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Published on Oct 11, 2021
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Juliya Smith

What is GroupMe? Is GroupMe Safe for Kids? | GroupMe Ultimate Guide

Have you ever searched for various group chatting applications that allow you to include numerous users at a time? In that case, the GroupMe messaging application is the one to send text messages.

There are a variety of social media available that allow instant messaging. With that, chatting apps are necessary to organize calendar events on time for schools. Sometimes schools issue a computer for individual kids, and parents are responsible for managing kids' school-issued computers.

Also, the school's app may be simple for which GroupMe is usable under supervision. Kids may encounter fake friends on social media. Using the GroupMe chatting app, one can invite over 500 users and start the discussion when pleased.

GroupMe has users worldwide, which is no less than what we expect from social media. You can directly message from this chatting app, and it reaches the destination.

GroupMe Application

With numerous chatting apps on increment and a few promising, GroupMe is a messaging application built by Microsoft. The exchange of messages via this application by the users is recorded as 100 million in a month.

By 2013, the number increased up to 550 million. However, that didn't stop, and by 2013, there were 12 million people who had registered themselves as users in GroupMe chatting.

Since GroupMe provides users with several essential features, it is becoming popular despite many other social media sites. It is free of cost, and users can make use of it from students to professionals.

Unlimited applications offer similar services of sending text messages, but GroupMe allows switching services from data to text-based service or both and instant messaging features.

Downloading GroupMe:

With Google Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store, you can download, install the app as per your devices and feasibility. You can access GroupMe in the web version too.

  • For Android tablets and phones, download GroupMe via the Google Play Store.
  • For Apple users, go to the App Store via iPhone or iPad.
  • For Windows Desktop, go to Microsoft Store.

Steps to Start Chatting in GroupMe:

Step 1: Select the New Chat icon in Chat tabs. For Apple users, it's Chat at the screen top.

Step 2: Select Start Group and you can choose the avatar of your choice.

Step 3: Add members of your choice by typing their phone numbers, email, or check your present GroupMe contacts.

Step 4: For strict entry of members, you can enable the Request To Join option.

Step 5: Tap the Select or the checkmark for creating the group in GroupMe.

Joining and Rejoining Existing Group in GroupMe:

You may sometimes wish to join a group and sometimes leave. After leaving the messaging platforms and groups, there may be possibilities for you to rejoin.

Here are some ways in which you can join or rejoin groups in GroupMe.

For Joining a Group in GroupMe:

To join a group in the GroupMe messages app, one member should share the link with you to receive the invitation. Then, you may have to request to join the group admin and wait until they accept your request and access the group and send a text message.

For Rejoining the Group in GroupMe:

Step 1: Tap on Open Navigation Menu

Step 2: Press the Archive button.

Step 3: Select Chats You Left.

Step 4: Identify the group you left, select Rejoin, Rejoin group (on desktop) for rejoining.

Privacy Policy in GroupMe:

GroupMe messages app makes sure not to share your private data with anyone. The email address or contact number is visible and accessible only to members of your group. People of other groups within GroupMe cannot reach it. When you are in a group, the only thing visible to other groups is their name and avatar.

Features of GroupMe:

The users can exchange messages with the help of the chatting application. You can use it to chat with friends or even interact in a serious meeting with the board of directors. In addition, users can send a complimentary text message, and its compatibility with any device is noticeable.

Some features of GroupMe in detail are:

  • Group Messaging for Free:

GroupMe allows private rooms to chat for users once you install the app. This feature is usable in offices for serious meetings like the ones in Microsoft teams. You can invite family members online for some occasions or host an online party.

You can chat with your friends while playing Xbox games. Online gaming is fun and risky at the same time, so be aware of online gaming risks.

  • Device Compatibility:

You can use GroupMe from Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Working on every device makes it flexible for communication. Users can chat from home or the airport, and even the office irrespective of devices and operating system when installing the app on your device.

  • Works in SMS:

Application installation to use GroupMe is not necessary. You can extend your group members by adding them generally from the phone, and interaction is possible via text message. Average rates of SMS fees may be applicable.

For only the users in the United States, messages are accessible using specific commands.

Some Global Commands:

Text the following commands in Group( phone number):

Forming a Group

#new[name of group]

This command creates a new group with a phone number.

For Help


This command will send the list of commands useful in GroupMe.

Some Group Commands

You have to text the following lines to the phone number of your group.

Adding A Member

# add[name][number]

This command helps to add new members to your group.

Removing A Member

#remove[name or number]

If you wish to remove anyone, then use the remove command.

Muting And Unmuting

#mute and #unmute

You will stop receiving messages from the group after using the mute command. To unmute, you need to type unmute.

To Change Topic Of Group

#topic [topic]

Changes name of the group

To Check List Of Members In Your Group


This command in groupme allows you to see the present members in your group.

To Change Your Name In Group


This command allows you to keep changing your nicknames as you please in the group.

To Leave Group


If you decide to leave the app by leaving the group, you can do so after using this command.

