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Published on Oct 05, 2023
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Sophia Clark

Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing

Mobile devices have been a basic need of all of us, and it keeps us connected despite the location barrier. Many essential features in mobile phones like calculators, notes, clocks, and other features make mobile phones essential.

Despite all the fantastic features of mobile phones, it has brought lots of problems in our life. Most of the problems that you and your kids face are primarily due to their cell phones, and many parents are complaining about their kid's device usage habits.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, tweens and teens spend an average of 9 hours on their digital devices. It is safe to say that kids choose mobile phones over their textbooks.

Moreover, cell phones have reduced productivity among children as well as adults. More than productivity, mobile phones have increased cybercrimes like cyberbullying, scamming, phishing, and many more. And all the cybercriminals target devices of children to be their victims.

Children are mostly surfing social media apps or playing games on their cell phones. And social media and gaming apps are where you can find online predators the most.

You never know what your children are doing on social media; they may communicate with random strangers who might be scammers or bullies. This is the reason for you to track your child's phone to keep them safe from dangers.

However, your kids might not like the idea of tracking their cell phones. But to keep your kids safe from all the threats, it's better to track your kid's phone without them knowing.

Reasons for Tracking Your Childs' Phone

Parents' prime duty is to keep their children safe from all types of dangers. Since mobile phones have brought lots of danger to our lives, you must track your child's phone. Here are a few reasons for you to track your child's phone.

Prevent from Online Harassment and Cyberbullying


Providing cell phones to little kids means providing them with online freedom. With mobile phones, your children can access the internet anytime they want. They can communicate with anyone and everyone on social media and other communication platforms through their devices.

And the worst part is, your child feels embarrassed to tell you about being harassed or bullied. This may have a massive impact on your kids, as you might be aware that bullying is detrimental for both the bully and victim. They can not only get harassed or bullied by strangers or even by their peers.

Therefore, by tracking your child's phone, you can know what situation your child is in. You can help your child and prevent them from being bullied and harassed online.

Keep Track of Your Kids Location

Another important reason for you to track your child's phone is for tracking your child's location. As a parent, you always want to know about your child's current location or location history.

Sometimes, they may go out with their peers when they are at work or skip school and roam around the city. You never know where they are unless you see their location in real-time. Not just that, teens can go to the place that you have restricted them from going.

With tracking and monitoring apps, you can get your kid's location in real-time. Some apps even send you notifications when your kids are in restricted areas. Therefore, many parents prefer to track their child's phone to keep track of their child's location.

Apart from that, sometimes your kids might lose their phones or misplace them. With the location tracking feature, you can get the phones' location and know where the device is.


Teenage is the age where children are curious about sex and pornography. This is the age where your child can involve themselves in sexting either for fun or due to peer pressure. Little things they might not know is, sexting is illegal and is referred to as a federal crime.

Teens can send their own nudes pictures to their partners, who may share those pictures with their peers or online, which can affect your child's future. Likewise, cyberbullies can also misuse your child's pictures and blackmail them either by demanding nude pictures or through other forms of sexting.

On the other hand, teens feel difficult to share such problems with you and always find a way to hide their problems. This might lead to teens' suicide and many other problems. Therefore, to prevent your teens from suicide and other problems, you must track their phone activities.

Sending, Saving, or Viewing Inappropriate Contents

As I mentioned earlier, tweens and teens are curious about inappropriate content. Teens can browse inappropriate websites or save inappropriate content on their phones. Such inappropriate content can affect your child's mental health.

Your teens can also involve bullying activities and harass others based on race or gender. For instance, if your kids are bullying their peers, you can know through the contents they have saved on their phones.

By monitoring your child's phone, you can know what your kids are up to. If they are into any inappropriate activities, you can easily guide your child.

Tracking Apps that Your Children's Use

There are many apps that your kids can download on their phones. All the apps that are available on the internet are not appropriate little ones. And it is always difficult for you to keep checking your kid's device to view your kids' downloading on their phone.

For instance, your kids may download secret messaging apps like whispers where you can anonymously send and receive text messages. Sometimes, your kids may encounter online predators and scammers in such apps who can make your kids their new target. Thereby, you should monitor your child's phone.

How to Track Your Child's Phone Without Them Knowing

You can use both built-in features as well as apps to track your child's cell phone. Here I have mentioned both built-in features and tracking apps to track an iPhone or Android device:

Use Android Device Manager

If your kids have an android device, you can use Android Device Manager, which is a built-in feature of Android. With Android Device Manager, you can track the GPS location of your kids.

What I love most about Android Device Manager is that it allows you to track the device location and lock the phone remotely and reset the lock screen's password. To monitor your child's Android device, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: On your child's device, log in to their Google Account.
  • Step 2: Go to the bottom of the screen, top view linked devices.
  • Step 3: Select the device you want to monitor.

Now you can view your child's device location and control their device as per your need.

Monitor Using iCloud

This trick is for tracking your child's iPhone. With iCloud, you can track your child's phone location without installing any third-party apps. This feature allows you to remove data remotely on the target phone, play music remotely, or even enable lost mode.

