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Table of Contents

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Published on Dec 08, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Remove a Hacker From My Phone | Top 12 Ways

Smartphones have been a blessing for people. Our life has been much easier than we have ever imagined due to smartphones. Now we can shop, have a video call, or even do office work through mobile phones.

However, with the lots of easiness digital devices have brought into our lives, it still has made our lives risky. Many crimes have increased due to cell phones, and cell phones have brought some common crimes like cyberbullying, hacking, harassment, etc. Also, it has been difficult to remove a hacker from the phone with increased numbers of hackers.

How to Know If My Phone Is Being Hacked?

One of the biggest fears that everyone has is getting their phone hacked. Hackers are constantly increasing, which has increased the threat of getting hacked among people. Any device can be vulnerable to getting hacked. If you ever feel your phones are being hacked, here are a few signs to know about it.


Your Charge Won't Last Long

Does your battery drain quickly? If you have an old phone, it's normal for the old phone's battery to reduce significantly. But if it's your new phone and you notice the battery drainage quickly, then there is a probable chance of your phone getting hacked. When your phone is hacked, malware apps run in the background that results in battery drainage.

Phone Gets Slow

The next sign that you get when your phone is being hacked is your phone gets slow. When your phone gets hacked, hackers run malware apps and software on your phone remotely, which results in a slow down of your phone. Your phone gets slow for every activity you try to perform, from simple internet search to messaging your loved ones.

Social Media Activity is Suspicious

When hackers get into your device, they may start to use your social media account. So, if you find suspicious activity on your social media, you can suspect your phone getting hacked. Hackers try to steal your text messages, make your private information public, change your password, and so on.

You Get Unknown Calls and Text Regularly

unknown text message

If you ever get unknown phone calls or text messages regularly, there can be chances of your phone getting hacked. Hackers can be impersonating you to steal your personal information, and they keep sending text messages with SMS Trojan. Hence, it would help to keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing text and phone calls.

You Get Constant Pop-Ups

Do you get constant pop-ups on your phone? If yes, then it's a possibility that hackers have hacked your phone. Some of the common pop-ups you get are viruses detected, announcements of winning some prize, etc. If you ever get such pop-ups, you should restart your device. But never click on the pop-ups as it allows hackers to get into your phone.

You Will Notice Unknown Apps

You might not notice this one regularly, but it is one of the biggest red flags that you get when your phone is being hacked. Usually, there are many apps on your phone; some are preinstalled while you install some apps.

Sometimes when hackers download apps on your device, you might not notice it and think of it as a preinstalled app. Hence, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your installed apps and delete all suspicious apps from your device.

12 Ways to Remove a Hacker From My Phone

Phones are extremely vulnerable devices as you store all your private information in your device. Hackers are trying their best to hack as many phones as they can at once. Hence it would help if you were extremely careful about protecting your phone from being hacked. You can fix a hacked Android and Iphone. Some of the ways to remove hackers from my phone are,

1. Do Not Download Suspicious Apps

Suspicious apps are the number one source of getting your phone hacked. Sketchy and unreputable apps contain a virus that is difficult for you to detect.

Once you download such apps, you automatically get malware on your device; even when you delete the app, malware will remain on your phone, and this malware will keep reinstalling the app on your device. Therefore, if you ever feel suspicious about some apps, never download them.

2. Use Secured Network

You can find lots of public WiFi when you go to public places. Most people get excited when they see public WiFi, but they do not know it is safe. On public WiFi, there are lots of hackers who are waiting for their next victims.

Even when you have to use public WiFi networks, always connect them with your VPN. VPN makes public WiFi safe as it hides your IP address and changes your IP address. You can get a VPN for both Android and iPhones.

3. Never Jailbreak or Root Your Phone

Many apps require you to jailbreak or root your device to remove limitations to function the app properly. Jailbreaking or rooting your phone can also increase the chances of hackers getting into your phone.

When you jailbreak or root your device, it removes the built-in security system of your device like security scans. Therefore, to protect or remove hackers from your phone, you should not remove jailbreak or root your phone.

4. Always Use Complex Passwords or Passcode

Use Complex Passwords or Passcode.jpg

To protect your phone from getting hacked, you need to use strong passwords or passcode. Hackers can even hack your device by guessing your password.

Usually, people keep passwords that are easy to guess, like a password that contains birthday date, last name, basic character, and numbers like "123", "ABC", and so on. Do not use a similar password for multiple accounts. Always make sure you use unique passwords which are difficult to guess.

5. Always Clear Your Cache and Internet History

Always clear your cache and internet history regularly. If you want to get rid of malware and hackers from your device, you need to clear your cache and internet history. To have a better online experience, you should clear your cache. Another important reason you can clear your history is that hackers can get your information from your internet history.

6. Use Antivirus Software

As you know, the basic feature of antivirus is to detect and scan a virus from your device. Once you download antivirus on your device, it will regularly scan and delete viruses from your device. This application can detect and remove malware on your device regularly that automatically detects viruses and malware.

7. Delete Unknown Apps

If you ever find unknown apps on your phone that you have not downloaded, then you should delete such unknown apps. One thing that you need to keep in mind is some apps are capable of reinstalling themselves. Hence, you better delete those unknown apps along with their cache. It would be better for you to remember apps that you have on your device.

8. Keep Up With Your Software Updates

Software Updates.jpg

Usually, we tend to ignore our software updates. You might have ignored your software update message just because it is time-consuming. However, every software update has security changes on your phone which are important to remote hackers.

New software always has a strong security feature that helps to remove the hackers from your phone. Even if your phone has not been hacked, you need to update your iOS and Android software regularly to remove a hacker from your phone.

9. Factory Reset Your Phone

If you have the worst hacker problem, it's better for you to factory reset your phone. Once you perform a factory reset of all your phones, all the data and apps on your device will get removed from your phone permanently.

Before you start to factory reset your phone make sure you backup all your important data. Follow the steps given to perform a factory reset for your Android and iPhone:

For Android

  • Go to "Setting"
  • Select "Backup and Reset"
  • Click on "Factory Data Reset"
  • Select "Reset Device"
  • Click on "Erase Everything"

For iPhone

  • Click on "Setting"
  • Choose "General"
  • Select "Reset"
  • Choose "Erase All Content and Setting"
  • Finally, enter your Apple ID password or your phone passcode.

10. Remove Jailbreak

Many times people remove jailbreaks when they are unable to install some apps on their devices. However, they do not realize when they jailbreak their device; they are increasing chances of hackers hacking their device. When you jailbreak your device, it skips software updates to keep jailbreak functional.

11. Use Antivirus Software

As I mentioned above, antivirus software scans and detects viruses that are on your device. You can use antivirus software on your device to remove a hacker as the software will scan and remove malware and viruses hackers use to hack your device.

12. Change Your Password

Lastly, keep on updating your password. Sometimes hackers can get into your phone if they know your passcode or password. So you should change your password every three months to remove a hacker from your phone. Also, while setting your password, make sure it's unique and difficult for anyone to guess.


To wrap up, if you own a smartphone, you need to be concerned about hacking, and you need to keep your phone safe, which is the first step to remove a hacker from your phone. If you detect hackers on your device, do not get worried thinking about what to do. There are many ways that I have mentioned above to protect your device from getting hacked.

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