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Published on Dec 03, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Top 5 Best Emergency Phones for Kids Safety

As a parent, your kid’s safety is what you are concerned about the most. It’s not possible to walk behind them and see what they are into every single minute. You want to know if they are safe when they are not around you. In such a case, you need to consider giving emergency phones to kids.

Now, again you might have a second thought about giving phones to kids. Is it the right age to give a phone to my kid? What if they share several hours of screen time? Or how to control my kid if they are into social media? It’s good to be attentive before giving a phone, but there is nothing wrong with emergency phones for kids.

It’s almost impossible to keep your kid away from digital devices. They need to grow per advanced technology. It doesn’t mean you need to provide them with new versions of the iPhone or Android.

There are a lot of dumb phones or emergency phones for your smart kids. So, first, let’s learn what emergency phones are and you decide if it’s worthy to give to your kids.

What is an Emergency Cell Phone?

The emergency cell phone is basically a communication medium with your close ones when you are in an emergency or stuck in a problem. You cannot get an internet connection, access to social media or any type of application, cannot play video games, etc., but just can't communicate with text messages and phone calls.

The phones are highly reliable when it comes to communication. It’s durable and affordable at the same time. In addition, you don’t need to worry about battery life. Overall, emergency phones are best suited to getting updated with the whereabouts of loved ones especially suitable for parents and kids.

Why Do Kids Need Emergency Cell Phones?

Emergency cell phones for kids are best and actually a life-saver sometimes. They can give you a ring or send a message when they are in a problem. Also, you can update them when you are unable to reach your kids to either pick or drop them at school, play area, friend’s home, daycare, and so on.

Similarly, emergency phones are designed especially for kids with parental control features. You can add a few of the emergency numbers your kids prefer to communicate when they are in danger. You can communicate whenever your child is threatened while returning home, needs medical help, lost their way, got in an accident, or forgot essential school stuff.

5 Best Emergency Phones for Kids

There are several types of emergency phones that you can consider giving to your kid. Among them, I have enlisted the 5 most effective and best emergency phones for kids. Stay connected with us and pick the one suitable for your kid.

1. Relay Screenless Phone

relay_phone for kids

The first recommended emergency phone for kids is Relay. Relay is a screenless kid’s phone and is water resistant. You can attach the Relay to your kid’s backpacks or outfits and get connected anytime when there is an emergency. For this, to establish communication with your kid, you need to install an app on your device and make an account for the Relay service.

The best part of Relay is that you don’t need to worry about screen time. There is no internet access due to which your kid can’t download any apps or spend time browsing the internet. Along with emergency calls, you can keep track of your kid’s real-time location as well. It costs you $35 to buy Relay.

Pros of Relay

  • Relay is simple to use.
  • Relay kid’s screenless phone is water-resistant.
  • The emergency phone is affordable with long-lasting battery life.
  • There is no internet access that eventually reduces screen time.

Cons of Relay

  • Set up is difficult for Relay and you need to sign up every month for a Relay account that costs $10.
  • Most often there is a delay in GPS tracking.

2. Jitterbug


Another reliable phone for kids for emergency purposes is Jitterbug. Though jitterbug is especially introduced for senior people for an emergency, it is equally effective for kids as well when they are in an emergency.

Kids should not be technologically sound to use Jitterbug. Since there is a large screen along with navigation options, the phone is easy to use. Also, you can disable a few of the features which you don’t want your kids to use. You can buy Jitterbug at $74.99.

Pros of Jitterbug

  • There are no network geographical boundaries.
  • Jitterbug is easy to navigate with the navigation option.
  • You can get a monthly plan for talk time, text time, and data with cancellation at any time you want.

Cons of Jitterbug

  • Sometimes the chosen subscription plan for talk time or text messages might not be sufficient and expires early.
  • There is no in-built camera making your kid unable to share pictures of where they are at the moment.
  • Battery life is generally lower and is not water-resistant.

3. Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310.jpg

If you want to give your kid a handy, affordable, and simple kids’ phone for an emergency, consider buying Nokia 3310. The phone is best when it comes to durability. Your kids can make emergency contact with you either through call or text messages.

Your kid can listen to music with Nokia 3310. Though you can connect to the internet with 2G, you don’t have to worry about your kid making in-app purchases or enrolling in social media. It is so because connectivity is generally too slow making it better not to use at all. It costs you around $84.59 to purchase a Nokia 3310.

Pros of Nokia 3310

  • Nokia 3310 is handy and has a long-life battery that works for weeks.
  • You can make instant phone calls and text messages.
  • It is easy to use along with additional play music features.

Cons of Nokia 3310

  • Nokia 3310 is quite expensive.
  • Since you can get connected to the internet, your kid might use Facebook or Twitter.

4. KidsConnect KC2

KidsConnect_KC2 kids phone

KidsConnect KC2 is another emergency phone for kids. The phone is better to make an emergency contact without any barrier on the contact lists. You can define the contact list to Kids Connect KC2 as per your preference for them to call or text message when they are in difficulty.

Another best feature of KidsConnect KC2 is that there is an SOS button along with a GPS location tracking feature that allows sharing real-time locations. Also, you can view the location history of your kid anytime you want. It costs you $89.95 to get KidsConnect KC2.

Pros of Kids Connect KC2

  • Kids can contact you through the SOS button when they are in an emergency or have some difficulties.
  • You can program any of the contacts you want your kids to connect with.
  • With GPS tracking you can know the real-time location history of your kids.

Cons of Kids Connect KC2

  • You can’t use any of the smartphone applications.
  • Generally, the interface of KidsConnect KC2 is poor.

5. Gabb Phone Z2

Gabb_phone_for kids.png

On the same note, the next emergency phone for kids to get connected with the family circle is Gabb Z2. Gabb phones have no internet connection and no access to any of the social media applications. So, there is no risk for your kids to get digital threats or tech addiction. Also, no more headaches from prolonged screen time with no internet and mobile or online games.

Gabb Z2 lets your kid feel like they are carrying smartphones when it comes to its look and in-built camera. You can capture pictures and make videos. Also, the emergency phone has better battery life. The price of Gabb Phone Z2 is $99.99.

Pros of Gabb Phone Z2

  • Gabb Z2 has no internet connection and games hence, reducing screen time.
  • Threats such as cyberbullying and viewing sensitive content remain null.
  • You can use an SOS button to make emergency contact.
  • GPS tracking is also available to know the real-time location and previous location history.

Cons of Gabb Phone Z2

  • Parents are unable to monitor kids’ phone activities.
  • It’s not water-resistant and has no parental control features.


Instead of smartphones, give your kids emergency phones. Emergency phones for kids are necessary to make emergency contacts and in the meantime, you don’t have to worry about tech addiction. Here, in the article, I have listed the 5 best emergency phones for kids along with their pros and cons. Go through the listings and decide which one to bring home.

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