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Published on Feb 28, 2022
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Sophia Clark

Best Fake GPS Location Apps for Android

In today’s modern world, finding the exact location on your smartphone of any person has been effortless. The satellites have made it easier to find out the precise coordinates of a location anywhere in the world.

While this makes it a lot easier to find the exact location of places, it also violates privacy. You may not want other people to find out about your location details, and there may be a lot of applications asking to turn on your location.

You can install some of the best fake GPS location apps for Android to show a different location for your privacy. I will talk about some of these applications in this blog.

Some of the Best Fake GPS Location Apps for Android

Let’s get into some of the fake GPS location apps for Android. If you are looking into such applications to secure your privacy, here is the list of some best fake GPS apps for Android.

  • Mock GPS with Joystick
  • Fake GPS
  • Mock Locations
  • Hola
  • Fake GPS 360
  • Location Spoofer
  • Lexa’s Fake GPS Location
  • Fake GPS Run
  • Fake GPS Location
  • Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App

1.Mock GPS with Joystick

The Mock GPS with Joystick is an app with the easy-to-use fake GPS for Android. You need to follow easy steps with the app that can help you set up a bogus location on Android devices. There are some required permissions that you have to allow.


The user interface is straightforward to use and understand. The regular version of the app is free, and you have to pay some amount to use the premium version. After installing the app, it gives you the premium version for free to use until 24 hours of the installation.

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There are almost 2.5 million users of Mock GPS with Joystick who have given the app a good rating.

You can use the premium version and only purchase it later if you find it useful. If you want to use a fake GPS app to spoof your location with a joystick, you can rely on this app.

Features of Mock GPS with Joystick

  • The user interface of Mock GPS with Joystick is very simple and easy to use.
  • The app uses google maps viewfinder, which helps you search and pinpoint a location you want to fake.
  • You can misrepresent your travel spot as well as a static location spot.

2. Fake GPS

Fake GPS is a trusted app with many maps from all around the world. You can choose any place to fake your location from the maps, and this app is trustworthy and convenient to use.


Fake GPS uses the feature of saving all your location history, and it also allows you to keep your favorite locations.

Features of Fake GPS

  • You can use the zip codes of the areas to set the location.
  • You can track the location of others without revealing your own.
  • In this app, you can manually insert coordinates of a place you want to fake.
  • The interface is efficient and straightforward to use.

3. Mock Locations

Mock location helps you give information about the area you want to spoof. This app is one of the most reliable fake GPS apps for Android.


Mock location is a free app with 2.5 million users worldwide. However, you can pay to use the premium version as well, and it has a 24 hour trial period for the premium version as well.

Features of Mock Location

  • You can pause and play the location as per your requirement.
  • It is easy to set up your fake location with a few steps.
  • The application is safe to use.

4. Hola

Hola is one of the best location spoofer apps on this list because it fakes GPS with a VPN system. This app helps you to go all in hiding.


This app is free for all users; however, you can have a better experience with a Hola VPN customer. It has a search bar or viewfinder using which you can easily search for the locations you want to fake.

Features of Hola

  • This app has a chat function, one of the most impressive and unique features.
  • You can combine it with a VPN app to have a safer experience.
  • It has a decent user interface.

5. Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360 app is a great platform to ensure your privacy by spoofing your location to different apps. This app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.


Fake GPS 360 helps users to switch locations easily when needed to fake. This app is best to use when using social media or playing games, and you can spoof the spot to secure the actual one.

Features of Fake GPS 360

  • You can use this app to geotag images.
  • It is easy to fake your location using this app.
  • It has a very interactive UI.

6. Location Spoofer

Location Spoofer is one of the best fake GPS location apps for Android that quickly switches into the spoof location, making the phony location look authentic.


This app keeps all the records of the locations you have used to fake to help future use. The free version of the app has limited features with many advertisements. If you want to get rid of the advertisements and access more features, =’/purchase the pro version.

Features of Location Spoofer

  • You just need a single tap to fake your location.
  • You can view your original location using satellite mode.
  • It saves all of your user locations to help you have a better future use.

7. Lexa’s Fake GPS Location

Lexa’s Fake GPS Location is one of the best fake GPS location apps for Android that is convenient and prominent to use. It helps hide your actual location with a fake one.


It is one of the highly-rated apps on the play store. Many people have downloaded this app. The best part of this app is showing the random movement of locations in this app. You can bookmark specific sites and offer them as well.

Features of Lexa’s Fake GPS Location for Android

  • You can bookmark desired locations easily.
  • It tracks the history of previously used areas.
  • You can have a precise location using the coordinates.

8. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run application helps you change your location in a brief period. It is like telepathy from one virtual space to another, and you can use it to secure your privacy.


You can change the locations in your apps, photographs, and many more using this app easily. You can change or spoof your site using a few simple and easy steps.

Features of Fake GPS Run

  • You can use this app by downloading on both rooted or unrooted devices.
  • It is elementary to switch your original location to a fake one.
  • This app provides easy instructions for help and uses just two taps to spoof the location.

9. Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location is another best app to spoof your location in this list. You can copy your location using two simple steps.


You can enter a location, and the app immediately gives you the wrong GPS location for it. This app has an interactive user interface that is easy to use.

Features of Fake GPS Location

  • It changes your location very quickly.
  • You can use latitude and longitude to set your location.
  • This app consists of a joystick that serves multi-purposes.

10. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer App helps you fake your locations precisely and instantly. This app is very reliable. You can spoof the site using this app by two methods, and you can either put the name of the place or the coordinates of the location.


A free version of this app has limited access to features, and there is no room available for Android 6 and above. You can eliminate all these problems and use the application to its full potential by purchasing a pro version.

Features of Fake GPS Location Spoofer App

  • You can use the name of the places to provide locations.
  • You can also place the coordinates of the places to find an accurate location.
  • This app can create different routes you want to spoof instantly.


With this, I have come to the end of explaining the best fake GPS location apps for Android. You need to be careful when you install any app and give permission to them. Usually, people don’t read the terms and conditions or required licenses, and they might be violating your privacy.

Location privacy is one of the common problems you must take care of. Many apps, such as social media and gaming apps, require permission to track your location, and you should not give out this personal information. Also, there are numerous cell phone tracker apps you need to be aware of.

To keep yourself secure, you can use any of these 10 best apps to spoof your location in real-time and instantly. Some of these apps are free, and some are paid versions, and you can purchase these apps at an affordable price.

It would be best if you were careful about giving out the information to apps that are not trustworthy. You should hide your precise location and give the spoof ones. You can also create a spoof route with different places selected randomly. This will keep you safe from dangerous online predators that steal your data.

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