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Published on Nov 19, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Is Omegle Safe For Kids? A Complete Parents’ Guide to Omegle

Socializing is an integral part of human nature; we love getting to know people. Before the internet age, it was not easy to communicate or be friends with people from different parts of the world.

But, with the advancements in technology, you can easily communicate with them online. Omegle is the platform that allows you to communicate with strangers globally.

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According to an article published in the BBC, the number of visitors to the Omegle site globally grew from about 34 million per month in January 2020 to 65 million in January 2021. The videos tagged with the "#Omegle" on the TikTok platform have been viewed more than 9.4 billion times.

Talking to a stranger online sounds scary, and you might be thinking, "Is Omegle safe for kids?" Be aware of the fact that none of the chat applications are safe for kids. Before you come to any conclusion, let's dig into the topic, such as what Omegle is, whether Omegle is safe for kids or not, and precautions you need to take as a parent.

This blog covers everything that a parent needs to know about Omegle and the tips to keep children safe online.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is an anonymous chat service that provides the functionality to socialize with a random stranger without any registration. It is a free stranger chat site that anyone can easily access through a mobile or desktop browser. Users can communicate with random strangers online without registration and do not require a profile or log-in credentials to access this site. This application comes with two versions- monitored version and regular chat session.

Omegle enables video chat and texting randomly, linking up two people for virtual video and text chats through its website. It randomly matches two individuals in one-to-one chat sessions where they can chat using anonymous names "you" and "stranger" or "strangers 1" and "strangers 2" in case of spy mode.

How does Omegle work?

Omegle is a web service that starts random online chats with strangers and facilitates communication. One can browse the Omegle site from any browser and easily access it as a free stranger chatting app to use Omegle.

The homepage of Omegle has a few different options to offer you- text, video, unmoderated, spy mode, college student chat. All the options allow you to chat one-on-one with strangers through text or video calls.

Once you select any of these options, Omegle links you up with a random stranger and allows you to start the chat. The chat continues only for a single session. Once the session ends, you can talk to other strangers simply by refreshing the site.

To make it more fascinating, Omegle has added up spice to the free online chat rooms. It facilitates the user to choose a chat room from different countries and locations as per desire. Exploring new country rooms thrills every user with the idea of-Meet-Chat-Date-Online.

Features of Omegle

True privacy and confidentiality:

You are not expected to supply the interlocutors and any personal details of yours while accessing the site. Even when chatting, your identity remains undisclosed.


This feature is a crucial function that lets users select the people to chat with as per their desire. Once you feel uncomfortable talking to some particular stranger, you can directly end the session and continue chatting with others if you want.

Adult Omegle Chat:

Omegle began to track and regulate adult chat. Adult chat is for users who are 18 years and over. It is the adult unmoderated portion of the website. Users speak about adult and pornographic matters without being barred. When using this function, video chat is the only alternative.

The Spying Mode:

The spying mode feature allows the user to ask an active pair but not engage in the conversation. Alternatively, this mode enables the user to discuss a question posted by other users. The service will show you a few people who wanted to participate in this fascinating social experiment and chat about particular topics.

The Interest Tag:

The Interest tag feature allows the users to be connected based on their interests. It helps you pair with individuals with similar interests.

Why do kids use Omegle?

Although Omegle was founded in 2009, it recently again became popular among children due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hype now for Omegle is insane. One of the reasons for increasing its popularity among kids is Tiktok. You can partly blame TikTok for it, as many influencers often connect their fans on Omegle and share their experience.

As per the investigators from the BBC, who monitored Omegle for approximately 10 hours, they came across dozens of other users who appeared to be under 18 years of age, even as young as seven or eight.

Some of the reason kids gets excited to use Omegle are:

● Kids find it very entertaining chatting with strangers and knowing the lifestyles of different people across the world.

● Omegle is a free chatting app and has no registration policy to identify between real and fake users. This reason is enough to fascinate the kids using this app.

● Although Omegle has clearly stated that only 13 years and above can use this app, there is no age verification system, so more kids use it.

