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Published on Feb 18, 2022
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Juliya Smith

18 Most Dangerous Social Media Apps | Unsafe Social Media Apps

In this modern age, children are exposed to technology from a very young age. Kids use the internet all the time, and they may be prone to many dangers and risks unknowingly.

There may be a lot of threats that children have to face while using these social media applications. Cyberbullying, threats from predators, personal hacking information maybe some of the dangers of using social media.

bullying and harassment in social media

You need to make your kids aware of the dangers of social media and cyberattacks. These types of threats should be taken care of by all ages because social media is one of the platforms that people of all ages use.

In today's world, the most difficult task has been parenting. As everyone is into technology these days, the kids are also indulged in it. You need to ensure they are safe and secure while using the internet and social media.

Is Social Media Safe for Kids?

Social Media applications are not exactly built for kids. Some applications do have age verifications, but most don't. There are millions of people using these types of social media applications

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You need to be careful about what type of social media applications your children use. You can find harmful predators hiding behind the screen among all the users. Your kids may be targeted and harmed by those predators.

You may find some adult content in some applications. Some apps may be built to talk to strangers.

Here are some most dangerous social media apps.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that is a famous platform among youths. Children have signed up for this application as well. Facebook owns Instagram.

Instagram can be dangerous for underage kids. The minimum age to use Instagram is 13 and above. Strangers can follow your kids' public profile and can misuse the pictures.

Hence, Instagram is one of the many social media applications that can be dangerous for your kids to use.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat app needs no introduction after all, as this app has 306 million active daily users worldwide(as of December 2021). Snapchat is a dangerous app to use because the message will disappear automatically.

No one can control or monitor what happens in this app. There is a high chance of viewing adult content via snap. Also, Snapchat accounts can be faked as it doesn't require a name to get started with.

3. Omegle

Omegle is a free chat and video communication platform that lets two parties communicate without creating an account. The service randomly pairs two people with names assigned "You", creating a session to communicate.

This app has caught the attention of many people, mostly parents worrying about their children, because this is the perfect spot for the predators who are after unsuspecting kids.

4. Kik

Kik messenger, also known as Kik, developed by the Canadian company Kik Interactive is mostly used by teenagers. Like Omegle, this app lets people chat without a username, share photos, and many more.

Even though this app has a 17+ age restriction, there is no process of verification which makes Kik more dangerous. The major problem reported from this app is cyberbullying.

5. Tiktok

Tiktok is a social networking service owned by a Chinese company named Bytedance. Because people use short videos to cover various topics and get viral, users may get exposed to adult content in the quest to have many views.

Because this app has no effective privacy settings, so anyone who is a stranger can message your kids. Although the minimum age to use this particular app is 13, TikTok uses no verification methods to confirm so.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr, currently owned by an American company named Automatic, is popular for microblogging and sharing multimedia posts. It encourages teens to create and share their content.

This app is difficult to use in private mode for users. Everyone can see, comment, and share your post, making this dangerous for kids.

7. Telegram

Telegram is a popular cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging app. Just like Snapchat, Telegram offers you a self-destructing messaging option. Or secret conversation through encryption. In such cases, kids can get targeted by cyberbullies, and you can do nothing about it. This makes the app more dangerous.

8. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. It uses a GPS location finder to find the people near you.

Online predators and cyberbullies can make fake accounts and then chat with your kids, which may negatively influence them. They may intend to harm their personal life.

9. is a platform where users can ask questions and other people answer those questions. Users can also write the questions and the answers anonymously.

As the questions in can be anonymous, there can be some inappropriate questions that your children can receive. Some vulgar words are also used on the platform.

10. Whisper

Whisper is an app where people write their confessions anonymously. It is a famous app and is used all over the world. Many teenagers use this application.

The application uses a GPS tracker. This means that although the identity may be anonymous, predators can find you using the victim's location. The location tracking feature can be dangerous for your children.

11. Blendr

Blendr is a flirting app that shows nearby users interested in talking to strangers and being flirty. It is an app that is almost similar to tinder.

As it is a dating app, it can be abused by people. Your kids are not supposed to use this application as the predators can steal their personal information and harm them.

12. MeWe

MeWe is an application that uses the same mechanism as Facebook. You can create content, post them and share them.

There are some engagements in the platform with the posted content. The application may have adult and inappropriate contents that you wouldn't want your children to watch.

13. Holla

Holla is a video-sharing app. It allows users to share their videos with random strangers worldwide. You can sign up in this app using a valid number or your Facebook account.

There are a lot of abuses, nudity, and inappropriate content found in this app. The location-sharing feature can also be harmful. This makes Holla one of the dangerous apps for your kids to use.


Bigo Live is a live streaming app where users can create content and interact. They can showcase their talents through this app.

However, this app may not be appropriate for kids as the user-generated content can be of any type. You can find adult content on the platform.

15. OkCupid

OkCupid is an application meant for dating. It matches with the opposite gender based on attractiveness. Teenagers are keen and curious to know how the other gender feels about them. They may want to use this application.

This application is dangerous for kids as there might be predators hiding behind the other side of the screen. There may be sharing of adult and mature content. Sexual exploitation is the major danger of this application. You don't want your kids to use it.

16. Houseparty

Houseparty is a video-chatting app where you can chat with users worldwide. This application may be good for hanging out with friends, but sometimes it may not be limited to friendship.

There may be strangers recording the video chat and sharing adult content with your children. You need to monitor your kids while using this app.

17. Chatspin

Chatspin is another random video chatting app that allows users to video call strangers. This app is inappropriate for kids and teenagers.

Random strangers can sexually exploit teenagers. They can share adult content online and can be harmful to your kids.

18. Periscope

Periscope is a popular video and audio sharing application. It has over a million users every day.

Periscope is dangerous for kids and teenagers as the videos and audio streamed in this app can have mature content.


With this, we have come to the end of this article with the 18 most dangerous social media apps for your teenagers. Today's world is full of technologies, and kids cannot escape the emerging world of social media and the internet.

Parents can't stop their kids from using these apps, but they need to monitor their kids while using the apps. You can use parental control apps to secure your children from the harmful effects of the internet and social media and control their screen time.

Parents themselves have to be more cautious so that the children don't go off the path. Use of these social media may hamper your child mentally and emotionally.

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