Some Extra Features of GroupMe

Extra Features Of GroupMe
  • Sharing Photographs: You can share a picture and an upload file of your latest vacation or the place you visited last summer. GroupMe provides the option to post pictures of your wish. You can capture your moment at Marco Polo chains of hotels and post it or enjoy the beach in Hawaii.

  • Posting videos: This application allows you to share essential videos. Let the visuals express what words failed to. The source of your video can be anywhere on the internet but be careful of content, and it can be about anything; you just need to upload a file.

  • Liking messages: You can place your heart on the people and show them your love. Tap as many hearts as possible and spread happiness. Then, you scroll and can enjoy the images or videos posted by other members.

  • Gallery View: You can view all the pictures shared in different groups at one place, i.e., the gallery. Scrolling down the images during breaks is a good time pass while you search for some essential gif images and video.

  • Sharing Location: With this application, you can show where you are located in the world. If it's some business emergency, then show colleagues where you are. If it's a holiday, then you can let them know where you are travelling or volunteering for a nonprofit organization.

  • Handy Emojis: Emojis in GroupMe will make the interaction friendly and fun. You can make your chat lively and refreshing via emojis. Just tap on the emoji of your choice, and they reach the other person. You can do this while listening to your favourite song via iPod touch.

  • Direct Message: If you wish to have a secret conversation with one of the members excluding the group, then GroupMe also provides a feature for direct messaging. You need to tap on your friend's picture, and off you go conversing. You can block the people you wish since it's necessary to block messaging apps to kids safe as well as adults.

  • Muting Notifications: When the notification bell rings loud nonstop, it is time to mute chat. GroupMe allows users the feature of muting notifications. You can work in peace while others are busy chit-chatting.

Pros of GroupMe:

  • Free Service: Group me provides both options for text-based service and data. SMS may be expensive, and with messages, the fees add up fast, but users can enjoy it free with the help of the internet, which is less costly than usual SMS.

  • Easy to Manage: You can reach out to individual people for secret private texting. Joining, inviting, removing members, and exiting groups are simple in GroupMe.

  • Better Communication: GroupMe is usable for the whole company. The planning, supervising, and overall activities of a company become smooth with the use of GroupMe. You can discuss the latest movies or even about coding relating to TechCrunch disrupt.

  • Calling Facility: You can call members without any complications. You can spend time with your friend too and share pictures and videos without thinking much.

Cons of GroupMe:

  • Users have reported battery drainage when used continuously. Battery drainage is not preferable for an application used for messaging.

  • Sometimes details may be lost as there are no threads to cling to larger groups with many members. In addition, the chats may get confusing with many conversation starters.

Is GroupMe Safe for Kids?

No, GroupMe is not safe for kids. Since it is free and compatible with all the devices, every age group can access it. Due to this, kids are more vulnerable to it. The main reasons of groupme not being safe for kids are:

Explicit Content

With the use of GIF, image, and video search features available in GroupMe, kids may be exposed to inappropriate and explicit content. There are different groups created in groupme and your kids can join groups with a single invitation link. You never know which group they are joining and may get exposed to inappropriate sexual content.

No Option to Delete Message

Sometimes devices may get hung, or kids may click something improper mistakenly and send it in chats which could lead to serious consequences down the line. And these chats cannot be deleted; there is no option to delete such mistakenly sent messages.

Chances to Get Bullied

Kids may join group chats, and there they can be bullied simply. Just removing and adding them in groups from time to time is a kind of bullying. Since who is removed from the group is easily shown in chat rooms and everyone can know. And this hits your kids' minds and leads to feelings of isolation and hatred. So, find ways to support kids’ mental health right now.

No Inbuilt Parental Control Feature

Being a popular messaging app, GroupMe has no inbuilt parental control feature, which is not satisfying. There is no option to filter inappropriate content, mature GIFs, or images.

Thus, due to these reasons, it's better not to use GroupMe by kids or you can aware your kids about chat apps.

How to Keep Kids Safe from GroupMe?

Monitoring your kids' devices is the perfect way to keep your kids safe from the danger of chat apps like GroupMe. can be the best parental control solution for you to keep your kids safe.

It allows you to remotely monitor what applications your kids are using, whom they are talking to, what content they are accessing. This will help you to know what they are up to with chat apps. You can restrict your child screen time. You can even monitor your kids' social media, phone calls and many more with features of


To sum up, GroupMe is one of the best chatting apps to communicate with your group of friends or even individuals. You can even use this app in an organization to communicate with your team colleagues.

Even though the app has some cons, it is free, easy, and lets you stay connected with people who play a major role in your life. As GroupMe says, “GroupMe is for all the groups in your life.”

Having said that, you cannot ignore the fact that GroupMe is not safe for kids. Due to its lack of an inbuilt parental control feature, it may expose users to inappropriate mature content which may negatively affect their mental health. So, use the best parenting websites like to safeguard your kids from the online world.

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