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Table of Contents

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Published on Sep 22, 2023
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Sophia Clark

Winter Activities For Teens | Indoor and Outdoor Fun Acitivities

When we think of the winter season, we think of snow, ice skating, snowball fights, woolen cloth, Christmas, and the Holiday. Most people love summer over winter; however, by saying that, you cannot stop the season from changing. After the fun summer, there is winter; you need to be able to accept both seasons.

Many people try to stay home during summer and avoid going out during winter. Teens might spend all their time on the mobile screen. Adults might stay at home during winter, but kids can feel bored staying home during weekends or winter break.

It might be difficult for you to keep your kids entertained during winter as a parent. Here in this article, I am about to tell you some fun winter activities that you can do with your kids:

i. Indoor Winter Activities For Teens

If you are not a winter person or prefer to go out during winter, you can organize some fun activities for your kids and teens inside your house. Here are some fun indoor activities that you can do with your teens:

1. Make Snowman Snack

Winter means the holidays are coming soon. Winter is the best time for you and your kids and teens to learn and make snowman cookies, apple snowman, cheesy snowman, bagel snowman, snowman ice cream, and so on. To make a snowman snack, you can use ingredients that are available in your home.

winter snack.jpg

If you are planning to make a cheesy snowman, all you will need is some cheese slices which you need to cut in a round shape, some chocolate shape from which you can make eyes, and finally, add some chocolate roll or pretzel stick to make arms.

2. Movie Night Winter Themed

Suppose you wonder what to do during a winter weekend then winter-themed movie night is the perfect activity. You can bring some blankets, choose a holiday movie, prepare some healthy protein chips and get ready for your family night. Some winter movies that you can watch with kids are Snow Dogs, Happy Feet, Frozen, Ice Age, etc.

It is always better for you to choose some educational or even documentary movies that help teens learn new things while enjoying the movie. If you have some time and your kids prefer the series, you can watch the series with your kids.

3. Winter Bingo Night

Bingo is something that every family enjoys as a game night during winter. In any family gathering, family members prefer to play bingo and enjoy themselves. The reason for families loving bingo is, people of any age group can play it. So, this Thanksgiving dinner, or on Christmas night, play winter-themed bingo.

To play winter-themed bingo, you will need a bowl, clipart images that you can customize according to winter or holiday themes. You can get some red color markers as red represents Christmas. You can write numbers in some mini edible cookies or candies and pick up the candies or cookies from the bowl.

4. Learn Baking or Cooking

The holidays are the perfect time for teens to learn baking or cooking if they are into cooking or baking. Holiday seasons mean there will be guests; you will have festival dinner nights, so why not get your teen as your assistant chef? When you prepare dinner along with your teen, you will be able to teach them cooking or baking.

You will not need any special ingredients or space to teach teens cooking, and you can teach them while you are cooking. While your kids are in the kitchen, let them be experimental. It's better not to stop kids; be careful with fire.

5. Enjoy Hot Chocolate and Books

The next fun indoor activity that you can do with your teen is, prepare some hot chocolate and read books you like. The activity can relax if your teens love to read and enjoy in a peaceful environment. The activity can be for all parents and teens, and it will also help to develop reading habits among teens if they are not into books.

hot chocolate and books.jpg

The activity is super easy to organize, all you will need to do is prepare some hot cocoa, add some marshmallows, palace some cookies, turn on your fireplace, give some warm cozy blankets, and that’s it. This activity can be done every winter night or every winter weekend.

ii. Outdoor Winter Activities For Teens

If you are an outdoor person who prefers to go out and enjoy the snow, then winter is for you. There are many snow activities and other fun outdoor activities for teens and you that you can do during winter. Here are some winter outdoor activities that you must try at least once:

1. Snow Tubing

Snow tubing might sound scary, but trust me, this is super fun. If you plan to go on hills for a winter weekend getaway, you must try snow tubing. For snow tubing, you will need tubes, or you can even use your swim floats.

There are even snow tubing stalls organized by people living near hills. If you are planning to go snow tubing from such stalls, you can rent the tubes.

2. Build a Snowman or Snow Angels

Does it snow a lot in the place where you live? Tweens and teens might be bored to see the snow all the time. Why not make snow fun by taking your tweens and teens out and organizing some snowmen or snow angel-making competitions.

You can challenge your kids by asking who can make the best snowman. To make a snowman or snow angel, you can get to the backyard, get some scarves, gloves, hats, buttons, and other decorative pieces for making a snowman. To make the competition fun, you can set some prizes which will excite your kids.

3. Go For Ice Skate

Ice skating is also a fun winter outdoor activity that you can do with your family. If you have a frozen lake or pond nearby, you must try ice skating. Frozen ponds are always best to be around during winter. Ice skating might sound dangerous if you are new to skating, but it’s always super fun.


Even though there are no frozen ponds or rivers where you live, you can go to outdoor ice skating rinks. These ice skating rinks also provide you with ice skates boots just for a few dollars. You can also find ice skating boots on eBay, dollar stores, or even in thrift stores.

4. Organize Winter Photoshoot

How long has it been since you have taken family photos? During the winter festival, you will have a get together with your family members. It’s the perfect time for you to organize a family photoshoot.

In this social media age, most of the time, we take selfies more than having photoshoots. It should be a special occasion to take family photoshoots, so there is nothing better than a festival to organize photoshoots. You can even select the theme for your photoshoot to make the photoshoot fun.

5. Learn Snowboard

If your teen loves adventure, snowboard activities can be your option. Even if you feel you do not know snowboarding you can give it a try.

For snowboarding, all you will need is a skiboard, and you are ready to snowboard. If you have some more time, you can even take snowboarding classes. If you are staying in some resort in the hills, you must try snowboarding at least once.

6. Snowball Fight

Everyone enjoys the first snow. More than adults, teens love to play in the snow. As a parent, you might get worried about teens getting cold by playing outside in the cold. But sometimes, it is ok to go out and have fun in the snow.

snowball fight.jpg

You can invite your neighbors, friends and make a team to have a snow fight war. To make snow fighting more interesting, you can even add prizes.


To sum up, every season has its specialty; hence you must enjoy every season. Teens might feel bored during winter due to the cold weather. To energize teens during winter, you can organize games and activities during weekends.

Winter is also the time of the festival, so why not encourage your teens to do volunteer work, do some random act of kindness to needy people. There are many indoor and outdoor winter activities for teens. I have mentioned my favorite winter activities that I love doing with my kids; I would love to know activities that you do with your kids.

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