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Published on Aug 24, 2022
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Juliya Smith

Is MeetMe Safe? Everything Parents Need to Know

As parents, you know your kids are on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to communicate with their friends.

And spying on their weak thread of ages, you need to adjust to new trends in applications such as MeetMe with MeetMe Parental Control apps.

In this article, you will learn comprehensively about MeetMe Parental Control and also get the answers to the following questions :

  • What exactly is the MeetMe App?
  • What should a parent know about MeetMe with MeetMe Parental Control?
  • Is MeetMe still safe with MeetMe Parental Control?
  • How do your kids keep away from any obstacles?

And many more.

So, stick it out till the end! But first of all:

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What is the MeetMe App?

MeetMe is a social communication app that is more relevant than other applications due to its features for interacting with new people rather than being limited to existing ones.

MeetMe allows your teens to socialize and communicate with their existing friends, especially with new people. It is all about taking your anonymous interactions to another level.

However, this app is quite flirty and entertaining for adults. Still, the app could become a big issue for teens with little understanding of social behavior and responsible conscience.

The first step is to sign up using your Facebook account or email address, just like any other social media app.

However, you can provide any email ID and register, which is another reason why this app is a little frightening for your teens.

Once logged in, you will be asked to switch the location service on your Android or iOS device so the app can collect GPS information to reach out to new people nearby. Additionally, you will be able to see their profile pictures and figure out about their schooling and interests.

One more feature that distinguishes MeetMe from others is that you can stream newsfeeds (like Facebook) of people in the vicinity of where you are, which can be spotted with MeetMe Parental Control.

What Do Parents Need to Know About MeetMe?

Many parents are still confused by MeetMe. It's an application that is similar to other social media. Here are the things that parents need to know about MeetMe parental control:

  • Dating Applications: Make no mistake: MeetMe is especially geared toward online dating (its sister app is Skout, a well-known teen and adult flirting app).

As part of the app's registration process, you are asked whether you want to be "friends" or "dating," The app creates a user experience based on your choices.

  • App Store rating is correct: Parents should notice if the Apple App Store considers an app to be 17+. Moreover, this app is critical even though some secular, profit-driven companies believe the MeetMe app is problematic for most high school students.

  • Predator risk is high: MeetMe has 100 million users. Scammers are known to be stalking for the weak opportunity, and in 2015, the MeetMe app was listed as one of the top 6 adult dating apps used by teens.

It makes this app get a huge red flag from several parents. Furthermore, because this app lets people interact based on their geographic proximity, it makes this app more predator risky.

  • MeetMe is a social networking site: You can chat with strangers, trade pictures, take an anonymous poll, and add friends. However, it is social media with a flirting/dating/hook-up bent, with features like "Rate Me" and "Romance," displaying a wall of primarily female pictures.

  • MeetMe parental control privacy: Your kid can unknowingly upload some vital information about your personal preferences, which is enough to build a risk and expose your personal information to the public.

Parents can control what parts of their teens' MeetMe profiles are visible by going to the "me" icon at the bottom, clicking on "settings," and then "Privacy and Content." Doing this will take your teen's profile off the "Meet" stream in the navigation bar.

  • In-app purchases: You can upgrade your account to Meet+ to remove advertisements, unlock more photo options, and filter other users more precisely ("by body type"). MeetMe Users are continually encouraged to update features by buying MeetMe credits.

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Is MeetMe safe?

MeetMe, like most social media apps, is a fascinating concept with some genuine risks for adolescents who use it! Before allowing teens to use this app, you must establish ground rules.

These rules must specify how the parent will spy on your teen's MeetMe app usage, how frequently they can use their phone, and what information can be conveyed via the app.


Some of the best pro features of the MeetMe app are:

Meet and Greet with New People/ Friends:

MeetMe allows you to chat and be friends with new community members. If you are looking for someone with whom you can date and interact, this MeetMe app is one of the best platforms for such things.

You can also have a chance to meet someone whom you have liked for a long time. However, it is an excellent platform for knowing different people's ethics, cultures, lifestyles, and many more.

MeetMe Parental Control feature:

We can't deny that MeetMe is an excellent place to meet new people and make new friends, but it can be an addicting and inappropriate platform for teens.

Unfortunately, MeetMe users are not immune to the hidden risks of interacting with other people online.

There is a risk of exposure to inappropriate content or compromised personal information. Fortunately, MeetMe includes some safety features and parental controls. You can enable and set up on MeetMe Parental Control within a few clicks.

