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Published on Oct 24, 2021
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Juliya Smith

What is OnlyFans? What Parents Need To Know

It would not be wrong to say it's the age of social media. If you look around, you will see everyone on social media. If you ask any random person, they will tell you they are on at least one social media platform.

The hype of social media is so much that kids these days dream of becoming social media stars. Not just kids, even adults, want to gain popularity on social media, so they try to do whatever is possible. The craze for social media is increasing even more after the pandemic.

During the pandemic, people spend more time on social media to keep in touch with family and friends. In the name of maintaining social life during pandemics, people are getting addicted to social media. Ever since the pandemic, social media that's gaining more popularity are TikTok, OnlyFans, ClubHouse, Signal, Parler, and so on.

With the increase in the use of social media like OnlyFans, parents are getting worried about their kid's safety and security. Many parents do not know what OnlyFans is even though their kids are using it. Here in this article, I will tell you what OnlyFans is and whether it provides online safety or not.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media site that was launched in 2016 as a content subscription service. It is a social media site where content creators can sell their work.


In this social media, you can find dancers, musicians, entertainers, artists, fitness freaks, cooks, models, and so on. You can even find big celebrities like Cardi B, Dj Khaled, Chris Brown, Jordyn Woods, and so on. Celebrities are on the OnlyFan app to promote their work.

One thing that makes OnlyFan different from other social media app is in other social media like Instagram and Twitter, you need to follow users to view what they are posting on their feed.

But in OnlyFans, you need to subscribe to the user's account, and for subscribing, you have to pay a subscription fee. The price of monthly subscription fees varies as per the users, and creators can sell their work through monthly subscriptions.

How Can You Earn Money Through OnlyFans?

As I mentioned earlier, with monthly subscription fees, you can earn easy money. However, creating an account and setting a specific subscription rate will make money if you need to post something new every week or month to retain your subscriber. If you do not post anything, then your subscriber might unfollow you.

You must be wondering there is no point in paying subscription fees to musicians and other creators to view their content on YouTube and other free websites. However, it's not true at all; as in OnlyFans, you can view exclusive content from your favorite artist in OnlyFans. The subscription fee starts from a minimum of $4.99 to $49.9.

Apart from subscription fees, you can also earn money through pay-per service. This means your follower need to pay a certain amount to view any one of your contents. Many creators find OnlyFans a great way to make money, as they can profit a lot through this app. They can sell their content or sell other products through sponsor posts.

One of the latest examples of how much money one can earn from OnlyFans is Bhad Bhabie. A week after the 18th birthday of Bhad Bhabie, an American rapper and songwriter launched her OnlyFans account. Within 6 hours of opening her account, she was able to earn $1 million. She has also been able to earn from likes on the post.

Is OnlyFans Safe for Kids?

The minimum age to create an OnlyFans account is 18 years old or older. Whether to earn money or view other content on OnlyFans, your kids need to be 18 plus. You will need to add your credit card while creating an account on OnlyFans. Hence, it might be difficult for kids to develop OnlyFans accounts without their parent's approval.

The app setting an age limit to create an account on OnlyPluse is not just because it involves money but also because the apps can contain sexual content that might not be good for kids.

You can even find sex workers and many pornographic contents in this app, making the app inappropriate for kids. Even though getting into this app is not easy, if your kids are tech-savvy, they can get into the app through fake identity, and they may come over sexual content posted by sex workers.

Ever since the lockdown, everything has shut down, including strip clubs, brothels, massage parlors, because of which sex workers and strippers are making money through the OnlyFans app.

Young girls lure into the app, showing a tremendous amount of easy money by selling sexual content like nude pictures and videos. Because of selling explicit and pornographic content available on OnlyFans, it is not safe for kids.

What Can Parents Do To Keep Kids Away From OnlyFans?

Once you provide a smartphone to your kids, their online safety and maintaining screen time becomes your responsibility. Until your kids do not turn 18, you should not provide them with all the internet freedom they need. Digital safety measures are a must to keep kids safe online from digital threats. Here's how you can keep your kids away from only fans:

Talk To Your Kids About OnlyFans

First and foremost, you need to communicate with the OnlyFans app and how it is dangerous for kids. You shouldn't feel awkward while speaking with your kids about the app. As a parent, you need to explain the appropriate and inappropriate content for kids.

You should teach them contents that are dangerous for them to view. It would be best if you made a friendly environment for your kids so that they can come up to you and ask about such app, but get into such apps out of curiosity.

Even when your kids ask about such apps, you should not be judgmental towards them. If you show any judgments when they ask you about any adult sites or apps, they will not ask you in the future.

Keep Checking the Apps that are on their Phone

Another way to keep kids away from the OnlyFans app is by checking the apps on their phones. When you check apps on your kid's device regularly, it will restrict them from using the app. While checking apps on your kid's device, you should not limit specific times and days, and it would be best if you cross-check your kid's phones.

However, this method might not be effective because kids can use hidden apps on their phones. If you are using this method, make sure you know ways to find hidden apps on both Android and IOS.

Hence, using the very method to keep kids away from the OnlyFans app can be pretty tricky. Also, if you keep checking your kid's phone, this can cause trust issues among you and your kids, and they may feel you do not trust them at all.

Use Parental Control Apps

Using parental control apps is the best way to keep kids away from the OnlyFans app. You can set parental control on your kid's devices and be assured that they are not using inappropriate apps like OnlyFans.

Many reasons make parental control apps important for families, like keeping track of kids' screen time, browser history, calls and message history, and so on.

There are many parental control apps that you can choose from; my personal favorite parental control app is This app is my favorite because it provides almost every feature that I want in parental control apps.

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