How Teens Bypass Parental Controls like OpenDNS
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Mar 17, 2021
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Sophia Clark

How Teens Bypass Parental Controls like OpenDNS?

With the help of the web, kids are getting smarter. The web contains many useful as well as futile information. This data may help some kids get smart, whereas others may get addicted.

How teens Bypass Parental Controls like OpenDNS

The Internet can harm a kid in many different ways. Physical problems or mental problems, kids may suffer for the long term. Parents use spying applications for their kid's well-being. Safe kids are always physically and mentally active. So parents use Spying applications containing features like blocking sites from the home routers and tracking location that helps parents keep their children on the right track.

Why do kids bypass the parental control system?

Your kid has to browse the web to do their homework and project work. Even for entertainment purposes surfing through the web is necessary. Since all the things a kid wants is available online, they become addicted to it.

Why do kids bypass the parental control system?

Parents use various whole house parental control applications to control their kids. But kids find a way to overcome those apps. As a parent, you should not act strictly and allow devices for the proper amount of time. Some reasons why kids bypass these apps are.

Gaming :

Most of the kids love gaming. Gaming consoles gives them pleasure and releases dopamine, which is good for the body. But, If your kid is fully addicted to game consoles, It can harm mental and physical health.

Gaming to bypass parental control system

Social Media :

Young boys and girls have high chances of getting addicted to social media. Social media do have many positive aspects. But, these kids are always attracted to negative aspects. Kids addicted to chatting and adult content are more likely to bypass parental control applications.

Social Media to bypass parental control system

Sharing files and media :

Parents block adult content and violent content so that their kids can remain safe. But kids share and receive violent content through various other mediums. Mostly, kids addicted to pornography and violent media will try their best to bypass security.

Sharing files and media to bypass parental control system

Some methods kids use to bypass parental control applications.

Various methods are available online if your kid wants to bypass parental application. Some of the procedures help for the long term. Whereas some work only for a short time. Most of the method involves software tweak, and some involve hardware tweaking.

Some methods kids use to bypass parental control applications.

As parents, you may use some applications with parental control features or a router with control features. These systems are cracked using the following methods listed below.

1.Bypassing OpenDNS :

What is OpenDNS?

DNS, Also known as name server, stands for Domain Name service. It is like the menu of the internet. When you want to visit a site, It searches for the site using DNS and gives you the result. OpenDNS, On the other hand, helps you to point your DNS servers to other DNS servers. This will allow you to block sites which is harmful to your kids.

Bypassing OpenDNS

How teens bypass OpenDNS?

There are various methods to bypass parental controls with OpenDNS. Teens can use public DNS on their phones and crack it. Some teens can directly use a modem. And also, the simplest way to bypass OpenDNS is to use mobile data on their phone.

How to prevent it?

Check your kids’ devices frequently and also check their DNS requests. You can watch your kids' traffic patterns and data usage to prevent them from bypassing OpenDNS. After tracking their activities, you can also remove it by physical tweaks or installing some software.

2.Proxy Sites :

What is a Proxy server?

A proxy server acts as a middleman between your system and the web. It acts as a gateway separating the user’s IP address from the sites they browse on their computer. Proxy servers will secure your system by hiding your history and location.

Proxy Site

How teens bypass using proxy sites?

Proxy sites allow kids to hide most of their activities. Your kids can visit a proxy site and surf the blocked sites. These sites are available on the internet and use a proxy server to act as a middleman. As a result, you cant check on your kid's device browsing history.

How to prevent it?

Usually, most of the parental control applications block proxy sites, but if your kid is dedicated they will find a way to use it. To prevent your kids from using proxy sites you can physically monitor them or manually block the proxy sites they are using.

3.Brute-force password :

What is a brute-force attack?

Brute force is a hacking technique used to find the victim's password by guessing various possible credentials. This attack has a minimal chance of working, but sometimes it works. The attackers use several combinations and permutations to get inside your system.

Brute force password

How teens bypass using brute-force passwords?

Professionals, as well as usual users, can use brute force to reveal the password. Since most parents do not use a strong password, kids can easily guess the password and surf the internet. There are various techniques available on the internet that will help your kids with brute force passwords.

How to prevent it?

You can prevent the usage of brute force attacks by setting a strong password. Using a strong password will make it difficult for your kid to guess your password. You can also view your kid's activity in parental control applications and react accordingly.

4.Using different Wi-Fi :

How do teens bypass using different Wi-Fi?

Kids can use the knowledge gained via the internet and use it to crack other Wi-Fi passwords. They can also ask for help from neighbor kids and use it. When your kids do not use home routers, you will have no idea about his/her browsing details.

Using different Wi-Fi

How to prevent it?