You can block a user:

If you discover someone misbehaving, block that user from contacting your child again. Go to in a web browser, sign in, and view the member's profile page. On the left side of the screen, click the Block *Name* link under the Break it Off tab.

View the person's profile on an iPhone. Select Block User from the Report menu in the top right corner. If using the app on an Android device, go to the menu button and tap Block.

Chat Control is in your hand:

A setting allows you to control who can communicate with your child. Go to Chat Settings and select whether to allow everyone or just friends. This works best if you also check your child's friend list.

Manage Spam and Unsuitable Messages:

If you suspect a message is spam, click the exclamation point (!) icon in the chat or chat list. Then, choose Mark Spam to remove the message and report the sender to MeetMe for further action.

You now have two options if a message contains inappropriate or offensive language. Block the user if you do not want the user to contact your child again.

It is best to inform the user if the message is highly offensive or contains highly objectionable content.

Hit the Report Abuse button at the top right of the page. Include the full text of the offensive message and any other relevant information.

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Customizable Privacy Settings:

You can also control who sees which aspects of your child's profile. Click the Me icon at the bottom of the Settings Privacy and Content page. Including me in Meet can be toggled off here to keep your child's profile out of the Meet stream of profiles in the main navigation.


Here are some of the cons of the MeetMe app:


Did you know that these dating apps account for 30% of cyberbullying victims? And MeetMe app has no policies against cyberbullying unlike WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

The policies of dating apps like MeetMe indirectly promote cyberbullying. Scammers and fake people are constantly looking for a random victim on MeetMe.

In their invitations, scammers ask for explicit nude photos from their victims as the communication progresses. Blackmail will be used in the future after the victim sends them a shot.

Encounter Inappropriate Content:

The worst aspect of these online dating apps is their adult content. MeetMe, unlike other online dating apps, does not provide content filtering or adult scene blocking.

We know they have adult content filtration, but it has never worked for us. Their adult content filtering only applies to names.

That's why the majority of passionate people use MeetMe.

Furthermore, as a result of MeetMe's policy, the amount of inappropriate content on the platform is increasing, which is strictly not appropriate for teens and children.

We strongly advise the parents to monitor their child's MeetMe profile if they want to protect them from adult content on the MeetMe platform.

Spending Too Much Time on It:

Of course, your child's dream is to study for their future. We are not advocating for the child to be forced to learn 24 hours a day; having other activities is also crucial for them.

However, you will notice that spending time on the MeetMe application is entirely pointless. Believe it or not, the only time passers create accounts on MeetMe. If your child also uses MeetMe, they will likely waste time on this application.

Inadequate Privacy:

MeetMe is a social platform for meeting potential dating partners. Almost every dating app, including MeetMe, will ask for your personal preferences, such as what you like, your preferences, and even some private photos, which they will then reveal to the public.

In our opinion, it's getting closer to invading privacy. Your personal preferences are particularly dangerous when you expose them to a stranger!

The MeetMe application follows the same concept and requests all of your face-revealing photos and your likes, interests, and hobbies, which we believe is not a good policy.

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How to keep your kids away from such dangers?

Adolescents may look for new friends and be unaware of the dangers of stalking around them. Discuss the risks of contacting strangers or sharing personal information with them.

If they insist on making new friends, take them to safe places such as after-school clubs, adolescent organizations at your local church or synagogue, sports teams, and other well-supervised activities.

If you are concerned that your child is already using MeetMe, discuss it with them and explain the risks.

Determine what information they have provided and whether any strangers have attempted to contact them. If your child is being aimed at by possible scammers via the app, you may need to do some damage control and possibly notify authorities.

If unsure, seek advice from a reputable source before uninstalling the program. It might contain the information they require.

Whether or not your child uses MeetMe, regular security checks on their phones and internet devices are critical for preventing malicious applications like this.

Using a reputable MeetMe parental control is also a good idea to limit applications that you believe are unsafe or inappropriate.

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MeetMe is well-known for its privacy and anonymity, which can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. It could be the perfect platform if you're an adult looking to be friends with new people or find your next date.

However, the app may contain mature language and age-inappropriate content, making it a risky platform for children.

So, upgrading privacy with MeetMe parental control is vital because most cybercriminals use privacy and anonymity features to further their malicious intentions.

Ps: This app is already famous among teens because it enables them to chat (and date) with other nearby people, which is why parents should be careful while accessing MeetMe parental control.

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