Wi-Fi Logger

Wi-Fi Logger

fenced.ai is a software that can be used to monitor Wi-Fi logs, allowing you to keep track of all Wi-Fi hotspots connected to the target device, Wi-Fi network lists, as well as the most visited places of your children and employees.

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Monitor Wi-Fi Logs with fenced.ai

The frequent users of the monitoring app understand how useful it is to view the list of Wi-Fi networks that your kids or employees have logged in to. It is 'special check-ins' that most surveillance programs won't inform you about.

If there are Wi-Fi hotspots all across your region, you can monitor to bring together a clear description of where your child or employee was and what they are doing by monitoring their Wi-Fi connection. fenced.ai Wi-Fi loggers help you in doing this.

Benefits of using Wi-Fi Logging feature

The advantages of using the Wi-Fi Logging option include knowing where your children or employees are. But fenced.ai goes above that so that you can get all the information, even the small details about where they'd been. fenced.ai lets you monitor everything:

  • Monitor all connected Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Name of every connection
  • Monitor data, time of every connection
  • The location where target signs in a Wi-Fi frequently

Why Monitor someone's Wi-Fi logs?

Wi-Fi loggers can tell a lot about your kids or employees regarding the location and sites that they visit. Monitoring your child's Wi-Fi logs can inform you whether they are at the place of their friend or cousin or someone unknown.

Moreover, you get the details of all the locations they often visit. When they keep secrets regarding their parties, hangouts, and events, you will always be able to keep an eye on them with a fenced.ai Wi-Fi logger.

If you're worried your staff may be connected to low-security Wi-Fi networks, the fenced.ai Wi-Fi logger will rly indicate for you so that you can take immediate action.

Can you monitor your kids' Wi-Fi logs?

fenced.ai monitors all the information you need and has a strong remote monitoring feature. To learn more, take a look at the following FAQs.

Can Wi-Fi logs be monitored?

Yes, you can do so using the fenced.ai Wi-Fi logger.

Does it work in stealth mode?

Yes, fenced.ai works in stealth mode. It operates in the background and uses minimal system resources.

Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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