● Omegle does not disclose any personal information to the other side of people. Thus, kids find it exciting and often chat with a stranger, assuming they are much older than their actual age.

Ten stranger chat sites like Omegle

As you know, Stranger chat applications are online chat sites and applications that allow users to freely connect with other unknown people without creating an account or a profile. Omegle is also one of them. There are also other widely used strangers chat sites alternatives to Omegle.

Some of them are listed below:


Holla is the stranger chat application where strangers worldwide are paired up randomly to chat and have fun with the integrated voice mode. Strangers can make a call and talk to each other.


This stranger chat app provides live video and text chat to connect with a random stranger. Apart from chatting, strangers can also share pictures and video clips.


It provides users with the functionality of texting or audio-video chatting. Users can also enjoy the plenty of filters and effects it offers while using the video chat option.


This app connects like-minded strangers across the globe. It is a video chatting platform to enjoy fun friendships.


It is an interactive app that allows strangers to text and video call. Besides all these standard messaging features, it also provides a fun experience playing a video game with a stranger.


Another popular online stranger chat site makes it extremely easy to log in without any secret passwords. It offers both texting and video calling options.


It is a completely free random chat app that allows you to chat and meet people from around the world. It also discovers your matches and will enable you to send stickers and emojis.


Hi5 is another stranger chat application used to chat with random strangers online for free. It provides the filter feature to filter people by location, age, and other factors according to your interest.


Azar is also another better option to get connected with strangers. It provides you with the facility to choose the people based on gender and region preference.


MeetMe is a popular, fun, and free stranger app that allows you to communicate with random people from around the world, and also it is available in Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other different languages.

Is Omegle safe for kids?

The biggest concern for every parent for a child's safety on Omegle is the lack of an age verification policy. However, Omegle has clearly stated that the users should be 18 years or above, but there is no age verification process. Omegle does not have any solid guidelines in terms of safety or parental control to protect your kids.

As none of the chat applications is kid-safe, Omegle stands out, particularly in this subject matter. There are tons of live nudity, unmoderated or adult links, sexting on Omegle. There is a high risk of your kids being exposed to sexual content or, pornographic content very early using Omegle.

Here is some recent incident happened in Omegle:

● One UK parent found that her eight-year-old daughter was nearly coerced into sexual activity with an older man on the website.

● The 14 years old boy named Michael says that he was linked up with an older-aged woman who persuaded him to show her his penis.

● A 14 years old Italian girl says that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and extensive lockdown, she was exhausted and discovers Omegle as an option to entertain herself.

● A little boy was found doing a TikTok dance in the bathroom with an open webcam on Omegle.

A TikTok user had shared his experience with racism on Omegle with a video of how a young boy was hurling racial slurs at him.

Besides all of these, many other factors make Omegle a very unsafe place for your kids. Some of them are:

● Online predation

● Security threats

● Screen recording


● Inappropriate content

● Confusing (or enticing) labels

The information mentioned above pretty much clarifies your confusion on "Is Omegle safe for kids?"

To make it more understandable and straightforward regarding your confusion, "Is Omegle safe for kids?" the clear answer would be NO; Omegle is not entirely safe for your kids. In fact, it has made challenging to keep kids safe online.

What are the safety concerns and risks of using Omegle for kids?

Omegle comes with plenty of child safety problems and risks. Here are some high risks associated with the usage of Omegle.

1) Kids can be exposed to inappropriate content

Your child likely will encounter sexual and inappropriate content on the Omegle platform. It could be sexting, adult links, nudity, or pre-recorded explicit videos. Being exposed to inappropriate content like pornography and violence, no parents would want it. Kids are not mature enough to determine between appropriate and inappropriate content. If the kids get exposed to this content, they can take a negative path in life.

2) Kids can be manipulated on Omegle by online predators

Omegle clearly stated that many online predators use the site. Online predators use Omegle as an attacking platform to innocent people. Since Omegle does not require any personal details while logging in and does not reveal a person's identity, it is advantageous to manipulators. Kids are innocent and easily trust other people; thus, predators use it against kids to manipulate them.