You can prevent this by using live parental controls and by keeping eyes on them physically. Frequently checking your kids' devices and tracking their data usage can help you solve the problem.

5.Using VPN :

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Virtual Private Network helps you create a secure connection between your device and access point over the internet. VPN uses encryption and other technology to protect your data from hackers and attacks. Used by big companies and the government, VPN helps to keep their data anonymous. But these days even, normal users use VPN to secure their data and credentials from hackers.

Using VPN

How teens bypass using a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network(VPN) software is available online. Most of the VPN software comes with a price, but some of them are free of cost. Kids can use VPN in their system, which will completely encrypt their data, and the family shield applications won't work.

How to prevent it?

When your kid uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the only way to stop it is to check your kid's system physically. VPN encrypts the data and won't reveal the IP address of your kid's computer. Due to this reason, other parental control applications cant detect your kid's gadget.

6.Using portable browsers :

What is a portable browser?

A portable browser is a type of browser that can run on your system via mobile devices like SSD, USB, portable HDD, and so on. These browsers come with various features like any other browser. Many mobile browsers are available for free on the internet. It can save you from data leaks and also from attacks.

Using portable browser

How teens bypass using portable browsers?

All the portable browsers are the same as the standard browsers. But some portable browsers can help your kid hide their browsing data and surf the web. Mostly, dedicated kids can easily download browsers like Tor browser and surf the web using the browser. Tor browser is a highly secure browser, and this browser will never reveal the details of the system to the public. Tor browser is portable and near to impossible for you to detect.

How to prevent it?

To prevent your kids from using portable browsers like Opera, Tor, and chrome. You will have to keep an eye on them physically. You should make sure that your kids do not have any external hard disks, USB, SSD attached to their system and watch their system physically to check their data usage and traffic.

7.Google translate proxy :

What is Google translate proxy?

Google translate can be used as a makeshift proxy. When a blocked website's URL is translated into another language and translated back to English from other languages, You can open the link and use the link inside the google translate page.

Google translate proxy

How teens bypass using Google translate proxy?

This method is the easiest way to get access to a blocked site. Kids use Google translate as a makeshift proxy. They can use a blocked website's URL and translate it into another language and then translate it back to English. After that, the link opens from the google translate page, and the parental control application cannot detect it.

How to prevent it?

To prevent your kids from using google translate as a makeshift proxy, you have to deploy an advanced parental control application. You can use live tracking to detect them using google translate as a proxy, which is only available in a few parental control applications. Parents can also physically monitor the kids and track the data usage of google translate to find the problem.

8.Disabling location trackers :

What are location trackers?

Location trackers are devices installed in computers that electronically keep track of collected data. These are physical devices that are used in computers to navigate locations. Businesses and the government use tracking applications to track some people who are involved in criminal activities.

Disabling location trackers

How teens bypass by disabling trackers?

Most smartphones and computers come with many sensors and trackers. Users have the power to allow permissions to these devices. Kids can easily disable some trackers to prevent you from watching them. They can also use game consoles to surf the internet. when they disable the sensor's parental control application can track their location when they are outside and using different networks.

How to prevent it?

To prevent this problem, you have to allow all the tracker permissions from your child's device. You can also use a powerful parental control application that can track your kid's location by locating their Wi-Fi area.

9.Factory resetting :

What is factory resetting?

A factory reset is a process of deleting all the data from your phone and resetting all the restrictions. This is the most common and highly used trick by most of the kids to get rid of restrictions.

Factory resetting

How teens bypass using Factory resetting?

Kids can easily reset their phones via the phone settings. After Factory resetting, most of the existing restrictions can be exploited. Some teenagers also use this trick to get online more often without their parent's notice.

How to prevent it?

The only way to prevent kids from resetting their phone is to set a live tracking application or hide their phone credentials from them.

10.Using Dual boot :

What is a Dual boot?

Dual boot means installing a different Operating system(OS) alongside the current Operating System(OS). You can use several numbers of OS on the same computer if you have the right hardware requirement.

Using dual boot

How teens bypass dual boot?

Parents install parental control applications on a device and start monitoring. Kids dual boot the system and use a different OS that will hide all their activities. When your kids use other OS, your monitoring system fails.

How to prevent it?

To prevent your kids from dual-booting their operating system, you can set a BIOS password. or You can physically check the device and remove the OS they are using for surfing the internet.


The Internet is a useful tool for kids who want to keep learning. Like any other thing, it has an ethical side and an unethical side. You must allow your kids to surf the internet. But at the same time, you should teach them about its adverse effects.

You can use many tools to control them and keep an eye on them. But as a parent, you should not overdo things and restrict your kids from all the activities. Parents and guardians should keep updating themselves to cope up with this changing technology.

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