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Published on Dec 15, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Internet Pornography By The Numbers | Pornography Statistics

People are exposed to more content due to the Internet. The Internet provides people with the freedom to watch anything they want by clicking on a search engine. You can watch news, movies, series, online games, experiments, videos, and even porn on the Internet.

Yes, the Internet has provided the medium for people to get exposure to pornography; in fact, internet pornography by the number of viewers is quite shocking.

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The ease of getting access to porn sites has been the reason for the increase in porn viewers. Due to this reason, people are getting addicted to porn, and its treatment is also challenging. You can find porn addiction among kids due to easy access to pornography. The number of people getting addicted to internet pornography is mushrooming these days.

Pornography Statistics of USA You Must Know

Here are some pornography statistics that you must know,

How Internet Pornography Affects Teenagers

Here are a few ways how internet pornography can affect teenagers.

1. Lead To Addiction

Watching pornography frequently can increase the risk of addiction among teenagers. Teens might start watching porn for enjoyment or under peer pressure, but later on, this habit starts to become an addiction among them. Once they get into pornography, they struggle with porn addiction for life long.

Porn addiction can hamper your kid’s future relationships as well. Likewise, other effects teens can face when addicted to pornography are anxiety disorder, personality disorder, substance abuse, etc

2. Negative Attitude Towards Women

Viewing too much sexually explicit content can have a negative attitude towards women. Porn usually shows violence and aggression towards women; such sexual content shows men as powerful characters. Men always show aggression, and it is mostly towards women.

When teen boys view sexual content, they start to depict the same behavior towards women. They treat women as objects and treat them just like they see in porn. The negative attitude towards women will also lead to rape and physical assaults.

3. Affect Healthy Relation

Teenage is the period where teenagers start to build healthy relationships. When teens start to view porn regularly, they compare their relationship with things they see on porn. They might not be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their partners.

Either of the partners can get anxiety or dissatisfaction due to porn. They might even get involved in physical relations at a very young age.

You might have seen teenagers depicting everything they see on TV and music videos. There is not much sexual content on TV, but still, kids try to depict all of them. Then you can imagine if teens start to view porn, they start to depict the same.

4. Increase in Teen Pregnancy

When teens view pornography, they start to depict the same as I mentioned above. Porn shows unsafe sex and other unhealthy sex practice. When teens watch and depict such activities, they face teen pregnancy and other health problems.

Teenagers’ priority for their studies changes when they get involved in such activities. Exposure to pornographiy increases the chances of getting sexually explicit.

5. Cost of Porn in Society

Cost of Porn In Society.jpg

In the US alone, the porn industry is a huge industry that estimates $16.9 billion each year. Costs associated with porn can have indirect difficulties and several financial impacts on the overall economy. Porn can affect the mental well-being of kids, adults, families, and so on. Families can face problems like infidelity, material dissatisfaction, separation, and so on.

6. Cost of Porn In The Workplace

Pornography in the workplace is rising. The number of employees who watch porn in their workplace is around 28% by 2010. As per a report, people visit porno websites for 13 minutes on average from their workplace. It is estimated that workers spend 1 hour 38 minutes on porn websites from their work computer for a month.

With the increase in porn consumption in the workplace, it is estimated to be lost by $38 per month per employee. If you multiply this number by year, the yearly loss of the organization will be $456. This number has increased by a huge number by 2018.

As per a survey conducted in 2018, 60% of employees admit to watching pornography at their workplace.

Now one can imagine the total amount of money and productivity lost due to porn consumption at the workplace.

5 Ways To Reduce Porn Addictions

If you feel like watching porn, it could signify you are addicted to porn. Instead of completing your important task, you might watch porn most of the time when you get addicted to porn.

Ways To Reduce Porn Addictions.jpg

This addiction has serious consequences like depression, unhappy relationships, sex addiction, etc. Online porn addiction is a serious problem. Here are a few ways to reduce porn addiction.

1. Admit Your Problem

The first and foremost thing you need to do is accept your porn addiction problem. It would help if you had self-realization before looking for a solution. Instead of being shameful about your addiction, you need to find a way to overcome the addiction. Once you admit the addiction exists, it will be easy for you to find the solution to overcome the addiction.

2. Block All Porn Websites

After you realize your sex addiction, you can work on the solution by blocking porn websites at first. You can block all the inappropriate websites, content made especially for adults, and so on. You can even use third-party apps or porn blocker software that keeps an eye on your online activities.

You can watch your internet activity report and control your internet habit. You can even share your report with your partner, who can watch your online activity. That can be an effective way to control your addiction. This is also a way to examine your self-control and willpower.

3. Get Busy In Different Activities

People watch porn when they have nothing to do most of the time. To reduce your addiction, you can get engaged in different activities. You can choose activities that you enjoy doing to stay busy during your free time.

You can plan healthy activities like reading books, meditating, listening to music, which triggers dopamine release. Whenever you feel like watching porn, get busy with some healthy activity.

4. Set Goal

You can even overcome porn addiction by setting goals. You can set goals like not watching porn for 100 days, a year, and so on. You might set goals to change your behavior when you think of behavior change.

You can even break your goal into small manageable pieces, making it easier for you to achieve. When you start to achieve small pieces of the goal, you start to get motivated. One goal leads to another goal that will help you overcome your porn addiction.

5. Meditate or Do Some Physical Exercise

If you want to reduce your porn addiction, you can also get involved in meditation or physical exercise. Meditation gives you peace of mind and overcomes the negative thought of watching porn on the Internet.


When you get involved in physical activity and get physically active, you want to divert your energy into productive activity. You can even try yoga which helps to release trauma from your body. With mediation and exercise, you can gain control of your mind.


To conclude, exposure to the Internet at a very young age has increased the risk of kids getting exposed to adult content at a very young age. And, parents are troubled on what to do if their kid is watching porn. Likewise, the Internet has made easy access to the Internet; just by typing one keyword, people can access adult content.

Due to easy access to porn, internet pornography by the number has skyrocketed. Many people even claim watching porn is not bad, but watching porn frequently can negatively impact their lives. Hence, you should avoid such content to avoid its adverse effects on your life.

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