3) Usage of Omegle by kids can be a gateway to security threats

Many online frauds have been known to use the site. For them, winning the kid's trust and tricking them is just so easy. They can easily trick kids and obtain personal details such as credit card numbers, passwords, and addresses without their knowledge.

4) Hackers can use Omegle to hack your kid's system

It is next to impossible to get into Omegle servers, but hackers can get hold of your IP address using Omegle. Once hackers get your IP address, it becomes easy for them to plan and launch an attack on your kid's system to exploit your kid's internet safety for their benefit.

Omegle never asks to upload any personal details or pictures, but it autosaves all the chat. And if hackers somehow manage to get their hands on data, private videos and text can be misused in many ways.

5) Cyberbullying and Blackmailing

Racial abuse, body shaming, and teasing can occur to users using this site. Adults can analyze the abuses and immediately take action against them. But when it comes to kids, cyberbullying can harm a child's health.

Blackmailers can use Omegle as a platform to get some sensitive information and use it against them. Your young teens and kids can be the victim of blackmailing by using content collected from Omegle. Besides all these, some strangers bully or force your naïve kid to open their video to chat with them.

6) Social engineering to get hold of family data

Social engineering can quickly be done by manipulating the kids. Since kids are trustful, attackers can use it as an advantage to have a conversation and get hold of sensitive data. And this is not okay for kids and the family because it can leak your private family data and information to the world.

7) Screen recording

On Omegle, not all the strangers but some of them force your naive kid to have a video call chat. Your innocent kid might think their behavior is private and unaware that the strangers can record the screen or save the text conversations and do whatever they want, such as sharing videos with other people or posting them online or use them as blackmail.

Eight helpful tips to keep your kids safe on Omegle

  1. Cybersecurity needs to be taught along with everyday skills of life. Also, educate kids on hacking, social engineering, and online grooming, and ask them to come to you if any stranger is making them uncomfortable or fearful.
  2. Please familiarize yourself with the app by using it and getting a sense of the controls and settings because you cannot teach your kids or teens about the risks of using Omegle until and unless you understand the danger yourself.
  3. Set screen time limits, strict timetables, and rules with parental control software. Using Parental controls can be a great way to protect your kids from online hazards. Not only can you track your kid's online activities, but you also block alternate apps from being downloaded. is the number one parental control solution to strict your kid from Omegle.
  4. Communication is the key. Talk to your kids regularly about what they're seeing and hearing. Keep your spare time and use it to talk about their personal lives, such as schools, games, friends, and much more.
  5. Set physical rules as well, such as no phones or tablets are allowed to be taken in the room at night, no screen time before bedtime, and charging phones away from bedrooms.
  6. Take an appropriate step if your kid has already used Omegle without your concern. Do not punish them, instead talk to your kids about how to deal with Online Predators and explain how even smart kids can easily be prey for tricky people.
  7. Normalize having the talk on sex with your kids. But be careful when you are talking about it. Do not paint it in a bad light. Just tell them it's natural and normal to have sexual curiosity, but the way Omegle presents is not healthy or productive for you.
  8. Ask them to never use Omegle or such apps alone without your concern. If they are willing to access such sites, make sure to inform you or ask you to join them. Make a rule that if they got caught accessing such a site alone, they would be punished by taking their devices away for a week or changing Wi-Fi passwords.


Not only Omegle but all the one-on-one stranger chat application platforms are risky for kids. Online predators have been known to use Omegle and they can easily attain personal data from your kid. The more they share personal data online, the more likely the online fraud or predators to misuse it.

If your kids still wish to access the site because it is fun for them to talk with strangers, even making your kids aware of all the bad impacts of it, then without a second thought, just block the site from accessing it for your kid's safety. There is absolutely nothing good or any good reason to allow your kids to access Omegle.

Note: As responsible parents and also for your kid's safety, sometimes strict guardianship is also required.

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