Here are a few steps that you can use to monitor your child's iPhone:

  • Log in to your child's iCloud using target device credentials.
  • Tap on "Find my iPhone."
  • Select the device after going on an interactive map.

Now, you can find your child's location.

Using Phone Carrier Services

The next feature that you can use to track your child's phone is using phone carrier services. Cell phone companies provide this feature to their users. Phone carrier service also helps you to find your child's phone when they lose their phone.

If your kids lost their phones, you can request your mobile companies and find them using Carrier Services. People mainly use this feature when they lose their phone and have not employed any features as mentioned above.

Use Mobile Tracking App

If you want more features than in-built tracking features, you can use mobile tracking apps. There are many mobile tracking apps that you can use to track your child's phone. Here I have mentioned some of my personal favorite phone tracking apps:


MobileSpy is a cell phone tracking app, which provides all-in-one functions like remote control, 24/7 parental control, and much more. With this app, you can start monitoring your childs' phone anytime and anywhere you want.

One of my favorite features of MobileSPY is it keeps track of your social media activities and tracks all incoming and outgoing Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and Whatsapp messages. You can track your child's call history, SMS and IM chat, GPS location, and so on. This app works in stealth mode, which means your child will not know that you are tracking their cell phone.

Currently, Mobile Spy is available only on Android, but soon it is planning to launch on IOS devices. Talking about its price plan, the app is available in three Free price plans Basic and Premium.

Features of MobileSpy

  • Tracks your web browser activities and monitors website history.
  • Monitor apps that your kids have installed.
  • Sends notification of every new action in real-time.
  • Take random screenshots of your child's device.
  • Provides you your child's cell phone location.



mSpy is a cell phone tracking app that also works as a parental control app. This app provides all the features that mobile tracking app and parental control app needs. The app tracks your child's device in stealth mode, and interestingly it is not visible on the target device.

This app provides a screen recorder to record conversations on your childs' favorite apps. With mSpy, you can get details about your phone activities every 5 minutes. The app also provides multilingual support 24/7.

mSpy is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows phone, Huawei, and so on. The app costs $48.99 per month if you pay monthly, and you have to pay $11.66 per month if you pay annually.

Features of mSpy

  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Tracks all internet history from browsing history to bookmark.
  • Allows you to set location boundaries with the geofencing feature.
  • Filters online content and blocks inappropriate websites.
  • Keeps record of all incoming and outgoing emails.



Flexispy is monitoring software that was introduced in 2006. This app not just monitors messaging apps' activities but also keeps a record of audio messages or phone calls. This means you can listen to phone calls from regular phone calls or any messaging apps.

What I love most about Flexispy is that you can send spoof messages to anyone from the contact in the target device using the target device with this app. You can view notification alerts of any activities of your child's device through dashboard alerts.

Flexispy is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS. The app provides three price plans: Lite, Premium, and Extreme, which costs $29.95, $68, and $199, respectively.

Features of Flexispy

  • Allow you to take pictures from the target device using the ChemCam feature.
  • Listen to the live phone call with the call intercept feature.
  • Allow you to remotely check your child's device battery.
  • Delete messages that contain particular keywords.
  • Prevents your kids from uninstalling the app.


MobileTracker app

MobileTracker is a mobile tracking tool for keeping an eye on your kid's social media and device activities. It helps to monitor your kid's device activities, keeps track of their phone and SMS.

To install the app, all you need to do is create a Mobile Tracker account by providing your email and then download and install the app, and now you are ready to track your kid's phone.

One of the most exciting features of MobileTracker is, it allows you to record sound for 1 to 20 minutes. However, if you are using the app's free version, you can record sound for only 2 minutes.

MobileTracker provides three price plans: free, essential, and premium, which costs 0€, 6€, and 15€ respectively.

Features of MobileTracker

  • Allow you to view all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Take a random screenshot of the target device.
  • Keep track of your kids' location in real-time.
  • Allow you to view files stored in the target device.
  • Keep track of your kids' browser history.


Cocospy app

Cocospy is spy apps for Android and Ios, which helps keep an eye on your child's device activities. No jailbreak or root your device to use this app because everyone loves it.

The most exciting feature of this app is that it guarantees money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with it.

Cocospy tracks your kid's location using its SIM tracker location. You can even view your child's IMEI number and get notified when your kids change their cell phone numbers.

There are three price plans Cocospy provides, which are Basic, Premium, and Family. The basic plan costs you $39.99 per month, while the Premium and Family plan costs $49.99 per month and $69.99 per month, respectively.

Features of Cocospy

  • Provides you alert when your kids are in restricted areas.
  • Allow you to view deleted messages.
  • Keep track of all your social media messages.
  • Track your child's location along with entry and exit time.
  • Allow you to access websites bookmarks.


Summing up, you never know what your kids are doing on their devices; they may involve themselves in inappropriate activities, making tracking important. Tracking apps provide your kids safety by sending alerts of each activity of your kids.

By saying that, you also make sure that you are tracking your kid's phone without them knowing. Your kids may feel that you do not trust them when there might be trust issues among kids and parents.

Here I have mentioned some reasons for tracking your kid's phone and apps for tracking phones. I hope this article helps you to track your kid's phone.

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