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Table of Contents

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Published on Dec 29, 2023
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Juliya Smith

6 Best Hidden Chat Apps & Ways To Find Them In Your Kids' Devices

Technology has made a massive change in our communication medium. It is why we keep in touch with our friends and family despite geographical distance. Now we can say the world is a small village because of technology. However, with the blessings you get from technology, you cannot ignore the boons you call from technology.

With the increase in the use of technology, new social media are being introduced. Children use the internet and social media the most to communicate. Since few contents are undesirable for your kids, what your kids do over the internet can worry you. Therefore, keep an eye on your kid’s social media activities.


Children are pretty smart; they know that you are keeping an eye on them so they use hidden messaging apps to communicate. Either it’s because your kids want some privacy or think it’s cool to hide messages from third parties. No matter the reason, children use hidden chat apps and hide them from their parents.

What are Hidden Chat Apps?

Hidden chat apps, also known as secret chat apps, are chat apps that secretly allow users to have private conversations. In other words, hidden chat apps enable users to send text messages or have phone calls privately. Many hidden chat apps are available on android and IOS, and you can even find remote chat mode in many messaging apps.

Data privacy is the primary concern for people who use messaging apps for communication, and secret messaging apps help solve this problem. On the other hand, these apps provide freedom for little ones to connect with random strangers and communicate with them. Developers can employ chat APIs for iOS and Android to create hidden chat apps. These APIs ensure secure and private messaging, including end-to-end encryption, for user confidentiality.

Sharing with strangers can be dangerous as you do not know the intentions of strangers, and strangers can be scammers, bullies, or predators in such apps to find their next victims. Hence, hidden chat apps have both pros and cons.

6 Best Hidden Chat Apps

There are many hidden chat apps you can get on android and IOS. Here I have mentioned some of my favorite secret messaging apps for android and ios.

1. Smiley Private Text

Smiley private text is a secret messaging app that allows users to send text messages without showing their phone number and identity to the receiver. This app protects users’ privacy by providing a new second number.


It mainly aims to protect users’ private numbers and, at the same time, provides a platform for its users to have secured communication.

Smile private text is a free text messaging app available on iPhone and Android devices. The best part about this app is you do not need a SIM card to use this texting app. Also, the app does not charge a single penny on your phone bill for sending messages via this app.

Features of Smiley Private Text

  • Send you a notification when you receive a message.
  • Provides local phone numbers of different countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.
  • There is no need to fill out an extra form to sign up, protecting users’ identities.
  • Allows you to send photos and videos without exposing private information.
  • Does not require an actual phone number or SIM card.

2. CoverMe Private Text and Call

The next hidden chat app is CoverMe Private Text and Call. CoverMe Private Text and Call is a free encrypted messaging app that allows users to send messages without records. Users can send encrypted voice calls and messages using the phone number that the app provides.

CoverMe Private Text and Call app.png

CoverMe does not use users’ private phone numbers in its apps; it instead provides its phone number in countries like the USA and Canada. The app ensures safety against hackers and spies with the end-to-end encryption messaging technique.

Similarly, the best part about it is that the app also provides a vault file and contact management feature. However, the app is pretty risky as it allows unknown people to message you.

Features of CoverMe Private Text Call

  • Provides disappearing and resent message features.
  • Offers vault files to store photos, videos, or any other files.
  • Locks messages when you shake your phone.
  • Offers encrypted voice calls feature.
  • Allows users to send unlimited text messages using a second phone number.

3. Signal Private Messenger

The Signal is a popular, secret text message app for secure communication, and the app ensures no one can listen to or read your calls or messages. The Signal is a highly reliable messaging app, and the best thing is that it works even when you have a poor internet connection.

Signal Private Messenger app.png

What I love most about Signal is that it does not contain any ads, so you don’t have to worry about your data being tracked. The app also allows you to make group chats and connect with your family and friends.

Features of Signal Private Messengers

  • Provides the best audio and video call with crystal clear sound.
  • Allow you to share multimedia files.
  • Make your conversation fun with sticker packs that Signal provides.
  • Allows you to use your private number to connect with your family and friends on your contact list.

