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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 18, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Top 7 Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022

Today, people are often deeply engaged in their jobs, ensuring their families’ financial security and well-being. Parents are less likely to spend enough time with their children, making it difficult to keep track of time, which is dangerous considering the risks revolving around them online.

Kids use cell phones all the time, and if you want to keep track of your children's online activities, where they are, and what they are doing, here is an ultimate solution. Install tracking applications on your smartphone, and there you go, you get real-time updates of your child’s activities.

Cell Phone Tracking Apps helps to track call logs, text messages, captured photos, and location. You can monitor all of these activities with a single click for which you need software to be installed on your device.

How do Cell Phone Tracker Apps work?

To make the cell phone tracker work, You should install the Cell Phone Tracker App on the target device, turn on the GPS and let the app do its magic. I have listed a few of the points detailing how cell phone tracker apps are supposed to work.

  • The tracker app is activated using a GPS tracking system that marks the accurate real-time location of the targeted person.
  • You can check who your child is contacting based on their call log history and text messages.
  • With the use of a tracking app, you get a detailed history of past map routes.
  • You will know when your child enters home and when and where they move out.
  • Tracking the location of lost devices is also feasible with tracking applications.
  • You will get to know if your kid is into bad company or is sexting or over-sharing their private information.

Setup Tracking Apps in your Cell Phone

Here is a setup guide on installing a tracking application on your device to trace the targeted devices.

Step 1: Choose mobile tracking software that is reliable to you.

Step 2: Purchase the license to get service provider registration.

Step 3: Install the tracking application you choose on your cell phone.

Step 4: Track the real-time location of the targeted device.

Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

While you may not share much physical contact with your family, you will need to keep an eye on them despite being busy with work and chores. So, to make it easier to pick tracking apps, I have listed a few suitable tracking apps that work on both Android and iPhone.

1. GeoZilla

GEozilla app.png

GeoZilla is a commonly used and top free GPS tracking application that lets you know where your family and friends are. It is easy to use the embedded feature of the GeoZilla app and is compatible with most devices. The app runs smoothly on both Android and iPhone.

The GeoZilla app also allows you to monitor the real-time location of the targeted device on a map using the Android smartwatch. Using these features, you can find out whether they have driven safely, recent contact information, or where they have been over the past week. The feature that allows you to send messages, text, audio, and video makes the app friendly.

Features of GeoZilla

  • Trace location of targeted person privately.
  • Alerts you for roadside accidents.
  • Know when your child or family members leave or enter the house.
  • You can track the private conversations and shared resources on messenger.
  • The user can make emergency contact by sharing one’s location using the GeoZilla GPS locator.

2. FamiSafe Location Tracking


FamiSafe Location Tracking application is on our second list and one of the most effective parental control apps. Using FamiSafe, parents can take complete control of their kids' phones. Furthermore, You can ensure safety for your children by tracing down their exact location.

The app is compatible as it can be downloaded and used by both Android and iPhone users. Along with real-time locations, you can also know about your children's screen time, whom they talk to on social media, and if they are viewing inappropriate content.

Features of FamilySafe Location

  • Know the location history of a targeted device.
  • Block App, Screentime, Detect Explicit Content and set Smart Schedule Features
  • Limit access to certain websites to your child.
  • Receive notifications regarding car crashes.
  • Get an alert if your child is enrolled in malicious activities or is the victim.
  • See the search history of your child’s device.

3. Glympse

Glympse n.png

If you are worried about getting revealed for tracking your friends, family, or co-workers, then, you should install the Glympse tracking app on your Android or iPhone. Glympse doesn’t ask you for your email id or phone number while signing up, keeping you safe from personal information leakage.

Glympse monitors real-time location through location sharing on terms. The user can decide who and when can trace the location using Apple Map or Google Map.

Features of Glympse:

  • Glympse broadcast speeds.
  • This app lets you or your family know they are safe, whether day or night.
  • Let your family know if you are safe driving or walking, or cycling.
  • Parents can know if their child goes or walks back home from school securely.
  • You can use the allow or stop sharing option based on your preference.
  • Low power and dark more are other features of the Glympse.

4. mSpy


mSpy is the parental control tracking software designed for Android and iOS. Additionally, mSpy is also available for macOS. The phone spying application is enclosed with essential features such as location tracking, cell phone monitoring, file, and multimedia monitoring. The one using mSpy can easily control the client device.

The parents download mSpy on their cell phones without a second thought and are able to monitor their kids' phone activities remotely. In addition, you can make sure your child is safe wherever they go.

Features of mSpy:

  • mSpy lets you view details on the incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • mSpy monitors SMS and multimedia files.
  • You can keep an eye on how your children use social media, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and so on.
  • mSpy lets you track the GPS location of the client device.
  • Environmental and call recording of the planted device makes mSpy a better typing app.

5. MobiStealth


MobiStealth is another best parental tracking app. Apart from tracking children, friends, and families, the software is also applicable for supervising employees and monitoring business works. The app keeps your login account and details secure to make you undetectable.

MobiStealth aids you in tracking the real-time location of the targeted person. You can snoop into your child's call history, messages, deleted SMS, and phone activity.

Features of MobiStealth:

  • MobiStealth monitors calls and SMS.
  • The phone monitoring software is featured with location tracking.
  • Gives you web surfing information through browser history.
  • You can see the social media activity of your children.
  • MobiStealth is featured with a stealth mode that doesn't let a client know if you are spying on them.

6. Minspy


Another secure cell phone tracking app for Android and iOS is Minspy. This tracking software allows you to remotely monitor smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. There is no barrier to the distant range of client and server devices if you use Minspy.

The installation setup for Minspy is easy, and you don't need specific technical knowledge on using the software. Online activity, monitoring browsing history, call log, GPS locations, etc., are a few functions of Minspy.

Features of Minsp:

  • You monitor call logs and messages.
  • Whatsapp is efficient.
  • Track GPS locations using Minspy.
  • Minspy has an embedded stealth mode that keeps you inactive for the targeted person.

7. Family Locator


Family Locator is on our last list of Cell Phone Tracking Apps. You can identify your loved ones' present location and what they are doing in real-time with no stress. You can also customize the detection zone such as your children’s school, daycare, camps, or clinics for grandparents.

Family Locator is featured with an intelligent parenting control setting, controls a child’s screen time, detects inappropriate activity on social media, and gives an alert for emergencies.

Features of Family Locator:

  • You can monitor a child's online activity with adult content and online predators.
  • By using Family Locator, you can filter web content.
  • You can block apps that are not suitable for your kids.
  • The spy software allows you to track real-time location and timeline of weekly location.
  • You can view the types of apps your child installs and uninstalls.


Cell phone tracking systems are beneficial for parents to keep updates on children’s activity without letting them know. You can trace down GPS location, monitor SMS and call history, check social media activities, and see browse and used-app history using this tracking software.

I have rounded up the 7 best cell phone tracking apps that work on Android and iPhone based on customer reviews. You can go through their features and use any tracking app that is convenient to you.

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