiya Caller ID and Block

hiya app.png

Hiya is a popular name among call and SMS blocker app for iPhone. This app acts as a protection against spam SMS, Robocalls, Telemarketers, and unwanted calls. Hiya Caller ID displays a notification when you get a call with a spam warning. If you know the number, you can receive the call or block this caller.

This text blocker allows you to identify unsaved phone numbers with their names using reverse phone lookup. This app is a paid app, but when you use Hiya Caller ID and Block app for the long term, the app will prove to be cost-efficient. The cost of a premium package for a year costs around $14.99.

Hiya Caller ID & Block app is compatible with: iOS 11 or later.

Number Lookup & Call Block

Mr_number_lookup_and_call_block app.png

Mr. Number Lookup and Call Block is a multifunctional call blocking and SMS blocking app for IOS devices. It is the best text blocking app for iPhone; it offers amazing features like spam calls and text messages notifications, location-based call blocking, preventing spam calls before they reach you by blocking spam calls before picking up, managing the blocklisted numbers SMS, etc.

The Mr. Number app has a huge database with a lot of phone numbers stored in it. When you get random calls from a stranger, you can look into Mr. Number's huge data library to find the name and other information about the caller.

The Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block app is compatible with: iOS 11 or later.

SMS Shield for iPhone

SMS_Shield app.png

SMS Shield is a Machine Learning-based SMS spam filter app for iPhone that detects spam messages and blocks them. It is an offline app that protects your phone from spam SMS, ads, and phishing. You can also block unwanted messages from the mobile operator and certain numbers.

SMS Shield app offers automatic spam filtering; you can block advertisements, scams, phishing, and phishing-like SMS. The frequent traveler mode is another feature that operates in many countries and blocks spam SMS and calls while you travel in different countries.

Also, the custom blocklist is a unique feature that identifies and blocks spam or scam messages via specific keywords contained in the message. You can also block some numbers that you don't want to stay connected. Let's say your Ex, block them, and it's over.

The SMS Shield app is compatible with: iOS 11 or later.


VeroSMS app.png

VeroSMS app in the app store is one of the popular apps for SMS blocking on iPhone. The motto of this app is to prevent scam messages on the user's message box. The application is simple to use. This message blocker app blocks the messages by identifying certain keywords written on the messages.

You can view the messages on different icons; messages from known numbers/ whitelist numbers and unknown or blocked users.

VeroSMS app is available in both free and premium versions. The free version offers unlimited keywords for blacklisting and whitelisting, auto-blocking SMS from unknowns, etc. If you get the premium version, you will get services like machine learning-based SMS filtering, iCloud sync for added keywords, auto-filtering keyword-based spam, etc.

The VeroSMS app is compatible with: iOS 11 or later.

SMS Blocker for iPhone

SMS_Blocker app.png

SMS Blocker app for iPhone is another highly efficient mobile app to block SMS on iPhone. It is a free text blocking app that is available in 25 different languages from around the globe. This app blocks text messages from unwanted users. If you are tired of receiving scam messages from unreliable sources on your iPhone, you should immediately go to the app store and get the SMS Blocker app for free. This app is user-friendly. You will not have difficulty using the app.

The SMS Blocker app for iPhone is compatible with: iOS 11 or higher.

How to Manually Block an Unwanted Number on an Android Phone?

Some users don't want to install SMS blocking applications on their Android phones but still want their message filtered. In that case, there is an easy way to do so. Your Android phone comes with a default call blocker or phone number blocker. Here are the super-easy steps to block a phone number on your Android phone.

  • Go to the phone app
  • Choose a number that you want to block
  • Tap and click on the number. Hold for some time.
  • You will see many options popping on the side.
  • If you see "Add to Blacklist/Block/Report Spam," click on it.
  • If not, choose the "More" button. You'll see the options there.
  • Click "Add to spam/block/blacklist".

You've blocked the number. You'll no longer receive phone and messages from that number.

If you want to unblock any number that is already on your blacklist, you can do so by opening the phone app settings. Now, open the blocklist, and you'll see the number with an unblock button on the side. Click on the button, and you'll start receiving calls and messages from that number again.

How to Manually Block an Unwanted Number on an iPhone?

The iPhone also has a call blocker built-in, just like Android phones. If you don't want to block a number via any extra applications, you can manually follow a few simple steps.

  • Go to the phone app and click Recent.
  • Your call log will display.
  • You'll see an "i" button on the right side of the phone number. Click there.
  • A new page will open with the "Block this caller" option at the tail.
  • Click there. The phone number is blocked on your phone.

Go to the settings on your iPhone. Scroll down to Phone. Open Call Blocking and Identification inside the Phone settings. You will see a list of blocked numbers. Choose the edit button and unblock the number. Unblocking a number is also a few steps away.

How to Detect Spam Texting that Occurs Online?

Blocking text messages on the phone alone is not enough to keep your kids safe from receiving threatening messages online. So, if you want to keep your kid safe from spam and bullying that occurs online, you would want to get the best parental control app that is available on the Play Store and AppStore.

FamiSafe is the best parental control app to monitor your kid's overall online activities. You can have full control over your kid's device through this parental control app. You might want to know what you can do with this app. Please have a look at some of the features offered by the app.

Monitor Unsuitable Text Messages

The app monitors the text messages that your kids send or receive via messaging platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, etc. If it detects any suspicious keywords, parents will get a real-time alert on the app's parental dashboard.

Detect Pornographic Texts and Images

Sometimes, your kids might be sharing nude images and videos or other pornographic content over social media platforms therefore you need to keep eye on your kid's social media activities. The Famisafe app will detect pornographic content and send reports and alerts to you immediately.

View Browser History and Filter Web Content

If you want to see what your kids watch, what kind of sites do they visit, you can keep an eye on their web browser history. If you find that the kid is visiting some inappropriate sites, you can block access to those sites on your kid's phone via the app. Your kid will not even know about this.

Detect YouTube Suspicious Content

There are various contents on Youtube that you don't want your kids to see. Using the FamiSafe app, you can see if your kid is watching suspicious content on Youtube on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Kindle Fire, etc.)

Inappropriate App Usage Blocking

Using the Famisafe app, you can limit the app installation and uses on your kid's devices. You can limit the time your kids spend on an app. Also, you can get notifications when your kids install or uninstall any apps on their devices.

Real-Time Location Tracking

This feature is an amazing feature to keep an eye on your kids. Via FamiSafe's location tracker, you can see where your kid goes. You can also set some geographic boundaries and get alerts when your kid crosses the boundary.

At Last,

When you receive unwanted messages from unwanted users, it can ruin your mood sometimes. Also, the messages can sometimes contain threatening or emotionally harmful content. So, to get rid of unwanted text messages on your Android phone or iPhone, you can use one of the above-listed apps.

Furthermore, I've suggested parental control software to keep your kids safe online. You can get the app and see if you like it. The app will help you maintain a healthy online habit on your kids and keep them away from online threats like Cyberbullying, Porn addiction, Online Harassment, Online Scam, and others.

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