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Table of Contents

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Published on Jun 30, 2022
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Sophia Clark

7 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps |

In today's world, people's lives are ruled by smartphones and digital devices. From personal use to shopping, banking, and working, the value of smartphones has a significant role in our lives.

The effects of smartphones have been seen in today's children, who carry their phones everywhere and have become increasingly active on the internet and social media platforms. Due to this reason, GPS cell phone trackers apps have been essential in today's period.


GPS phone tracking apps have robust and accurate GPS tracking software that assists you in locating the preferred location of your family and friends' mobile phones. If you are worried about your child going somewhere new or want to know where they are, such apps can be a great relief in locating their whereabouts.

GPS phone tracker apps are also useful when you lose your device or are misplaced somewhere. Several GPS cell phone tracker apps provide a total cell phone monitoring solution and GPS tracking.

There are many apps that you can use to monitor your kids' smartphones along with tracking remote control apps. In this article, I'll guide you through the 7 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps and other app functionalities.

7 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps

Following are the 7 best GPS phone tracking apps. is a complete solution for tracking and monitoring the digital activities of your friends and families. It actively helps parents to ensure their child's digital safety.

Fenced. ai provides multiple cell phone monitoring options such as social media monitoring, web application monitoring, controlling browser history, limiting screen time, and many more.


On top of that, helps locate the whereabouts of your children through its GPS location features which include recording the visited location and its details such as latitude, longitude, timestamps, and date.

With this app, you can discreetly trace the routes and live location of the target device remotely. You can see when your children entered or left a particular location by looking at this data.

2. mSpy

mSpy is another really good GPS location tracking if you want to be able to track your children's whereabouts subtly. You can monitor your children's activity remotely without any hassle with this tracker app.

mspy new.png

mSpy provides different features to effectively track and monitor their children's digital habits and see what they've been doing online. You can monitor all their social media accounts, filter content, and check their GPS location through the mSpy dashboard.

With this app, you can get every update about where the targeted phone is and run silently in the background of the installed phone. You can also get geofence alerts if they enter any restricted area.

3. uMobix

uMobix is another one of the best free mobile tracker apps on the internet, and one of the best parts about this cell phone location tracker is that they are compatible with both Android and iOS.

umobix app.png

It helps track all the targeted phone activity, including social media networking apps, managing web history, keylogging, tracking current GPS location, and many other features.

The GPS cell phone tracker on uMobix helps you safely locate the location of your kids through its control panel and view the live location through a map view. It also provided the details of the visited places through its comprehensive interactive map.

You can get real-time locations and notifications of where they have been. Your children can also check in or out of a certain place to notify you about where they have been.

4. Family Locator - GPS locator

Family Locator app is an app that is dedicated to viewing the location of your family members and keeping in touch with them with instant messages. It can be useful if you find your children lost or go somewhere unknown.


With the family locator app, you can tap the SOS button that will immediately send you the exact current location of the device and create safe and unsafe zone alerts through its geo fencing feature.

Family Locator app will update you on what's happening with automatic notifications when kids enter or leave a zone and also provide location history and movements of your child during the last 7 days.

5. GEOfinder

GEOfinder is an easy-to-use and straightforward GPS phone tracker app that can precisely help identify the location of any mobile number on the map, nonetheless of the mobile network.


It is simple to use; enter the phone number of the desired device you want to track, and it will locate the accurate location of that device—no matter where it is.

GEOfinder determines the location of any phone no matter where it is. You can get the detailed location of the targeted phone through the map.

This app is free to use, and the best part about GEOfinder is that you don't need to install the software.

6. Family Locator by Life360

Life360's Family Locator is another popular GPS location tracking app to help you remain connected with your family and close ones that matter to you most.

It also equips other features like unlimited area alerts, 24/7 roadside service, an SOS feature, and more. Family Locator is available on both Android devices and on iOS devices. You can use this tracking tool to stay connected and in sync with your family members and coordinate with them when you attend occasions or visit sites.

Life360 live straming apps

Family Locator also provides the capability to create private groups, called circles, to enclose your family members, peers, and other connections and remain connected with them over messages.

That way, you can get your circle members' real-time location and real-time warnings for when they reach or exit a destination. You can see location history for up to 30 days and get coverage from stolen devices too.

7. Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker is a really good option if you're someone who wants to be able to find a free GPS location tracker app that is going to give you a lot of details when it comes to the location of your mobile phone.


It also calculates tracking statistics. It lets you mark interesting or important points of your trip, and the application will record this kind of information, even when it has been switched off.

Final Thoughts

Children and teenagers often linger around without informing their parents, which can cause stress among parents. However, parents can use GPS location trackers apps to ensure their children's digital safety. They can also use smart GPS watches to monitor their kids' location.

With the above-mentioned apps, parents can know the exact location of their children when they are away from home. Sometimes they can go to unknown places or lie about where they are, which could be suspicious and dangerous in many cases.

Thus GPS phone tracker apps are necessary for parents to look out for their children's whereabouts. In the above article, I listed the 7 best GPS phone tracker apps that I hope will be useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Are phone tracker apps safe?

It varies from one app to another. It is fine if the app asks for basic permission like enabling location, access contacts, and messages, but if the apps want to make changes, post on your behalf, or access all apps, these kinds of apps are not trustable.

ii. Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Yes, you can track a phone by using just the phone number using the Geofinder app, as I have mentioned above. However, you have to purchase its monthly subscription to access this feature.

iii. Is it legal to use phone tracking apps?

You can track your family using these apps without any problems, as your kids might be fine with you keeping an eye on them. However, conversing with them about their daily tasks is better, so they should feel open to sharing their problems with you.

But if you feel like they are hiding something or are afraid to share that someone is bullying them, you can use these spy apps to keep track of their activities and take proper countermeasures.

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