4. Telegram

Telegram is one of the simple messaging apps with encrypted messaging features. You need to provide your phone number and install the app on your device, and you are set to connect with your loved ones. The app is enjoyable to use as you can customize your apps as per your creativity.

Telegram app.png

The app ensures your message safety by keeping your message safe from scammers and hackers. You can even send messages when you have a weak internet connection. The new update has brought animated background and provided group video calls.

Features of Telegram

  • Provides encrypted messaging service.
  • Allow you to unsent incoming and outgoing messages any time you want.
  • Enables you to send messages and files of any size.
  • Allow you to add up to 200,000 members in a group.
  • It allows you to open your chat from a different device.

You can also use telegram bots to ease your work like reminders, download ebook, scheduling messages, polls, flight ticket updates and much more.

5. Viber

The next app we have is Viber, which provides a hidden chat feature that helps you hide your text from the third person. Viber allows you to make high-quality audio and video calls and international calls.

viber app.png

Viber ensures message privacy by providing end-to-end encryption, allowing only the receiver and sender to read messages like other hidden chat apps.

This app requires you to join the app using your phone number, and it also shows users’ phone numbers which can be a drawback for users who want to send messages anonymously.

Features of Viber

  • Allow you to create groups, mention group members in the group, and create quizzes and polls.
  • The self-destruct features enable disappearing messaging services.
  • Make chatting fun with stickers and GIFs.
  • Allows you to delete and edit messages.
  • Express yourself with stickers and GIFs.

6. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a secure end-to-end encryption communication app. The app ensures confident voice and video calls and also file sharing features. It doesn’t access your contact list, nor do you need to add your phone number or email address.

Wickr Me app.png

In this app, you can create a group of up to ten users. The app also provides you with one-to-one group messaging and teleconferencing. There are some fantastic features that Wickr Me delivers, and here are some of them.

Features of Wickr Me

  • Allow you to share photos, videos, files, and more.
  • It provides you with a temporary messaging feature, which means your message disappears and disappears forever when the time is up.
  • Do not send a message when you open the app on other devices.
  • Allows file transfer up to 1GB.
  • Do not access your contact list.

Ways to Find Hidden Chat Apps in Your Kids' Devices

Usually, people do not hide their hidden chat apps as they already provide enough security to ensure no third party can access the messages. However, your tweens and teens can hide their secret chat apps, so here are some of the ways that you can find hidden chat apps on your child’s mobile phone:

i. Use App Drawer Feature

If your child is an android user, you can use the App Drawer feature. You can find all your downloaded apps on the App Drawer feature of Android devices. To see all the hidden apps on your child’s device, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On the top corner of your device, you can find three dots; click on them.

Step 2: Select the hide option.

Step 3: Now, you can find all the apps on your child’s device.

ii. Use File Manager Feature

You can also view your child’s hidden chat apps using file manager options. Follow the steps mentioned below to find secret apps:

Step 1: Go to the play store and install “EST File Explorer.”

Step 1: Now from the menu drawer, open the app.

Step 1: Click on “Show Hidden Option” and view all the hidden apps.

iii. Find Hidden Apps Through App Library

If your kids are iOS users, this trick is for you. For all iOS users, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Swipe right after going to the last screen of your home page.

Step 2: App library is shown.

Step 3: Move to the secret app categories.


Summing up, many messaging apps claim to provide a secure communication platform. However, some messaging apps tend to sell your private data. Many big companies are using people’s data for marketing strategies. Hence, before choosing apps for communication, you should select hidden chat apps.

Here I have mentioned 6 best hidden chat apps and ways to find them in your kids’ device. I would love to know your favorite secret chat apps; please say them in the comment section below. And if you haven’t tried hidden chat apps, try them once; you will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Why do children use hidden chat apps?

Children use hidden chat apps to hide their virtual connection from parents, such as whom they communicate with, things they share, and what they use over the internet.

ii. What is the Messenger secret?

Messenger secret is the feature of Facebook which allows users to communicate with each other within an encrypted space. The conversation is made private to keep it secret, and people can talk with anyone without letting others know about whom they contact through Messenger secret.

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